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Avatar f tn How do i get rid of this lump in my arm pit? It's to the point where I cant sleep, and it hurts.
Avatar n tn The problem is lumps in my arm right over my elbow and one on my wrist.There is one where my arm hooks to my body.My doctor said it might be fatty tumors.A cancer doctor said it was not anything to worry about after checking my arm for about 3 min.My arm hurts all the time and when I take something for the pain the lumps get really hard.Scared please help.
414383 tn?1217219169 I have had this lump on my upper arm, underneath about three inches from my armpit, for almost four years. I have gone to the doctor and had her look at it. All she said was it was probably nothing. It gives of a throbbing pain every so often and is tender to the touch. I am worried that it might be a tumor because I have recently had my thryoid removed because of two tumors. Should I have this evaluated again and ask if it is a tumor.
Avatar n tn Alright, so I recently had an infection in my right armpit that went away with antibiotics, and I recently discovered a lump in my right arm. Three days ago, the doctor said the infection was gone, but now I'm worried. Whenever I have my arm down at my side, it feels like there's something swollen. I'm only nineteen and I'm extremely worried about what that could be, considering it's location. Anyone know if maybe it's an after effect of the armpit infection?
Avatar m tn I have a lump under my armpit and its been their for a while should i be worried?
Avatar n tn Hi Janet,If I were you I wouldn't wait,but go to your doctor and have it checked out.A lump in the arm pit could be a swollen lymph node that might suggest an infection or something else.Why live with the doubt? Any lump in the body should promptly be examined by a trusted doctor.Believe me you are not over reacting by being worried about this lump.It's your body and you deserve to have peace of mind, especially that you mention that it's not going away.I hope that you'll see your doctor soon.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I found a lump on the proximal humerus in my left arm. I had this ache in it, sort of like you feel when you have the flu. It didn't last too long, but enough for me to notice it. When the lump is touched it doesn't really hurt, maybe a tiny bit tender, but I get aches and pains in the area of the lump. Sometimes my arm feels tingly and heavy, as if it fell asleep when it hasn't. It's hard to lift up my arm or to use it.
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my armpit. it is only about 0.5cm. it feels quite hard and is subcutaneous. it feels like it has a cord attatched which runs up into my arm. it is sore if i press it, but otherwise i would not know that it was there.any ideas what it could be and should i be worried?
Avatar n tn I dont want to scare you but definately go get it checked out. I had a lump under my arm, got a breast exam which there was no BREAST lump felt. Less than a year later I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Yours is probably NOT cancer but just to be safe dont put it off as the lump under my arm was not hard either. Cancerous breast lumps are whats hard not armpit nodes. Good luck to you I know you are fine but just go to the doc and get some peace of mind.
1613602 tn?1306202723 On my left arm, above my elbow, There is a lump kind of deep. It's not too large is size, but about the length of a small apple. It's painful and feels like it puts off a slight pressure. It's been bothering me for a while, and I'm starting to get pretty concerned about it. There is also a slight pain in about the same spot on my other arm also. I know I'm probably just sick on top of this, but I'm really feeling bad. Ahy help?
Avatar m tn My son is 16. Has lumps on his arm that resemble cysts.lumps appear overnight sometimes and has one also on finger joint. doc did blood tests and biopsy. tried to remove one from arm but too deep inside. he thought viral from blood tests but biopsy said otherwise. he's now going to send to dermatologist, within six months. I'm worried, any ideas?
Avatar f tn I was healthy and 16 when diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma on my uterus which usually happens in elderly people.... almost never in someone young. On the other hand try to keep her in good spirits be very supportive. Stressing out about the situation will just make it worse. Dont forget doctors can be wrong and it could be nothing at all.
Avatar n tn I have a b.b. size lump under the skin of my arm where my arm bends. It is hard. At one point along time ago it was really big and the skin around it was bruised. Does anyone know what this is?
