Lump in leg under skin

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Avatar f tn I have this large lump under my skin on my butt by my thy, for about a month. Its very painful especially when I sit. There used to be pimples there but they went away and now I have this hard ball like lump under my skin, but u can't see it except there is some discoloration like a pimple. its like the size of a marble and it hurts. What is this? Should I get it checked out? Should I see if it goes away?
Avatar n tn My mother has 2 lumps that have appeared on her leg on on her hand within the pat month. They are about 1 in. in diameter and the have started to turn colors , almost black, now the one in the leg has turned more of a gray color. they ae not really hard, they are kind of a mushy lump I guess you could say. She has not been tto the doctor yet about this, but she has other serious health problems such as COPD, heart attacks, minis strokes, and multiple surguries.
Avatar n tn Around two weeks ago i found a big lump under my skin its on the inner side of my upper leg and has what looks like a white spot on the surface and round it the skin is red and purple , it doesn't cause any pain unless i touch it. I know it sounds nasty but i have tried to sqeeze the white stuff out even tried using a needle to put a hole in the skin but its just hard well abit of blood came out but nothing else. Hope someone can advise me cause im getting king of worried.
Avatar n tn Noticed today that my five year old son has a soft lump on the back of his leg, at the top of his calf muscle. It is about 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The lump seems fluid filled, but is deep under his skin. What could this be?
1646836 tn?1301430573 hi, i found one small lump on my leg under the skin, i ran the day before so my leg was sore that's when i notice a small but very hard lump that you can defianly tell its a lump (between the knee and the foot). I just don't know if its very serious or just something simple because i have never heard of someone having cancer or a tumor or anything like that serious with their leg. So just wanted to ask someone as to what is it and what should i do should i be worried?
Avatar n tn My foot is swollen and when the lump appears the part under the lump sinks and turns red as thought is blood is under my skin. It is painful.
Avatar f tn Hey i have a pea sized lump under my skin between my scrotum and leg and feels hard like rubber and kind of reddish. I only noticed 2 weeks ago and it hasn't changed. It couldnt have been there long as i would have noticed. Help if you knpw what it is or if you have any experience with this.
Avatar n tn t see it al all) but there is a red circle on the skin where it used to be and I can still feel the circular lump under the skin layer. When I squeeze the skin, the red mark goes turn flesh tone and I can feel the little lump underneath. It doesn't bother me past being a little perfect circle red dot on the side of my thigh. There is no pain. It has not grown at all and the only change is the actual lump decreasing in size.
Avatar f tn A few days ago while I was in the shower I noticed this bump on my bikini line. I decided to try to pop it and eventually it did, but now I look at it and there is a uncomfortable hard lump underneath my skin where the bump originally was. I'm not sure what it is could it be a ingrown hair, cyst, growth or something worse?
Avatar f tn I found a lump under the skin of my rabbit's stomach about three months ago (close to his right hind leg), I can move it freely, it is pretty hard to the touch and is the size of a grape. I went to the vet and she said I should check it regularly to see if it increased in size (it didn't). The problem is that today I was checking him and I noticed another lump right next to the other one, about half the size.
Avatar f tn i have a hard lump under my skin in the pubic hair region about 1 or 2 inches above my clitorus. its not red and has no visibility, i just felt it the other day1 im hoping its just a cyst as i have one on my leg aswell. its about the size of a raison or even slightly bigger.
Avatar m tn Ever since I could remember I have had two blue lumps under my skin on my right leg, and right arm. I always thought they where pencil led... why I don't know. In the past few years more have started to show up, mostly on my back but a few on my arms and legs. I have had doctors say they are bloodvessel tumors, and are harmless. But i am not sure. wanted to see if anyone here knows more.
Avatar f tn feel like a hard lump/ painful in area and going down inside of leg.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a had a lump under my skin, maybe an 1/2 inch or so big, it is right on the crease of my leg down by my groin. It was a little swollen and tender to the touch. So I went online and looked around... I thought maybe it could be a hernia (i do a lot of lifting at my job) or maybe a swollen lymph node(spelling?) but I didn't think it was herpes. Now, A few minutes ago I decided to check my lump again, and on the top of my lump is an open sore.
371240 tn?1198738602 I am now 46 and completely forgot about it until recently. I was moisturizing my skin and noticed a lump in my upper inner thigh area that is soft to the touch but never moves from its spot. About a month ago, I developed tenderness in my left thigh and had no idea why. I spoke with my mother about the lump thing a few weeks before and while I was experiencing this tenderness she asked me to check my thigh. I did.
Avatar m tn hi, while showering this morning i noticed i had a fairly big lump under my leg, about 1inch x 1/2inch, that seems to have sprung up over night, because i didin't feel anything there yesterday. It is a bit sensitive but isn't painful. Any idea what it could be? Maybe a muscle knot or something of the like?
Avatar f tn Big lump on the left breast, visible under the skin. Dense nodular mass. Infection? Antibiotics? Pain in left armpit. Linked to lump? Radiologist did U/S of armpit and says it's muscular pull? But I think it is linked to the lump on my left breast. Chronic Cough linked to the lump as well???
Avatar f tn I am an 18 year old female. About two months ago I located a lump in my left thigh that was on the muscle and moveable. It feels hard, yet rubbery. When I press on it, it feels like a bruise of a knot. I am very concerned about it. You cannot see it if my legs are straight, but when my leg is bent it I can feel and see it. It is smooth feeling and the lump is rounded. I have trouble sitting with my legs crossed as it tugs on my knee.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have a hard pea size lump under the skin of my scrotum. It is located on the border line of the skin of the scrotum and the in size of the leg. I have had this problem for over halve a year now. The lump increases size if it gets irritated. It seems like it is bigger in the evening and smaller in the morning when i wake up. Also when i take a hot bath it seems that the lump temporarily gets smaller. The lump more or less remained the same size over a period of halve a year.
1321031 tn?1274425152 The pain in my leg is killing me. I have nerve damage to the peroneal nerve from an accident and it is getting on under my skin......
Avatar n tn I noticed a lump in the inside of my leg where my pantie line is. It is sore when i toucjed at first i thought it was a bump so i squeezed it and some yellow and blood came out, if i try to squeeze it now nothing comes out. feels like its moving under my skin. Just finished getting off my period could that have caused it?
1298701 tn?1286986994 i recently notice (about a 2weeks ago) lump thats moveable under the right arm (armpit) about 2cm big. and couple days ago i notice the pea size hard lump under the left arm (armpit). i have nausea but not vomitting and some headache and i recently easily brusing. i didnt bump that hard and got purble blue bruise and its still there after a week later. i get bruise by just the simple inset bite too. mostly my leg.
Avatar f tn they look as if there going to pop also under my armpit is a uncomfortable bump under the skin??? im 21 years old and im scared of whats going on with my bodie ... the bump under my arm is getting bigger by day and seems to be spreading ?? mabye someone out there will be able to help?
Avatar f tn woke up with pain under left shoulder blade, took tylenol, heat pad and topical muscle rub. nothing helped.