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Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on the side of her neck...not in the middle--more under her cheek. she is a boston terrier and is overweight and has a couple of soft fatty tumors on her body but this lump on her neck is new. I just noticed it today and its abt the size of a golfball, soft and she doesn't cry when i squeeze it gently. what could this be? It doesn't seem to have a head like an abscess would.
Avatar n tn The vets aren't acting as fast as I'd like and Dixie, in the meantime, has to get by in her condition and I'm left to cry and pray. I want them to go in and remove this thing but they act like they don’t want to. I'm hoping or some freak infection or something but my gut is telling me cancer. What do you think?? Thanks for taking the time to read my long story and replying.
Avatar f tn Cats not only purr when they're contempt but also when they're in pain. That jaw looks pretty messed up and I can tell it is fractured. There is no way you can get that fixed by yourself, and if you leave her be, the jaw will not fix itself and she will always have problems eating. Have you tried googling vets in your area? Perhaps a vet tech? A vet can perform surgery or wire the jaw shut to heal. Your cat needs to be fed a liquid diet with a syringe until you can get her to a vet.
Avatar m tn When I woke up the following morning the lump had went down significantly. In the last 24 hrs the lump has gotten a little smaller but is still relatively big. A friend of mine who has raised and bred pits throughout his life told me that this lump more than likely developed as a result of her collar being to tight and he told me not to worry that the lump would take a few days to go away. I would like to see what other's had to say about this lump and pray my friend is right?
Avatar f tn Benadryl is also something of an anti-emetic, and can be given at 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight, but I doubt it will be very effective in the face of this kind of vomiting. Worth a try though. Another thing that helps is calcium - lots of it. I was giving Chica 2 Tums a day during her last couple of months. The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure.
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
Avatar n tn My left eye is killing me. I pop my jaw and it opens my ears for a few minutes almost like if your in a plane and pressure builds up. I really can't take much more of this pain.
Avatar f tn Give him a thorough going over for any other swollen glands. Check in front of the shoulders, in the armpit area, in the groin area and the back of the thighs. Really, any suspicious swelling or lump should be checked by your Vet. He will probably run a complete blood panel and may opt to do an aspiration biopsy. That is really pretty quick and not to painful a procedure. As for the excessive drinking, hard to tell unless there are possibly some kidney issues going on.
Avatar m tn The last step in that process smooths the jaw bone that held the tooth so that the jaw is non painful with biting down later on hard food and the pet can eat normally without discomfort. Pets with good dental health live an average of 2 years longer Quality life - so ensure your 7 month old gets dental care at least by the age of 3 if no sooner. It's the best way to keep a long healthy life in dogs!
173975 tn?1216261375 I have a small lump on my jaw line under my right ear its small like a Peas and I have chest pains sometimes and phlegm also.the lump z painfull sometimes because touch it a lot I m concerned but the nurse said its nothing because I have tonsils problem should I be worried the lump has beeb there and the same size for 1 and half years.
419792 tn?1208274426 Last night before bed my dog (shes 1 year old) randomly started swallowing really hard like something was stuck in her jaw/throat. We checked and there was nothing that we could see, but she was constantly licking her lips/paws/floor, swallowing hard (u could feel it in her stomach) and her throat seems to almost have a swollen lump in probably lasted 10 minutes, after she had a drink of water everything was fine.
Avatar n tn Your problems sound exactly similar to mine, I have been diagnosed with a larngeal abnormality after an injury in which the superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage is rubbing against the hyoid bone, I had occipital headache, jaw and ear pain and crepitus when I rotate or press in on my throat, clicking with swallowing is a treatable condition if you search the medical literature, I am actually getting surgery at UCLA for this condition.
Avatar f tn And although it might be hard to believe, but yes, somehow our best friends do tell us when they want to go. Heaven knows, it's the worst thing to see in a dog's eyes, but that's what my girl did - it was a look I would never want to see in a dog ever again. Utterly heartbreaking. And when your Gypsy gives you that look, you will know she wants you to help her to go. My heart goes out to you and your girl ... I just wish there was something more positive I could say to ease the pain.
Avatar m tn He's not sleeping, I spend all day with him and know when he's sleeping. I've noticed a lump under his left jaw upon a close inspection. I think it's time to go to Davis. Any suggestions as for what to ask for?
Avatar m tn It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer. My dog was knocked flat by the loading dose and barely moved for the first couple of days. He bumped into objects, seemed blind, responded to sounds incorrectly (looked in the wrong direction), tripped, stumbled, and fell flat on his stomach a few times when trying to walk.
288415 tn?1231634102 And my left ear has clogged shut..but i am in extreme pain now because i hav swelling around my left jaw..and yes it is really hard o stop the itching.. But unlike u i cant take tablets..
Avatar n tn If you can't get to the vet within an hour or so, put the sample in the fridge. There's no need to jump to the cancer conclusion just yet. In the meantime, don't feed a bunch of fatty foods. If you feed steak, cut off any excess fat. If your dog has a pancreas problem, fat can be deadly. Are there any other symptoms you've noticed? Increased or decreased water intake? Constipation or diarrhea? Bowel noises? Gas? Any observations will help your vet with a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn especially running and lifting weights. I have to stop every once in a while just to yawn (frustrating) to stop from getting dizzy. It's also noticeable as I am trying to go to sleep and/or when I've had a glass or 2 of wine. I was "diagnosed" with exercise-induced asthma 9-10 years ago, but I think this was a mis-diagnosis as the inhalers never work (I've tried all sorts) and they usually end up making me feel worse.
1932256 tn?1327949940 He vomits (violently) many times a day, can't eat more than 1/2 cup of soup or a glass of Instant Breakfast in a day. He lays in his bed and I can hear him throwing up and moaning in agony and I don't know what to do!!! He can't take any Xanax or any opiods of any kind or the clinic won't give him the methadone, so I have no idea how to help ease his pain. Please, please tell me what I can do ... This is ripping my heart out!!!!
Avatar m tn So, Mark, Nathan, Frog and Alex - if you see this and want to get in touch, send me a message using the MedHelp's messaging system - click on my username.
Avatar n tn About 2 months I woke up with an itchy corner of my left eye lid, I thought I had been bitten by something in the night as there seemed to be a bit of lump under the eyelid. Anyway as the days went on the redness, itchyness and soreness grew and spread on that eyelid. And then it went to the other eyelid. All the time I was putting some pure aloe vera gelly on it and also some vitamin E oil.