1208339 tn?1266583335 3 weeks ago I became aware of lump in my left armpit, but only because of discomfort, not what I would call real pain (although I have a very high pain threshold). I went to a walk-in centre and saw a nurse on the that Thursday evening and managed to get an appointment at my GP surgery the following Tuesday. At the walk-in centre the diagnosis was a blocked sweat-gland, but the GP diagnosed a swelling in a lymph gland. The GP also checked for lumps in the breast and found nothing.
Avatar f tn My friend missed a shot of meth in his arm and now has a large lump. If he presses on it will it release the drugs into his system or make it worse?
583389 tn?1218151135 Like I said earlier, he is in between jobs and it could be a few months before he has insurance in order to see a doctor about this. Is there anything else I should be looking for in my husband? Thanks for taking the time to reply, Dr Roque.
Avatar n tn I am 37 years old. Last year I started experiencing soreness in my right arm pit which radiates down my left arm. At an appointment with my family doctor, I expressed this concern to her. She felt that it was only swolen lymphnodes and had an xray taken and bloodwork. Nothing came out of this as nothing was found in the xray. The pain continues and under my arm is ususally always swolen and sore.
1299355 tn?1272767249 hi, 2 days ago i found a lump under my arm in my arm pit. its stayed the same size, it doesnt hurt but its a little tender if i press it hard, its the size of a malteaser .. and its quite hard? i dont feel ill, and its not a spot or an ingrown hair because its on the border of where i would usually shave my arms.. when i lift my arm up you can see the lump clear as daylight .. it doesnt look red it just looks like my normal colour skin have you got any idea what it could be?
4772585 tn?1358978960 On January 23rd I noticed a swollen red lump under my left arm in the armpit it is sore to the touch and does not appear to be a bite of some kind, I am going to continue to monitor it and speak with my Dr. about it. I am a little worried hope it is nothing. Not sure what it might be.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old daughter has been complaining about a lump in her vein. It started in the lower area of her left arm. She says it hurts but only last for a very short time. The lump is now above her eye. Im very concerned. Since it is the weekend I can not reach her doctor. I want to take her to the hospital but her dr told me a long time ago to NEVER take my babies to our local hospital.That comment freaks me out. He obviously knows something about our hospital that I dont.
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my right arm. i have not hurt it in anyway. but feels like i have been punch.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 14 years old and I have this round-like shape bump on my left elbow. I had a IV in my left arm and had fluids for a horrible migraine. The size of the bump is maybe a lima bean size. What should I do? I was diagnosed w/ phlebitis and it feels like more than phlebitis than anything. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn I have this lump on my arm, right where it bends (the other side of my elbow basically) that has been there for about a year now. It isn't painful on its own, but when it first appeared I thought it was a pimple or boil or some other thing, and tried to pop it and it sent a sharp pain from my shoulder to my fingers, almost like an electric shock. Sometimes it gets bigger all on its own, to the point of stretching the skin until it itches and hurts.
Avatar n tn it actually draws the skin in about half way up my arm on the underside when I try to stretch my arm completely out. The lump or whatever it could be seems to have gotten smaller but it is causing pain all the way down my upper arm. I have a doctor's appt. next week but am extremely worried and have not been able to find out much information from searching.
Avatar n tn I just found a lump in my right arm pit. Reading about theese it seems like it could be a swoolen glad or something, but what concerns me is mine sounds a bit diffrent then the others I have been reading about. I have no pain. Very minor discomfort when it is pressed on, but barely. Also it is big, really big. I noticed it streching this morning, for some reason I rubbed it with my left hand when my right was raised and there it was. I would say it is about the size of the palm of my hand.
Avatar f tn I have found a good size knot in my upper arm. It is almost in the armpit but toward the back of my arm. It is very hard and about the size of a marble. I'm just a little concerned because of all the stuff located in the area. Any ideas, advice or experiences appreciated.thanks for taking the read about my "maybe" problem.