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Avatar m tn No fever, and feeling ok except the discmofort and sometimes the pain my scrotum and right leg. I feel that the right ball is little heavy also. Now sure I am worried, worried about cancer... I examinate myself very usual now, and I did not find something look like a mass on the ball itself. It is just the epididymis which feels little bigger than the other and I can separate that from the ball itself easily.
Avatar f tn I am a 50 year old woman, I found a large lump that popped up suddenly on my right leg, just above and to the right of my knee. It is not painful. It is not soft like a lipoma. I am scheduled for an MRI but not a biopsy. According to all of the information that I have read about this, it is likely a malignancy. It is currently the size of a cherry tomato and when I am in a squatting position where the muscle is engaged, it protrudes.
Avatar m tn I've been having some pain sitting down and walking today so I decided to check my vagina to see if everything was ok. Right next to my right leg, where it goes from leg to vulva to lower stomach is an inch long, hard, pink lump. It really hurts when it's touched and it is really noticeable (it is like a small grape). I've never had sex or been touched sexually. I got a new boyfriend 4 weeks ago (he was 21 and I am 17) and he gave me mono.
Avatar m tn I was doing knees to feet jumps and pretty soon afterwards I noticed a soreness on the back of my leg right above the knee. When I inspected it I felt a lump. I tried doing some research and thought maybe it was a hematoma or something, but I'm not sure. There is discoloration where the lump is. The lump is still there and has been there for a couple weeks now. It is not that sore just feels hard and it does not bother me when I am moving my leg around.
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my lower leg its on the side just above my ankle, I have had it checked out and the doctor that seen me just said it was tissue, but now i have burning in my leg and and one of my veins just above the lump as risen on my leg and it is now giving my terrible pain. I am flying abroad in the next two weeks and im am now really worrying about this lump because i have a toothache feeling in my leg and burning. Can anyone relate to this or has anyone heard about something like this?
1646836 tn?1301434173 hi, i found one small lump on my leg under the skin, i ran the day before so my leg was sore that's when i notice a small but very hard lump that you can defianly tell its a lump (between the knee and the foot). I just don't know if its very serious or just something simple because i have never heard of someone having cancer or a tumor or anything like that serious with their leg. So just wanted to ask someone as to what is it and what should i do should i be worried?
Avatar n tn It is located about four inches above my ankle on the inside of my leg. I put some ice on my leg and propped it up on a chair. My leg was a little sore for the next two days, but it is not difficult to walk or run. Then I noticed that blood was pooling at the bottom of my foot. It has been three weeks since it happened and all of the discoloration on my leg and foot are gone, but I have a knot about two inches wide where the dog hit me.
Avatar n tn I have a lump approx. 2 inches up from my ankle on each leg. They are on the lateral sides of the front of my legs, and they are not painful during the normal course of the day. However, when I run or play soccer, they swell to become quite noticeable, and it becomes painful to stretch the anterior tibial musculature. After exercise, they lumps feel somewhat sore but return to their almost unnoticeable size. The lumps themselves are somewhat firm, like a ripe banana.
Avatar m tn I am a 46 yr old male, and I discovered a lump on the back of my right leg around the age of 32 (YES that long). Located above my hamstring, just below my butt cheek. Soft, not painful. Interestingly though, I have noticed that it reduces in size when I fast. And can become larger and slightly tender after eating certain foods! Wow, I know, right!? What the heck is this??????? SOMEONE SOMEWHERE knows what this is, or has experienced this. I'm tired of it. I finally want it GONE. Help me!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Starting on Thursday I noticed a red lump on my upper right, above the penis, below the stomach. it's gotten slightly larger, and today had a little black spot on it as well. it almost looks and feels like a large zit. it's somewhat painful, but mostly from irriation I think rubbing against my leg and clothes. any advice??
Avatar n tn My leg fell through a step and my body went forward causing a large dent in my leg. The impact point is below the knee and above the ankle. I have had a lump in my leg for that long.. No pain... should I be worried?
Avatar n tn Hello, Any clues? I have a lump on my stomach, 3" down from my right bottom rib, and about 2" over to the right from the center(solar plexus) It hurts when prodded, and feels like a section of a finger under my skin. Hernia-I lift very heavy weight still(weight trainer) no pain at all. Tumor-no idea at all. Fat lump-then why does it hurt? I urinate a lot, though I am also an avid tea drinker. Sometimes it seems to hurt a little when I dont drink enough, or indeed dont eat.
Avatar n tn I would recommend an ultrasound. I have a score purple lump on my leg and mine is a blood clot. It comes and goes. I take Ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn i went to see the doctor when i was about 7 yrs old. they said the lump on the right side of my knee cap was the growing pains thing, but i'm 18 yrs old now and the lump has gotten bigger. my knee has been giving out on my when i run or walk. one incident was when i was running and my right knee gave out and i tried 2 catch myself with my left leg and my left knee gave out 2 so i fell to the floor the doctors put me on crutches for 2 weeks after that.
