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Avatar m tn That's a pretty big difference you should make an apportionment and see whats going on. These are the symptoms of testicular cancer.
Avatar f tn I'v just talked to my son , and he said he has a lump on one of his testis. Has had it for a long time but was shy about talking about it.What kind of dr. do I need to contact for him to get it checked? His normal Dr. is a female and he does not want to see her.Please writ back ASAP!!!! I'm very worried.
Avatar n tn Recently i found a very very small lump on the back top on my right testicle next to the epidiymis the it hurts when touched. My question is that what might this small lump might be and i also heard the testicular cancer lumps happens to lay in front of the testicle and they are the size of a pea and the lump that i have is much more smaller then a pea ( i have no family history of testicular cancer or any other cancer thank god).
Avatar n tn However as I usually masturbate once a week,my doctor thinks that it is normally safe for prostate and the area I have pain on pressing in addition to testis pain suggests it is an likely UTI case. She also told that it may be case of some problem in pelvis as I have to sit for long hours before computer for my job. However the case can be confirmed only after doing some tests and she will do that seeing the result of this medicine. Anyway how are you now? Are you cured?
Avatar n tn i have just discovered i have a lump on the lower part of my testicles its not on either one its more in the middle of the sac at the bottom and its like a hard pea. it is not attached to any testicle only hurts if you squeeze it, has no head on it . please advise????????? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/912282'>Cyst on testicle</a>.
Avatar m tn Hello Team, I suddenly had pain in my right testis last week and I felt a small lump on my right testis and when I consulted an urologist ,he asked me to take boold ,urine samples and asked me to take sonogram(ultrasound) Even though it lasted for that evening and became better next day and now I dont have pain but still I can feel the cyst. The blood and urine report was normal but the sonogram showed below.Please see the exact words written on the report 1.
Avatar n tn I have a lump a little bit bigger than a pea on my left testicle. It is painless and has been growing probably for the last 2 years. I went to the doctor when I first noticed it and he couldn't find it but now it is grown in size and is very noticeable. I see a urologist Friday the 21st of May. Any ideas of what it could be would be very helpful. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have a lump on my upper Vas Deferens, I thought maybe it might have been an enlarged lymph node. The only way I discovered it was that it woke me up from a sound sleep with severe pain. I started to feel just above my groin area where the pain was and felt the lump.
Avatar m tn Hello, Presence of lumps depends on whether the lump is inside or outside the testes. If it is present on skin then it can be sebaceous cyst or an infected hair follicle. If it is present inside the sacs, then it can be an epididymal cyst or a benign tumor. Even a malignancy cannot be ruled out. This would need further evaluation. Without examination it is difficult confirming, so please get it examined from a urologist. You need to get an ultrasound testis done to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Ok so im 30 and iv had what seems to be a lump on my right ball on the top. Its been there for as far back as i can remember lets say starting around 10 or so. Its always been about the same size in relation to my ball its about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of it. I talked rather generally to a doc about it he never said what he thought it was but that if its never changed shape and if its never caused me any problems to not get bother by it and leave it alone but it just seemed like an odd answer.
Avatar m tn about a year or less ago i noticed a small lump on my left testicle. I am 15 almost 16 and am worried since my family has had cancer before or has right now (my mom) and not sure if it can be cancerous and have not told my parents yet so i decided to ask here first if it is nothing serious to worry about. It is not painful but is about the size of a bb pellet. help please?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 16years old and i have had a lump on the bottom of my left testicle i have recently found another on the bottom of my right testicle is roughly the same area. They are smaller than pea sized lumps and i never seem to get any pain from them but i am worried. I seem to notice them more wen i have just come out of the shower.
Avatar n tn A couple of weeks ago I found a lump in front of my right testicle, when I check it, it becomes real painful. Its not on the testicle itself possibly on my epididymis. Its almost as big as a small raisin. Is this some thing I need to get checked?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 30 year old male, i observed a lump in my testis, its ultrasound reported that ,left scortum show a benign small cyst(11*17)mm no free fluid in scrotum, epididymal not visible, my physician suggest to leave it as it is, but i am afraid, if it is testicular cancer?
