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Avatar f tn I have just found a lump on my lower jaw, underneath my ear right at the jaw joint. It is approximately the size of half of a grape. It definitely feels attached to my jaw feels like s grape- not too hard or soft. It is slightly uncomfortable when felt. Any ideas of what this might be? I am going to go ahead see an ENT- but I have month and a half before I could get in. Just a little concerned. Thank you for any help!
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my jaw just below my ear lobe. It doesn't hurt just looks like I have a gland swollen. Does anyone have any suggestions to what this might be??? I have an appointment next week to have a CT scan done but was wanting to maybe find some ideas before I have it done.
Avatar n tn overnight last night I developed a lump in my left jaw. What is this?
Avatar n tn There is now a small bump located directly under my ear, behind my earlobe on my neck inbetween my jaw line and the large muscle on the right side of my neck, that little soft spot or pocket inbetween the skull and jaw.... The pain is moving into my ear and causing me to have headaches all through the day all on the right side of my head. Any ideas what this could be from? Is it worth going to the doctor for or should it go away? Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar f tn About 4 weeks ago a started a new job and found myself laughing more than usual, to the point that your cheeks and jaw hurt. After the weekend I noticed a small lump under my right side jaw line. It is not quite to the corner where the jaw bone begins to go upward. I would say about an inch in front of it. The lump feels rubbery and I can move the lump freely up and down sort of like a muscle knot. My first guess was that by using my muscles so much from laughing that I developed a knot.
Avatar m tn i went to see a dentist and was told i needed my teeth cleaned .. i said you can clean them after you diagnose this soft lump on my jaw..also i said i need a lot of work done ..they took x-rays d told me i had a gum disease and would need a deep cleaning..ok i said they said i would have to come back to have it done next avaiable appointment was a month away.. i was worried about the lump on my jaw he told me that i didnt have a tooth above it and that it was probably a swollen muscle ..
Avatar n tn About four weeks ago I found a painful lump right were my jaw hinge is in front of my ear. After about two weeks it wasn't painful and shrunk in size. Then it started to hurt again and now it has remained the same size since it shrunk and is not painful. When i open my mouth wide i can't feel it there anymore. Don't know what it is?!
Avatar n tn put on lotion and felt a lump it's on the left bottom side of my jaw. it's like a lump and it hurts. at first i thought it was a bruise. and never cared to look at it. then it still hurts. i looked at it today. i had a root canal like 2 yrs ago. im dentophobic. but anyways. i had a root canal and in that space. well the empty space where the tooth WAS. it's a white. and beside it is where the soreness it. what is it? like i said. im terrified of the dentist .. after taking tylenol.
Avatar n tn After two months I have finally found my problem that causes numb jaw and head feelings. Im waiting to go to the doctor. In the meantime, Im trying to figure out which it could be, a muscle or lymph nodes. Something is swollen and pretty large, 3 spots along back of my left neck. I barely push and there goes my numb head. Let go and it leaves. So now, anyone know the answer to this. How can you differiate between swollen lymph nodes and muscles.
Avatar n tn i had a little lump behind my jaw, it just seems like a small solid spherical...thing :( i could kinda move it around and stuff and when i looked down, so my jaw was pushing against it, it would move towards my neck. about an hour ago , i felt it in the middle of my neck, beside my trachea (i think) ...and a few minutes later i was panicking like crazy,and it has now moved to the base of my throat. i am extremely worried that it could move under my chest or something.
Avatar m tn On the side of his jaw where the swelling is there is a lump on top under the skin that is soft, but the actual jaw muscle both lower and upper towards the top of his head is much larger that the other side. The emergency vet suggested an MRI if it continues, and I'm really scared he has cancer or a tumor. I have been doing some research online and the closest thing I found was craniomandibular osteopathy, but it says that that is mainly in new born dogs.
Avatar f tn Another cause for the pain you are experiencing could be temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. Check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Lymph nodes which are enlarged greater than one cm are significant. However, you can follow up to see how they are progressing. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I have been battling with my throat, that all to familiar lump feeling, clearing the throat, neck and jaw pain and swollen glands and I even had voice issues since 2009 and eventually got diagnosed with Chircopharengeal muscle dysfunction. I used to sing on a freelance basis (Old-age homes were my favourite!) and then my voice coach noticed that I could not reach my normal ranges and I had a consult with ENT that noted my pharynx and larynx (voice box) had acid damage.
Avatar n tn About a year ago not even, I noticed a small lump even a bit smaller than a pea in my ear/jaw location. When the jaw is closed it resides below the ear, and when I open my jaw it moves over the jaw bone right infront of the ear. I can move it around a little bit, and it is not painfull and hasnt grown at all, just becomes a little swollen if I play with it to much. Ive gone to my primary doctor, dentist, and oral surgeon which all say its nothing to worry about, its a muscle or gland?
