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Avatar f tn Have been having severe neck pain now I have a lump behind my ear on my cartridge which has been hurting for about 4 weeks, now pain is in my shoulder. Has anybody experienced same symptoms? Don't know if I should go to er?
Avatar m tn I find it hard to think. When I think or read my head hurts and pressure above palet behind nose and discomfort in the throat. It feels like I'm having slurred thought. I also get tension headaches now and then. I had nasal sprays twice, this time was the Avamys, but it's nearly finish and and doesn't work. Was told by doctor I have a lot of fluid in my ears. Would it harm to try nasal irrigation? I find if my nose blocks up my anxiety gets worse.
Avatar n tn Either accompanied with radiating pain on the right or straight through to my forehead. Last week I noticed a lump behind my right ear (like a pea cut in half on the lower part of the skull behind the ear). Doc says it is a cyst - hard as bone and painless. Last night I was massaging my neck and noticed another lump where the spine meets the skull (egg sized and shaped - soft) but when I pressed on it to determine if it is soft or hard I set off a headache that won't stop.
Avatar n tn He has been complaining of headaches for about a month with stabbing pain for the last 2 wks in the back of his head behind left ear. Pain comes and goes. Head feels sore to the touch on left side. Has a lump on back of neck about 2 inches in length and 1/2 inch wide. What do you think is causing his pain? Deb This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296018'>Sharp pains in back of head</a>.
Avatar f tn I have seen a neurologist who basically laughed in my face and said you haven't had a stroke yet, nothing's wrong with you neurologically. I saw a spine doctor who said my spine had no problems, it wasn't misaligned, and they could tell why I might be dizzy all the time.
Avatar n tn It feels like gas and then I start burping and that seems to help but it's not enough, the pain keeps radiating lower into the front of my abdomen and then upward in the pit of my stomach below the breatbone, it burns, and then moves upward behind the breastbone. Then it gets behind my right shoulder blade and hurts all over my back again and it feels like I've been hit with a baseball bat. It feels bruised and achy. This morning's attack was the worst so far.
Avatar n tn I would be anything from schoolwork, to internet browsing, to watching tv, to eating, to even just laying down in the dark and I would get these intense sharp pains on the back of my head behind my right ear. This pain only occurs in this location and it comes and goes. At first the pains were simply a nuesance as they would come and go and weren't that bad, but lately they're getting worse causing me to stop what I'm doing until they go away.
Avatar m tn This was aleviated by vigorously rubbing my muscles(mostly near the spine) against the 90 degree edge of a pillar in my home. My back FELT better but i was still slumping at my computer too much. With an Xray my doc said the only thing wrong with my neck is a muscle spasm on the left side. I got some free anti-inflammatories but they were only temporary. The spasm the doc saw could have been there for a year or more since its rock solid.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 20 year old female. I've had a quarter-sized soft lump on my head behind my right ear for a couple of years now. I mentioned it to my doctor last year, and she said that it was nothing to worry about. I believe that she said it was a collection of white blood cells, but I could be completely wrong. Anyways, for the past few months, every several weeks the lump gets rock hard and tender, and the area around it gets tender as well.
Avatar n tn the hard lump on the bottom of occipital could be due to swollen lymph nodes behind the ear and head due to different infections like scalp infection, allergies and cough / cold. Check for anemia, endocrinopathies, electrolyte abnormalities and dehydration, micronutrient deficiencies etc could cause dizziness, headaches, and achy legs. Consult a physician for detailed examination and relevant intervention. MRI brain should also be done to check for any tumors in the brain.
Avatar n tn What causes sharp shooting pain at the base of skull about an inch behind the left ear? It hits intermittently and travels up.
Avatar m tn but this pain has always been on just one spot on my back - exactly underneath (i can't explain better) where this lump is. The lump itself does not hurt. It feels pretty hard, but I can move it (not much, but I can). When I move it it feels weird, like moving a muscle. Lately I've had this weird pain (not exactly pain but..a feeling of tighteness) on my right upper back (mostly when I breathe in deeply).
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Avatar n tn I have a pea sized lump behind my right ear for a few months. It's starting to grow bigger. It hurts when I touch it. But mostly hurts after I shower, I feel like my head and ears are plugged with water. I get sore thoats off and on and sometimes runny nose like having a cold but it comes and goes. At night when I lie on my side I feel like theres fluid draining from my ear. Sometimes I feel my ear is plugged. Sometimes my left ear feels sore, and plugged but I have no lump on that ear.