Avatar n tn If it is at the back of the testis- it could be related to the epididymis, which is a set of small tubes draining from the testis and carry the sperms out of the testis. Yes, of course, an examination by a doctor is the only way to figure out what it is.
Avatar f tn Hello, a year ago I got hit in the testicles and it hurt for a week or so, I took this as normal and did not think much of it... several months later i noticed a lump on my left testicle, I thought it was just as a result of getting hit there and again did no think much of it. The lump got bigger and then it shrunk a bit and now its at a steady size... its soft to the touch like a bubble but slightly harder then that.
Avatar n tn Two years ago, I have found a small lump, about 1-2mm in diameter , on right side of the right testis. From then, I have not found out any change on it. Sometimes, I feel a little pain in right leg or/and in obstacle. Also, sometimes I can feel this testis more heavy as it is. Two times I have visited two different urologist, and they said nothing 'cause they couldn't find this lump. I was not sent on ultrasound?!. I read about cyst, calcification, etc, but I am still worried about it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm an 18 year old college student, and a few days ago I noticed something that's beginning to worry me. I've noticed a small lump, comparable to the size of a small pea on my scrotum above my right testicle. My first thought, of course, was cancer, but my question is, does testicular cancer form in the testes, or can it form on the scrotum, and does this sound to you like it could be cancerous?
Avatar n tn Hi, I found one small lump on the left side of the scrotum but its free floating , its not attached with testis , there is no pain from the lump . but i have slight groin pain , any one can advice me ?
Avatar m tn I recently found a lump on the top of my right testicle when examining. It doesn't hurt nor do I have any symptoms like pain, aching, blood in urine or semen nor pain whilst urinating. It isn't the size of a pea, its like o size like a little bump... do you think it is testicular cancer? No-one in my family that we can go back in (many many of years) has had testicular cancer.
Avatar m tn Hey im a 26 year old with a medium size lump on my right testicle under the skin. You cant tell its there unelss you touch it, but when you do touch it, ithurts. Almost feels like I struck a nerve or something. It GIVES me a shotting pain down under my sack.. Please help if you can..
Avatar m tn About November I noticed a small lump on my inner thigh about 6 inches down from my groin I thought it was a pimple or ingrown hair and tried to pop it. it soon became brown and the size of a ping pong ball. My wife says it looked infected. over the next to weeks it shrunk down to a small pimple and I thought it would be gone. TOday I noticed it is starting to grow again. and it is painful. Maybe my touching it is agrivating it or could this be some sort of STD.
2644165 tn?1387247948 I am 29, and in pretty decent shape. Recently, I noticed a pea-size lump on the head of my epididymis after I had been have some slight aches and discomfort while sitting. I also had sensation of having to continue to use the bathroom. This occurred for a little over two weeks ago, and it has since persisted and now the pain on my left testicle has intensified. The lump appears to be solid but it is not rock-hard.
Avatar n tn i was examining myself and found a lump on my right teste feels like a spot what is it ???
Avatar m tn Hi, I found a lump in my 'sack', it's on the right side but it's not on the testicle (it's as if it's on a string). It's about the size of a marble, it feels the same hardness as my testicles, I'm not sure if thats considered hard or soft. I can basically get my fingers around it too. I got it checked out in a walk in clinic, the doctor said it was the cord, but I'm almost convinced it isn't the cord, so I have two questions from the above. Would your cord be the same size on both testicles?
Avatar m tn Actually, I had an mild accident in which I accidentally hit my testicle 10 years ago. Now I had this lump on my left testicle since that day... when the accident happen a day after I urinated blood but only at the last drop of my urination. I only urinated blood one time after that I felt fine already so I thought its gonna be just fine until now like 3years from now I had this problems with my urination and I think this is the cause of that accident I had 10 years back.
Avatar m tn Hernia is the protrusion of abdominal contents through an abnormal opening. It usually increases on coughing and reduces on lying down. But as your specialist has suspected, it could also be a varicocele. Varicose veins of the testis are referred to as a varicocele. It is the dilatation of the pampiniform venous plexus and the internal spermatic vein. It is known to cause poor sperm production and hence infertility. Based on the size it is classified as small, moderate and large.