Avatar m tn So I have a lump or inflammation of what I presume is a gland between my large neck muscle and under the back of my jaw line. Last week I was ok but developed a sore throat and headaches late last week and by the weekend I had a sore throat, vomited once and developed a sore neck and this lump all in the space of a day. I dunno what it is but if I turn my neck now it's not that painful but before it felt like I had strained a muscle in my neck and the lump itself is quite tender to touch.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if this could in fact be a torn muscle curled up under my jaw line, or if this could be something more serious such as swollen lymph nodes. Also, could a "walk-in physician" diagnose something like this or would i have to see a specialist.
Avatar f tn major joints involved = knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles, and hips) muscle pain and aches severe fatigue (no matter how much sleep/rest I get) muscle twitching (constant-all over my body, even my tongue!, usually stops when I move the muscle affected, but occasionally continues no matter what I do) Sometimes (recently mostly) my hands and occasionally feet have been falling asleep a lot--they get pins and needles feeling and my fingers come together.
Avatar f tn A cervical collar is often prescribed, but this is not a good idea except for the first day, because it encourages muscle atrophy and loss of muscle tone. I would go to an ER of a teaching hospital where there is a neurologist and an MRI.
Avatar n tn It's kinda located where when you yawn you can feel your muscle but it also isn't as papable when I am yawning or opening my mouth. Kinda like its on the muscle. Sometimes its hard to locate at all. It's movable and doesn't hurt. Well it just recently feeling tender since I have been pressing and pushing on it all afternoon. I tried looking up all the locations of lymph nodes today on the internet but some websites don't show any in that area and some I couldn't tell.
Avatar f tn The swelling then decreased, but I had noticed that one particular lymph node on my right side just under my jaw remained slightly swollen, but it didn't hurt and wasn't fixed so I wasn't concerned.
Avatar f tn that went on for a few days and then my whole lower jaw hurt. almost felt like a muscle crampy sort of hurt. but that came and went and only lasted a couple of hours at a time 5 hrs max at a time per day. That went on for a few days and then the crampy/pressure/pain started up by my ears. at that point the crampy/pressure/pain was much more constant. but still came and went through out the day.
1969780 tn?1325781633 I have SEVERE muscle cramps in my inner thigh either or, calves, toes and inner bottom of my foot ... and usually on my right side of my abdomin. As with others i i scream cry and beg for the pain to stop while i try to stretch it out , when they are done I feel severly bruised and sore for days. I have been diagnosed with HB, RA, OA, scoliosis, neuropathy, degenerated bonde disease, I have drank mustard, pickle juice, hot baths, poultices, calcuim, potassium, lots of fluids, etc...
Avatar n tn For four years I have been suffering from muscle spasm in my upper back, primarily levator, and trapezius muscles. I was told by my TMD doc. that it was from my jaw dysfunction. After my last bought of spasms, I went to my PCP and had an MRI done. I have a significantly protruding disc at C5-C6 space w/ some spondylosis. I am seeing a neurosurgeon soon. My first question is; what is the likelyhood that conservative treatment will work after 4 years?
Avatar n tn i was sitting on the couch yesterday and a small hard knot popped up on my throat under the jaw bone right above the gland, or on it i am not sure because it is so close .it fills like a small pointed knot no larger than a pea .as you may know from my other post i have many health probs portal varices ,lesion on left temporal lobe /epilepsy ,hep c, full hystorectomy,colon surgery ,appendix removed ,mvp,ibs,diverticulitis,gerd,cirrhosis, rhumatoid arth.
Avatar n tn I also need to point out that I have no other symptoms and it seemed like when I took some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers the lump went down a small bit but came right back when I left the medicines. Any assistance here is greatly appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/718760'>"lump" at jaw hinge/joint</a>.
Avatar f tn have they checked you for silaidenitis. this could cause the lump by the jaw bone and neck and cause severe pain. The salivary gland gets blocked by a stone and secretions cannot release. Try seeing an ENT to check this out just a thought hope it helps you. Nose bleeds can be caused by a weak blood vessel in the nose or by dry air people experience those more in the colder months due to using dry heat. Your pain from the jaw/neck area can be radiating pain from the salivary gland.
Avatar n tn felt like a problem in my jaw, and applying pressure (massaging) to the main muscle on the jaw seemed to help the pain. Now, as the problem is persistent, as I am feeling more and more "sluggish" by the day. I have not had a fever, but nasal discharge (when blowing my nose) is often green and occasionally contains small amounts of blood.