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Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 38 yr mom of 5, breast fed all my children, started my period at 12. Recently visited my Dr for a physical. I brought his attention to a lump in my r breast on just outside the areola towards the underarm side. I waited 3 weeks for a mam, then sent directly to the ultrasound room. Two days later my dr called to tell me I needed a biopsy, the radiologist was concerned about "irregular margins", the lump is solid, immovable and irregular shaped.
Avatar n tn Hi, I went in for a breast biopsy this morning, on a lump that I have had for some tme. I had reduction surgery 7 years ago, and one breast had more problems, lots of debreeding, etc. The lump is in that area, and I always assumed it was scar tissue. When the surgeon came in this morning, he said he was comfortable enough with telling me I didn't need the biopsy, from the mammo (which he showed me), he said it does not look like cancer, he said I could come back in 6 months, and have a mammo.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 year-old female. I recently had my 1st biopsy for a benign breast lump. The pathologist report showed a benign fibroadenoma with atypical hperplasia and fibrocystic changes. I have no breast cancer history in my family. However, my mother had uterine cancer at age 38. I have heard that atypical hperplasia leads to breast cancer. I currently have a mammogram every year. Should I have mammograms more often?
Avatar n tn I had a breast biopsy done in my physician's office 6 months ago. He removed a tiny small non cancerous tumor and a placed a titanium marker in my breast for future mammmograms. The problem is the site where the needle was injected into my breast has developed a small hard red cyst like pimple on my skin and it has not gone away. I tried to squeeze it and that was not the correct thing to do as it swelled and became even more red.
Avatar f tn I fininished breast feeding mid August 2007 and founf a lump in my breast. It was very hard and close to the nipple. I had a surgical biopsy done on a few days ago and here are my results. Sections reveal breast tissue showing fibrocystic changes with focal mild intraductal hyperplasia, duct ectasia, and marked stromal fibrosis.Scattered infiltrates of uniform well-differentiated lymphoid cells are present surrounding ducts and within the stroma.There are rare multinucleate giant cells.
Avatar n tn I know that there is 4 typys of Biopsy, 1 Fine Needle, 2 Core Biopsy, 3 Incisional Biopsy and 4 Excisional Biopsy. I have a lump on my left breast and our family dr tried the Fine needle but could not drain the lump. He sent me to a surgeon to do a Excisional Biopsy which will be done Monday. My question is this normal? Could they wait till the results came back from the Fine needle Biopsy before the Excisional Biopsy was done? This has all happen with in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn If there's a hardness or stiffness at the biopsy site, what you feel as a lump might be scar tissue build up... but, I don't remember my scar tissue hurting after I had my 2 breast biopsies. Sensitive... yes; but not something that I would describe as painful. Go ahead and have your doctor check it out.
Avatar f tn However they attempted to drain my lump on my left breast and no result. They have took a biopsy as they do not know what it is. The Consultant said it could be a benin lump. However they could not be sure and the biopsy will let us know if it is cancerous. I do not get the results for another week. Does anyone have any reasuring info.
Avatar n tn July 1st of this year I found a lump in my left breast. I had a mamo and US on the 6th and was referred to a surgeon. On the 13th I had an appt with the surgeon and she said it was nothing to worry about and that if it is still there in three months to come back for a biopsy. Ok so now is is July 31st and the thing is twice as big and still she says wait 3 months!!!!! I am worried and wondering if I am overreacting? My gut is telling that I need this boipsy.
Avatar m tn Hi, According to the Radiologist,the lump in your left breast is possibly a complex Fibroadenoma.I don't think you should worry,because the findings do not indicate breast cancer. Your biopsy report states that some cells are mildly"Atypical" meaning that they look a little abnormal.But this condition can be found also in benign lesion.
Avatar n tn Also, during the follow up ultrasound, another lump was discovered in my left breast. Surgery is recommended for both breasts to remove the lumps. Because atypical cells are present in the right breast, it is assumed that they could or will be present in the left breast, and a needle biopsy is not recommended. How often does a wire localization miss? Should I request a core needle biopsy on the left breast before submitting to surgery?
Avatar n tn Am scheduled for a needle guided biopsy of two lumps in left breast on April 2nd. Am scared to death. Have waited so long (found the lump in May 2006) to get this out of me and find out exactly what I'm dealing with. It's really hard not knowing, but finding out I actually have cancer scares the daylights out of me. My dad had a cancerous tumor removed, had chemo and radiation, got sick and never got better. I have always said I wouldn't want chemo/radiation--just makes you sick.
