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Avatar n tn With in the past 3 months I am developed a very small lump under my right nipple, kind of feels like a larger BB. It is not painful but does kind of feel like a bruise if I push on it. About two weeks ago I noticed that it had gotten a bit bigger and I decided to squeeze it. A light yellow / milky substance did come out of my nipple. I continued to squeeze it until it seemed like everythin was out. No discharge ever comes out without squeezing. My nipple was sore for a few days after.
Avatar m tn I'm a guy (14 Years Old) and have a lump under my left nipple. I'm kinda concerned because I have asked my parents and they said they didn't have it. Also, I don't know if this is a coincidence but I can push on both of my nipples and a clear liquid comes out. Not that much, just enough to see in the light. Please help me, i'm kinda worried.
Avatar n tn hi! i have a lump on my right breast under my nipple and its painful.. its like an oval worried about this i found the lump 10days ago...3 days before my nipple discharge, no skin changes..just the size of my right breast..
Avatar n tn the lump is quite big and has not been diagnosed yet in short he hasn't seen a docter yet since the lump appeared.the lump is quite painful when touched but no discharge coming out of the nipple. it is not red or swollen and has no burning feeling in the lump. My father oftenly drink beers and hard drinks and used to eat fatty foods. he also has arthritis and is taking medication for it and pain reliever such as voltaren 50 or 100 mg.when it is painful.
Avatar f tn Nipple tingling is a temporary annoyance and hopefully it will likely settle down on its own soon…However if the discomfort persists and you notice nipple discharge, skin changes or a lump under your nipple, please see your Doctor for a clinical breast exam. Best wishes..
Avatar n tn I am a 63 year old man and have tenderness and pain under my right nipple when I press against the nipple. Why? This discussion is related to <a href=''>A male with a painful 1 inch swelling under the right nipple</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, my little girl has a white lump (like the head of a spot) on her left nipple. She is just 6 mths and has had this for about a month and a half. I saw my health visitor who said it was nothing to worry about but check with the doctor next time we are in the surgery. Would you have any ideas what this could be? It isn't growing but feels quite hard to the touch. Apologies if you have received this twice - I am new to the site and have got very muddled.
Avatar f tn From what you describe it sounds like Mammary Duct Ectasia Symptoms, that may be caused by infection or inflammation of a milk ducts in the breast, near the nipple, causing green,blue brown or black discharge, that may also including a breast lump under the nipple. This problem can be treated with antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or even surgery to remove the abnormal duct.
Avatar n tn 3 days ago i had a white / yellow liquid come out of my nipple a very very small amount like squeezing a spot it then turned clear, it actually came out on the bottom of the hard bit of nipple not out of the middle, Than today i have discoved a small hard pea sized lump just under the hard bit of nipple just under where the liquid came out .
Avatar n tn I have told my Physician and she has done nothing but check my Prolactin level. I have had a lump under(beneath my nipple since I was around 15 years old)she said it was nothing to worry about. I have recently been having a large amount of discharge. It only comes out when I squeeze my breast or if any amount of pressure is applied. The discharge is clear and sometimes cloudy, no odor at all but it is sticky feeling.
Avatar f tn I agree with your Doctor to avoid nipple stimulation (including frequent checks for discharge) because it can actually make the discharge persist. If you stop squeezing the nipple, the discharge will also stop. When to be alarmed about nipple discharge, it's when it happens only on one side, comes out spontaneously (without squeezing), is persistent and bloody or is associated with a lump, nipple or skin changes etc... So please stop worrying and heed your Doctor’s advice okay?. Take care...
Avatar m tn Hi all, i am a 27 year old male and i have found a lump under my left armpit it feel big and sore what could it be, cancer is very high in my family my mam died aged 62 from cancer and my father is fighting it at the mine, what could it be?
Avatar m tn It started out yellow/green, thinner than the discharge I was used to when the rings were in, but opaque. This evening the discharge was mostly blood, albeit thin, watered down blood. I try not to squeeze or put pressure on the area, as I am certain that if there is an infection, I am only making it worse, but I am monitoring the area that feels hard to see if it is growing and this makes the discharge leak out. My breast hurts constantly.
Avatar n tn Normal functioning (physiological discharge) Physiological nipple discharge usually occurs in both breasts and happens only when the breast tissue is manipulated in some way, such as by squeezing the nipple to check for discharge. The discharge may be clear, yellow, white or dark green. Stimulation of the nipple actually increases the likelihood of discharge, so it's best to leave your nipples alone and avoid checking them. This type of discharge often resolves on its own.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 32 year old male who's got a lump under both nipples. The lumps haven't increased in size and there's no discharge when I squeeze the nipples. I also feel no pain. Sometimes there's discomfort near my left nipple but a majority of the time I don't have any discomfort. From what I read online, gynecomastia can be caused by anti-ulcer medications like Prilosec or Tagamet. Back in September, I had H.ployri.
Avatar f tn Has the lump changed in size or were there any other features on breast examination like a breast lump or nipple discharge or skin changes etc? Nothing can be advised without a visit to the physician. Hope you are able to convince this person to see a doctor. Do let us know about the progress. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am a 14 year old male and i have a lump under my right nipple. it is not painful to touch but if i squeeze it hard enough a milky discharge comes out. I am extremely worried that it may be something bad like breast cancer, but i cant say for sure without a medical opinion.
494669 tn?1275366075 i am 27 years old and just recently found a lump under my arm, i saw my dac and he is sending me for an ultrasound but i am freaked out. i had one auntie who died from cancer, and now i am very scared. i know that it is probably nothing but i am worried and concerned. any advice would be wonderful.
Avatar m tn Hi , My husband has a grape sized softish lump under his right nipple that is scaring the life out of me. He says the lump is tender and becomes more tender the more it is touched. he has been to see the doctor and has confirmed that he has not, so far, any of the other symptoms ie discharge, puckering of the skin lumps in arm pirs etc, and has referred him to the breast clinic which is about 2 weeks before his apt.
Avatar n tn Now it is getting to where the thick white pus comes out everyday and occasionaly clear discharge mixed with blood comes out. Not all of the lump on the nipple went away and my breast is now shrinking alot smaller than the other. When I raise my arms it is like 1/3 the size of the other. My Aunt died of breast cancer. I have a dif. ob now. She has put me on 2 rounds of antibotics and it didn't help. She freaked out the other day. The main ob said to do a thyroid and pit.
Avatar n tn I found a marble sized rubbery non-painful lump directly under my areola. I also have clear, watery, sticky discharge when manipulated. I am going to see a specialist next week. Does this sound more like cancer of fibroadenoma? The discharge doesn't go with fibroadenomas.
Avatar n tn I have black discharge leaking spontainousley from my left breast with a lump about 3cm accross under the nipple and I am awaiting an appointment for a mammogram/ultrasound/fine needle biopsy. Initially, when i went to the doctors i was told that because of my age and level of fitness I could probably expect it to be an infection and was given antibiotics. However, since taking them i feel no better, although I'm in no pain.
Avatar n tn I amd 15 yrs old and i had a small lump under my left nipple. I squeezedon it and it discharged like a brown-ish fluid. After like 2 mins of doing that the lump went away and hasnt come back. But a similar lump has appeared under my right nipple. But this one will not go away. I am thinking about going to the doctor tomorrow but i would like to hear what you guys think. Do you guys know what this mite be? please get back to me.
1271365 tn?1306763979 The creamy yellow discharge came out first then it was a pearl like color discharge after the creamy yellow discharge. I am 34 years old and in have not hit menopause yet. And i am not pregnant. I found lumps the other day after my shower i was examining my breast and found it that caught my attention to go to the Dr.