Avatar n tn I got a lump on my upper right leg a while back ago, and i didnt really think anything of it, and it ended up dissapearing. Then a little while after i obtained another lump just like the last one but on my lower left leg this time, right above my ankle. The bumps never hurt, caused any problems with my legs, no weakness or anything, i just leave em alone. Plus i cannot see a docter anytime soon. anyone have a clue?
Avatar n tn Last night I felt the twinge found a hard pea/bb sized lump that seems to be in or above the epididymis. It's hard to find but when I do that's where the twinge is coming from!! I can feel it when I touch it. I plan to see my primary care doc tomorrow but I wonder if anyone else has had this and what it was. Thanks, A little scared..
Avatar n tn I have had a lump on my right thigh for over a month. The past few weeks it has grown larger. An ultrasound showed no signs of a blood clot. An MRI showed no signs of either a mass in the skin, fatty tissue, muscle, or bone. However, lump can be felt and pain persists. Have not had any kind of injuries either from sports or heavy lifting, nor any kind of accidents. Am a non-smoker, non-drinker, 5'7", 155lbs, with no other health issues.
Avatar m tn It is probably less than an inch in diameter, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't have any discoloration and it is only on my right leg. Could it just be like a weird muscle or something or just a hormonal growth like thing (I'm 17 btw). Thanks...
Avatar m tn For a while now I have been noticing that there is a lump usually in the same spot on my groin. ( just to the right of my left leg below my stomach. The lump is singular or sometimes another one appears, just above it. It doesn't itch and it starts off under the skin. I feel it for a day or so before hand and then when i wake I find that the lump has appeared and then the skin becomes very tender.
Avatar n tn and two small ones in right leg they r soft small dime size the one in my left leg hurts when i bend down but the two in my right leg dont hurt at all. its strange im concerned !! im on my feet all the time could it be veins ?
Avatar n tn i have a very similar lump on my shin right leg, seems to be 6 inch above ankle and slightly to the right of shin bone like you mentioned. i dont recall ever hitting or bruising it to cause this, also it is somewhat painful there is no indication of irritation or bug bite or bruise but when i rub it it feels like it is filled with liquid or some sort.
Avatar m tn hi I was hit from behind on my bicycle and struck in the head and side hip, had a helmet on witch was broke on the left rear side, out cold, and could not move my legs for about 4 hours but could feel when they were touched, right leg came back first then left leg and arm, but I had no control of them as though they were asleep, ct scan was ok except for something in my sinouses, like an infection and something swollen,two days later my headaches became very bad on the right side of my head tem
Avatar n tn When I lean up against the edge of my bathroom sink or any other object that extends outward, I can feel a lump directly above where my leg joins by torso. When I lay flat I can also feel with my hand that there is something there. It does not hurt, but a different sensation is created when I apply pressure or try to press into the mass. What could it be? I am 43 years old. It has been present for a year or so. I do not feel anything like it on the left side.
Avatar f tn I have a small-ish lump above my left leg to the right a little, im only 12, its hard but doesnt hurt, iv had it for a while from what i can remember, i dont know weather its a cyst or cancer or what? i dont want to tell my mum because she will probably say what she normally says 'dont worry its nothing', but im really scared i will tell her abit later but if she does say that then what? Please answer ASAP!
Avatar n tn Over the past 4 months, a rather large lump has appeared on the top of the right testicle. The lump started out small, but is now about the size of a grape. It is present all of the time, but is less pronounced when lying down. The pain ranges from a dull ache to a very excruciating jolt of pain and is present to some degree almost all of the time. At times, pain can also be felt in the groin area, right inner thigh and abdomen (lower, bladder area to above the navel).
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and I also have a lump on the right side where my ummm and leg meet noticed it Saturday and its now started out about the size of a pee and now its the whole right HURTS when I walk or try to move...I took a nice long hot bubble bath to see if that would help well it did till I stood back up.....wearing underwear makes it hurt worse but not wearing them makes it hurt too (cuz of sweat).....
Avatar m tn Back in 2007 i suddenly experianced alot of pain in my right testical, it pulled itself up high, and became painfull to touch. on seeing a doctor i had scans which came back all clear. I was also put on a course of anti biotics. I have seen my doctor time and time again over the past two years regarding this problem although it eased it never went away nor did the testical return to its correct possision. Ive had my prostate checked, and testicals on a number of occasions by this doctor.
280234 tn?1532989849 I have a small lump under my right ankle bone on my right foot. It hurts when i Walk but isn't swollen. It is more noticeable than the one under my left ankle on my left foot. I am a freshman cross country and long distance track runner. I hope it isn't anything serious that would hurt my chances of going to state. I haven't been to the orthopedic because my parents cant find any time to go.