Avatar f tn The further test on Ultra sound and physical examination did not show any lump or mass in the breast. But the senior doctor recommended for needle loclised biopsy. They removed the entire calcified area in cesational biopsy and sent to lab for examination. The results are still awaited.
Avatar n tn During my anual exam, a lump was found in my breast. My PA sent me in for a mamogram, and a ultrasound. After the mamogram was completed I was sent to a second waiting room to wait while a Physician viewed it. After he ordered an additional shot he came back for a conversation, letting me know I would not be needing the previously planned ultrasound and I was to set up an appointment for a biopsy. This preplexed me. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on that situation.
Avatar f tn As long as the doctor is sure it is a fibroadenoma, there is no need to remove the lump. In 50% of the cases fibroadenomas will go away on their own within 5 years. In others, the life of a fibroadenoma is about 15 years. In teenagers - the tendency is not to remove fibroadenomas. In middle age women, the tendency is to remove the fibroadenomas to be sure they are, in fact, fibroadenomas.
1829895 tn?1318013126 i had a biopsy in the right breast, in the letter it states clinically it was a lipoma but she had ultrasound guided core biopsy which has now shown the lump to be a fibroadenoma b2, does this mean they wasnt sure as to wat it was the letter confuses me
Avatar f tn got results of radiostatic(?) result benign, however, radiologist wants me to see surgeon as she thinks she may have missed target....I feel somewhat lucky that tissue taken out was benign....just have to be sure This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/breast-biopsy-question/show/262003">breast biopsy question</a>.
Avatar f tn 6cm in length and 0.2 in diameter. Was told it was a Fibroadenoma,and need to follw up in 6 months with an ultrasound and mammogram for the right breast...can this turn out to be cancerous at any time?
2002676 tn?1327791932 Hi, Kellie, I'd just like to reassure you also that most biopsy results (actually about 80%) end up benign, so please try to remain positive. In your case it sounds like your doctor is pretty sure that it's benign, but "pretty sure" isn't good enough when it comes to breast cancer and only a biopsy can tell for sure. Even if it's not benign, when found early (and your lump is very small) it's highly treatable with a good chance for no evidence of disease down the road.
Avatar n tn During my anual exam, a lump was found in my breast. My PA sent me in for a mamogram, and a ultrasound. After the mamogram was completed I was sent to a second waiting room to wait while a Physician viewed it. After he ordered an additional shot he came back for a conversation, letting me know I would not be needing the previously planned ultrasound and I was to set up an appointment for a biopsy. This preplexed me. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on that situation.
Avatar f tn This is probably a lingering hematoma but am curious - I had a stereotactic breast biopsy in late May and developed a hematoma which appeared to go away but now I have a lump in the same area. It's been over 3 months, so I would have expected it would have gone away by now but my doctor felt it as well and I have to go back to a specialist in a couple of weeks. Any ideas/similar experiences?
Avatar f tn Since you only had a biopsy, the Fibroadenoma would certainly still be there .... they don't just go away and they do increase in size or they can also reduce in size. You may well have had a hematoma but that doesn't mean that the original finding wasn't present. There would be no danger in having another biopsy .... a hematoma over time if not resolved can become more solid than liquid. There is also the possibility that even another Fibroadenoma has formed.
Avatar n tn It may help to know that the left side mammo I was told to come back in 6 months but my gut told me to pursue the biopsy and I was diagnosed with cancer. Please some thoughts Should I be concerned? Waiting 6 months is that safe?
Avatar n tn You might benefit from a discussion with your surgeon as to the reason he/she did the biopsy in your case. If the lump is benign and is not bothering you, it may not be necessary to remove it.
Avatar n tn Hi I am speaking in regards of my mom. She also has lump in her breast the she nor the dr can feel, but yet it showed up on the ultrasound and mammogram. They now want to do a biopsy. What stage was your cancer and is it a good sign that my mom's is not yet palpable?
Avatar n tn The ultrasound didn't show anything. My question is with the location of the lump, what kind of biopsy should I expect?
Avatar n tn I discovered a lump about 1/2 " in left breast. They will do a needle aspiration to see if it's cancer since the ultrasound showed it was not a cyst. I will know next week what the results are. I had a biopsy 15 years ago and a scare 8 years ago. I have lumpy fiberous size C breasts. Whether this comes back positive or negative, I seriously want them removed. I am not attached to them and I really fear cancer.