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Avatar n tn i have noticed a lump in the middle of my middle finger, its sore and moves from side to side, then a day or two later i noticed another a bit higher up, just as painful, can u help?
Avatar m tn 19 as well and I actually have that same pea like lump in my middle finger, the joint right before my palm begins. I looked on multiple websites and talked to my mom, who has had the same thing. It could possibly be something called Sebacus cyst. The doctor can cut it out but they say chances are it will just come back. Although they're not something you should have to worry about too much, you should probably just talked to a doctor and see what he said.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on the middle finger of my left hand I asked a doctor about on my last visit and he called it a "Bible Cyst" or a ganglion cyst and told me that to take care of it all I had to do was whack it with a bible and it would go away.
Avatar f tn i have a hard cyst like bump on top of my middle knuckle on pointer finger it seems attatched but not sure its a little painful to bend at that joint its getting bigger each time it comes back this is the third time i've just ignored it now i'm getting nervous since father had passed away of cancer. I'm 25 y/o female and have had no trauma to that finger .
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar n tn I have a hard pea sized lump at the base (palm) of my index finger and middle finger. It has a blueish color to it. I thought is was a broken blood vessel at first, then it started growing. And now it has the surrounding tissue swallen. Went to my Doctor and he sent me to a specialist. The specialist says it's not a cyst, that it's a tumor. I have to get it surgically removed.
Avatar n tn i have this weird bump on the tip of my middle finger on my left hand. it hurts pretty bad if i accidentally hit it on something. its been there for nearly 2 months and ive just been ignoring it. but sense ive nearly stopped touching the tip of my finger to anything calisus grows over the bump. i cut the calusis off and it didnt hurt at all but the center of the bump started bleeding.. its kinda a hard thing to explain but if you want a picture then say so.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago I developed a tiny pink sore area at the base of my middle finger, right above the knuckle. It turned into a raised circular lump. It is smooth and skin colored expect for a redness at the base. I could also see tiny red lines near the base of it. It only hurt if you touched it and was very hard but moveable. As it continued to grow there seemed to be an area that was opening in the center of it. I assumed it was a wart and went to the derm.
Avatar f tn I have had this lump bang in the middle of my armpit for a couple of months now, when you squeeze it between your thumb and finger it is a little uncomfortable and feels like a bit of grissly meat, i did go Drs who straight away said "nothing to worry about its probably just a bit of fatty tissue" why or how do you get fatty tissue, and i should i just accept that theres nothing to worry about as its not going away??
Avatar m tn I have a strange lump on my middle finger that is painless, yet significantly larger than it used to be. It is NOT a wart, it looks like my finger has been broken, but it hasn't ... should I be worried? It is an alien compared to my other middle finger...
Avatar m tn I've had this lump on the middle finger oif my left hand for about a month, at first I thought it was a boil so I squoze it but just blood came out, now it continues to heal/scab and the scab comes off revealing some flesh underneath, it never seems to heal properly. Any ideas what it could be? [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
1524304 tn?1326400574 The other thing I noticed that pointer and middle finger were swollen a bit and I think they still are bit bigger (fingertip area) than same ones on other hand. The sensitiveness comes and goes by the day. Also found a tiny red dot on middle finger, under that I can feel tiny lump which isn't painful. Overall there wasn't significant pain since the day after incident. When I touch around the pointer's joint I feel it's bit sensitive to harder pushes.
Avatar n tn When I rubbed my middle finger and pinky together I felt a lump. I touched it hurts and itch. Please tell me what it is and how can I cure it.
Avatar n tn I had trigger finger release surgery over 5 months ago on my left middle finger after a few failed cortisone inj. attempts. Surgery went well and seemed to heal with no complications. I know that there can be residule swelling and stiffness. However I am close to 6 months post op and still have considerable swelling at times and cannot fully straighten that finger. It does not trigger anymore but it is extremely stiff and i cannot begin to fully straighten it.
Avatar n tn i have a lump on the left side of my middle finger (right hand) it has been there for about 2 months i have been able to ignore it but now its heaps bigger and really sore to touch is it a infection should i put a needle into it and see what happens?
554428 tn?1215407149 My son has a lump on his right middle finger at the tip on the side. It is yellow and very hard. He says that it does not hurt at all. It started out (months ago) as what looked like an ant bite (small whitehead atop a conical lump). In the past few weeks it has grown considerably. We showed it to his pediatrician and she referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. Unfortunately the dermatologist cant see him until July 17th. Please help. Pictures can be seen at : http://s15.photobucket.
Avatar n tn So the first day i started having pain in my middle finger of my right hand and i thought nothing of it as each day went by it started to swell more and more now there is a huge bump on my finger that hurts if i move or touch it against anything. then today i got a similar bump on my big toe on my right foot what could this be?
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with trigger finger (middle finger). I only have a problem with it when I wake up in the morning. Is there a downside to ignoring it for now? Will ignoring it for now cause worse problems later? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a a small lump on my finger with a red dot in the middle, which when pressed disappears, what couldthis be?
Avatar m tn I have a lump on my left middle finger i noticed it this morning it is kind of painful and when i touch it is a hard lump if you want a picture just ask. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/397649'>painful bump on left middle finger</a>.
Avatar f tn So last week when it appeared it was a small red bump on my middle knuckle on top of my finger which kind of hurt to touch. Now a week on its got twice as big and itches. It also had a bit of dry skin in the middle which fell off and now looks like a darker dip in the middle. Does anyone know what this might be/what will help it go away?
Avatar f tn On occasion it has bled heavily all of a sudden, however I'm not sure whether this is due to me catching it on something, as it is towards the end of my middle finger. It has not bled for the last month, it continues to become more pronounced, but doesn't seem to be growing any further. It is not painful, I have not noticed any other symptoms. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thank you ever so much!
Avatar n tn I had lymphedema while getting radiation following lumpectomy and removal of 25 axillary nodes (one positive) 13+ years ago. Cuts on my hand do not heal well unless I use medicated band-aids. A few months ago I had a all cut on my forefinger that I let heal naturally( but slowly); but continued to feel itchiness in my palm & finger after it appeared healed. About 2-3 months ago I got another tiny cut on the forefinger & also the skin on my thumb had a small crack.
Avatar n tn it has grown over the years but hasnt caused me much pain or problems. it is on my right hand finger next to my little finger in the middle of the 2 knuckles it doesnt hurt when i move it it feels soft . but recently im having aching in my hand and arm could it be pressing on a nerve and causing this i would have gone to have it removed years ago but im 2 scared it could have been cancerous that what you think when you find a lump and now im to scared ive left it to late.
Avatar m tn What would the hard, painful, pea size, lump within my middle finger at the tip be caused by ? I did not bump it or injure it in any sort of way. I noticed it about 3 months ago and it has gotten more sensitive to touch and a little increase in size since then. There is no thickening of the skin,no discoloration nor any openings on it or near it. I do have a history of NHLymphoma and have been in remission for 14 years.