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Avatar m tn Hello, I have a lump above the collarbone on the right side of my neck and I have no idea to what it is. I have no idea to how long I have had it because it disapears when I look down and when I look up its visible. Its the size of an olive and doesn't hurt when I touch it (not soft). I recently had a blood test a month ago, tested on my common nosebleeds and the results came back all clear. So unless in a month I have developed some form of a cancer I don't know what it is.
Avatar n tn I get this lump above my left eye, under the eyebrow. Its about the size of a pencil eraser. It isn't noticeable unless you really look. It's a little tender but not unbearable or anything. It comes and goes. Any idea what it could be?
Avatar n tn I am 3 months pregnant and just noticed a painful pea-sized lump above my right ear. It is right in the crease between where the top of my ear begins, and my temple. It hurts like a bruise when I touch it. Is this something I should be worried about? Is there a lymph node there? I know it is not a pimple because it is very deep under my skin and rolls like a marble.
Avatar n tn I'm 22 years old and some time ago, I discovered a lump about an inch above my penis. I'm not experiencing any pain from it, and it's not noticable to the eye. However, I'm still concerned. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn 27 y/o gay male, ive gave oral sex on five different partners no more than five times, saw no visible signs of anything appearing std related. Theres a flesh colored lump above my right tonsil, on the palatopharngeal arch and visibly blocked by the palatoglossal arch, when I squeeze my throat together it pops out. theres something similar on the other side, more like compressed skin VS a lump.
Avatar f tn I regularly have severe headaches on the right side of my head and above my right eye. I found a Ophthalmology/Eye Care Services specializing in Oculoplastics, Thyroid eye disease and Eye cancers. Am I going down the right path? Should I be worried??
Avatar m tn Over the next few days nothing happened but the pain got a bit worse and ichy. Then yesterdy orning when i woke up there is a lump just above my tear duct its not in my eye its right in the corner on the skin its a bit sore and ichy and if i touch it its a bit hard but hurts i have no ***** or muck in my eye and my eye still waters so i think my tear duck is still working i think.
Avatar n tn After an xray this tooth showed to have a cyst to the side of the tooth, which he said was unusual, however, above the tooth next to it was a lump. Dentist said he didn't know what the lump above the other tooth was. He is referring me to Oral spec. but as routine appt (so could be a good 6-8 months wait!). I've got to get the bad tooth refilled and crowned over the next few months, dentist said he would keep an eye on the lumps for me whilst I wait for the appt.
Avatar n tn i have a small white lump just above my right eyelid that looked like a spot and its been there a while what could this be?
Avatar n tn hi, i also have the same condition. In my case, my lump is located on my right above the right eye, and right in between my hairline and rigth eye browse. I have been having this lump for years and noticed in when i was 24 years old. It really gives me a different cosmetic look and not to mention my friends who noticed it. I decided to go to the GP and dermatologist. When i was 26 years old, i went to a surgeon in Singapore. He said it was benign tumor and had it taken out.
Avatar f tn Couple of months ago I noticed a lump above my right eyelid in the crease (lacrimal gland). I keep an eye on it and became concerned when it became very visible. It is not infected or tender to the touch. However it is placing pressure on the eyeball and the area is heavy.
Avatar n tn However, the swelling above my eye has never gone down and has left an ugly bump, which I assume is calcified bone, above my eye, and the area between my eye and eyebrow is still very puffy, making it look swollen all the time. This not only makes me look disfigured, but if I rub the bump, it is still a bit painful. I developed constant sinus problems since the accident and have wierd headaches that seem to originate from the lump and cross my head like in a straight line.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my right breast , it has been there for about a year. Now from my left breast I have a clear greenish fluid that leaks out and soaks through bra at least once a day if not more. My vision has gotten worse in the last year also. I have alot pains on right side under rib and doctors are not sure what that is either. Is this something that can be serious?
Avatar f tn I found a small peanut size lump in my right breast, right above my nipple. I found it about a month ago. It seems to have decreased in size, but I'm really not sure. I know I need to get to the dr, but I would like some input or personal experiences from others as well. It doesn't caused any pain. It just kind of showed up. I'm 23 years old. I'm extremely scared... :( thanks.
Avatar f tn I found a lump on my lower back on my spine above my hip on left side. It is under the skin. I have also been having migraines, cold symptoms, wheezing, tachicardia, dizziness, blurred vision. Do I have something to worry about? I also developed a swollen throat out of nowhere which the doc said was the cold, but I just don't feel right about all of this.
Avatar m tn If this lump is right below the eye towards her nose, that's a classic sign of an abscessed tooth.....Yes, they can come up over night!!!!! The swelling does make it look like an eye issue, but it clearly is not! Something else: This happened to one of mine & off we went to have her teeth checked....The lump came up overnight & her eye was swollen shut.....Turns out, there was a splinter lodged in the side of her face.....It was under the skin & broken off...I could not feel it.....
Avatar f tn I'm a little scared because I haven't gotten one like this before. I'm not sexually active so it isn't an STD. The lump is right at the top of my inner thigh. It feels like it's right next to the bone. It's where my privates and my inner thigh kind of meet. That's where the lump is.
Avatar n tn She gave me a Nose spray that she said would relieve the redness and irritation in my throat, THe next day after starting the spray treatment, I started tasting blood when I cough but when I look at my saliva, it's clear. Also for a couple of weeks now I started feeling a burning sensation behind my right eye combined with what seemed to be the beginning of a migrane as it was localized to one side of my head , the right side.
Avatar m tn yesterday (aprox 30 to 35 hours ago) I was hit in the side of the head with a ladder, just above my right ear. The initial pain was relatively minimal perhaps equivalent to a decent bump on the head via walking into something at head height and hence i continued work without any concern. last night after work i started to get a mild but none the less somewhat disconcerting headache and noticed a small lump tender to touch above my ear.
Avatar n tn Over the past 4 months, a rather large lump has appeared on the top of the right testicle. The lump started out small, but is now about the size of a grape. It is present all of the time, but is less pronounced when lying down. The pain ranges from a dull ache to a very excruciating jolt of pain and is present to some degree almost all of the time. At times, pain can also be felt in the groin area, right inner thigh and abdomen (lower, bladder area to above the navel).
Avatar n tn Im getting ready to go for a sonography of my breat, I had a mamo on 5/9/03 and told there were no adverse changes since my lat one in 1996 however, my breasts have become increasingly dense. I dont know why I checked, but last night I did a breast exam and found a lump above my left nipple more towards underneath my arm but still on the breast. It feels like a hard lump with a smaller lump next to it. All of a sudden I feel panicked, like something isnt right.
Avatar n tn I have recently come across a small lump in the right side of my neck located just past the halfway point of my neck and slightly towards the back (behind my ear as opposed to in front of it). The lump is not painful, hard, and I can move it slightly up and down, and it's not round more of and oval shape. I don't smoke or drink, I am however tired all the time.
Avatar n tn For almost a month now, I have been having sharp throbbing pains on my left side of the skull, mainly above the ear located right on the bone and thought it was just a migrane due to dizziness and have been taking exedrine migrane.