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Avatar m tn My wife has a lump in her breast that is very sore when you move against it. This she noticed after I new son came. He is only three weeks old now. She is not breastfeeding at all. What could this be? At first she used to have high temperature but now it seems to be better but the sore lump is still there.
Avatar m tn The blue vein in you left breast could be due to hormonal fluctuation but you really need to have this lump in your breast further investigated okay? All the best..
Avatar f tn i have a lump in my right breast which is sore and hard to touch been to doctors and have to go back what can it be
Avatar f tn The only way to best describe it is, Stinging, Painful to touch. Like when I wanted to dry up my milk after having my son. This lump is mass like and is almost the size of my breast. I am a B cup. My maternal Grandmother died of Breast Cancer at 44yrs.old, Maternal Great Aunt died about 50 Breast cancer and Mother has fibrocistic disease. Should I worry?
Avatar n tn I don't see much relation between the breast and the pain in your shoulder ... the lumps in your axilla may be due to enlarged lymph nodes and that could be an indication of an infection somewhere in the body or even within the breast. Feeling tired doesn't seem to be related to any of the symptoms you mention. It's always best to see your Dr. when you have anything that is new or different related to the breast.
Avatar n tn The day before my period started for the month, I woke up and found a lump, right under my nipple on my right breast. It is so sore, I can hardly bear to touch it. I don't have a history of any breast cancer in my family, but I do have a family history full of the fibroids in the breast. I have always had knots and bumps, but never like this before, it is very prominent, and very painful. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn The day before my period started for the month, I woke up and found a lump, right under my nipple on my right breast. It is so sore, I can hardly bear to touch it. I don't have a history of any breast cancer in my family, but I do have a family history full of the fibroids in the breast. I have always had knots and bumps, but never like this before, it is very prominent, and very painful. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Generally a well defined breast lump, slightly sore to touch is due to fibroadenoma. A mammography will be done. If this is negative and if the lump is causing pain, it will be removed. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn However if the lump is a Fibroadenoma ( solid ) and seems to have enlarged, you could certainly ask your doctor to have it biopsied,to make sure that it's a fibroadenoma. In my opinion a solid lump in the breast has to be further evaluated. Take care...
Avatar n tn You don't mess with a lump in your breast! don't know if you have read Lee Child's books, but he has a character called Jack Reacher, an ex Army military policeman, and his favourite phrase was: "You don't mess with the Special services", and I believe you don't mess around with lumps in your breast You need to get it properly diagnosed, just for peace of mind. If it is a problem you can then go on to address it and get appropriate treatment. Take care - and go see a doctor!
Avatar f tn Waiting and worrying about it won't make it any better, but taking action will. Any lump or change in the breast needs to be evaluated, so please get it checked out, OK?
Avatar n tn Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful. The problem is, there is no visual evidence of it. I went to the doctor and felt as though he was insinuating that I was making up the symptoms because he could not see anything. Very, very frustrating.
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my left breast above the nipple closer to my arm pit, and sore down my side was sore today I touch it and it hurts not oh my god hurts but its sore my daughter lays her head on e and it hurts I don't feel a lump. I am 34 I just finished my menstrual cycle but have never had this feeling before what can it be from? should I be worried? its not red or swollen either.
Avatar n tn It was sore for a few days and now is red around the edges. It is sore to the touch on the lump only. Do you think this is a cyst or what. They run in our family. No history of breast cancer anywhere. Thankyou.
974983 tn?1248164638 I suspect it might be a cyst that can come and go in relation to the hormone level in your body. Often these cysts to appear and then go away in relation to your menstrual cycle. I do think it would be a good idea to have it ck.d out by your Dr. though. I would try to see the Dr. when the lump is at it's largest or most painful. It is always advisable to have anything concerning the breast seen by a Dr. just to be sure. Take care.....
Avatar n tn My wife is breastfeeding and has a (sore)lump in her breast (close to the aereola)that will not go away. After pumping or breastfeeding she has a tingling/burning sensation that lasts 30-45 minutes. She has tried heat/ice massage, hot water baths, epsom salt bath, ultrasound, lecithin, etc.. and nothing is making it go away. We have tried to contact lactation dept. at the hospital, ob/gyn, and other health professionals and no one seems worried.
Avatar m tn Most of what is there is muscle (I don't have man boobs). Last week i noticed a sore lump right next to my right nipple. It is firm and about the size of a small bean but has grown to the size of a lima bean. It is sore when i first touch it but after a few seconds of massaging it the pain goes away. Any ideas? I do have an appointment for a physical in a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn It isn't sore to touch but maybe slightly achey. There is slight redness around the area and the lump I think is moveable. I did have a hard fall to my left side 2 days before I noticed it. It has gone down slightly today. I was thinking it is a haematoma? Although my mother has a history of cysts and breast cancer. I'm 30 years old and never had any breast lumps before. I just got my period yesterday too.
Avatar n tn I am having pain on my right breast. It is hard to describe but it hurts to touch a patch of skin lightly.? It does not hurt to press on the spot but only if I rub it or touch it lightly. It comes and goes daily and the area is about the size of a nickel. I do not feel any sort of lump and there is not visible signs on my skin. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. It is on the right breast on the top right where my clevage starts. I am 29.
Avatar n tn Im 18 years old and over a year ago i found a lump about the size of a grape in my right breast, at first it was really painful and sore to touch, i had the worst underarm burning pain and when i went to the doctor she said there was nothing there... and it was probably just anxiety. My mom said she had one when she was my age and that it was just a cyst and nothing to be worried about.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my left breast that is extremely painful, especially to the touch. It is visible and red. There is no break in the skin, so I doubt that it is an insect bite. I know that cancerous lumps are for the most part are not painful. I have been taking advil for 2 days hoping that would aleviate the pain, but it has not helped. Should I be concerned with this lump?
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my right breast behind my nipple. I had a mammogram and ultrasound done that was listed as a 4. The radiologist said it was very suspicious looking. I had a needle biopsy done it was negative. I have taken two rounds of antibotics. This all happened about 3 months ago. The surgeon wanted to remove it, but I have no insurance coverage.
Avatar n tn This morning i woke up to the bottom part of my right breast being really sore and it is numb to the touch, i can not tell if there is a lump or not, but there is a red rash-looking thing right next to it.. can anybody please tell me if they have any idea whats going on?
Avatar m tn Hi I ve had a lump under my right nipple for about a year i went to the hospital to get medical advice and the doctor told me that it was prolly nothing and that it was prolly just a hormone imbalance, but i am not convinced of that because it actually its very sore to touch and causes me pain all day at work every since a year ago and it leaks a clear fluid that doesnt look like normal breast milk that would be produced if i did have a hormonal imbalance i also leak fluid (slightly through the
Avatar n tn if they feel that there is reason to look further after the mamagram they will probably want a ultrasound, which it is painless an easy, a little messy because they put this gel type goop on your breast to be able to slide the hand held tool over your tissue.
Avatar f tn The pain is pretty constant almost a throbbing pain and very sore to touch. I am calling my doctor tomorrow.......I am beside myself with worry! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Painful Breast Mass - Burning - Birads Category IV</a>.
1271365 tn?1306763979 I am not touching or messing with the breast it hurts to much to even touch it. But the lumps are hard pea sized lumps so if they do have to remove it i am worried about the scaring as well. But i will wait and be patient and not get scared but it is so hard not to think about it but i am. But who knows it could be nothing i might be worried over nothing but again maybe not. But as for me not to worry i am trying not to.