210459 tn?1197085792 I have had a lump in my neck for 7 years. I have buried my head about it till now afraid of what it may be. The lump is non painfull and about the size of a marble. It is slightly visible and protrudes maybe a tenth of an inch from neck. it has grown very slightly in the seven years. The lump is hard and mobile under skin. it feels like its attached to the skin underneath. the skin over it is normal colored. it is located directly in the middle front of neck just beneath my adams apple.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Avatar n tn It was very stiff and could barely move my neck. I then noticed a hard acorn sized lump in the right side of my neck that is located just behind the corner of my jaw and . My neck hurt for that day and the next couple of days. The pain went away then i noticed pain in the right side of my back and even in my right pectorial. i also notised a strange pulsing feeling that shot down the front of my neck to the chest. After this swelling cotinued in the back of my back and got worse.
Avatar n tn I have found a small painful lump at the base of my skull on the lower right side--just above the hair line on that bone right behind the ear---seemed to come up yesterday----no lesion or break in the skin or redness--just painful and slightly squishy--I have an appointment with dermatologist in about 2 weeks---does this seem like a dermatologist issue?
Avatar f tn Is there anyone that has had the surgery that developed a lump on the incision site? It's a pretty massive lump- so much so that when people come to visit- they look at my head and say, Whoa what is that lump??? Seriously- it looks like a growth! I went Monday and had the staples removed and asked the nurse about the lump. She said it was fine- not oozing, not infected, etc. She said it was just swollen.
Avatar m tn Short Question: can anxiety cause muscle twitching? Weakness? Difficulty walking? Anyone here with Benign Fasiculation Syndrome? I've been experiencing a lot of different symptoms for the past few months. Doctors haven't been overly helpful. Consulting Dr.
Avatar n tn After I had finished reading the other post, I decided that I had held this long enough, when I took the cloth from the lump I noticed that there was a lot of brown puss coming from the lump. I am so glad that I found this site and that you all have had the same problem, being that I don't have any insurance I haven't been to the doctor for this. Now I am wondering how long it will be before the lump is completely gone since the puss has begun. Please help me.
1146080 tn?1261456820 All those things cause pain, pressure, or a wierd sensations to the left side of my head. I couldn't exactly pinpoint the area, just somewhere behind my ear. My husband tried massaging the area but it wasn't quite hitting the spot. It started hurting last night a tad more than it had been so I began pressing gently but firmly around the area and i found the source of the pain. there is an odd shaped rock hard lump between the cartilage in my ear and my skull.
Avatar n tn I have a hard lump on the back of my neck, right side spine area, not that big non-painful. I can feel it when I press on it, it doesn't move. I also have a very mild headache/sinus pressure behind my forehead and right eye. I went to the dr. and they asked if I had any other symptoms and I said no (which I don't) she felt my neck and wasn't sure, she said it felt like a swollen lymph node, all my other lymph nodes were fine. She asked me if I hit my head or cut myself etc. and I hadn't.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I went to scratch the outer underside of my R breast, and immediately felt like I had an extremely painful burn or scrape I went to look in the mirror, and was horrified when I saw I had a purplish-blue "bite" like mark in the center of a lump.
Avatar m tn I went in for an MRI and it shows a white lump on the back of my neck behind my spine. Wondering if anyone knows what this could be? [URL=][IMG]
Avatar n tn When I was born I was born with a lump at the base of my spine area on my back. They rushed me away as they believed I had spina bifada, it turned out it was just a lump. I was believed I was meant to have been a twin and the lump was a part of that baby. They cut it away I have been left with a scar ever since. As I have gotten older the scar has become bigger and more ugly. It is also extremely painful to do too many sit ups in the gym or if I sit in an old fashioned chair (i.e.
Avatar n tn Male/late 20s. Last week I had an x-ray of my c-spine done because of constant neck pain from an old whiplash injury. The spine looked normal, but there was a large calcification right behind where my thyroid/thyroid cartilage is. The height looks to be about 2 vertebrae. The doc didn't know if this was normal or not so he's sending me for an MRI.
Avatar n tn I cannot see anything in this area with a mirror and light that looks abnormal, however, if I stick my finger to the back of my pharnyx in this area, I feel I would describe as a bony area, like a piece of my spine bulging behind the throat membraine perhaps. I thought about adenoids but I think that is further up towards the nose. Is this normal to have this "bump" in this area? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
Avatar n tn The doctors said it could be that her spine had a lump on it and the lump is touching the nerves. So they operated - this has made no difference. When she was put under aesthetic she actually stopped breathing and they bought her back and postponed the Op, they said it was caused by blood thinning tabliets she was taking. An month later she had the Op.