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Avatar m tn Our 4-year-old son has had a lump, about 1 cm in size that developed on his right big toe, at the top of the joint just behind the nail. We can't be sure if it developed quickly or grew slowly so as to not be obvious; one day we just noticed it. It seems to have grown a little bit in the month since it was first identified. The bump is beneath the skin and somewhat firm, but causes him no pain.
Avatar n tn I didn't notice anything and then one day I had a big, dime sized, lump under the skin. I noticed a few hairs caught so I pulled them out and made the mistake of squeezing the area. The next day it was almost double in size. Today is five days later. I went to the doc two days ago and got antibiotics (4X a day for 7 days) but two days in, not much progress. The lump is the same size, about 3/4 as long as my thumb, red and very sore (I think from the squeezing).
Avatar n tn Hi My brother has a lump/tumour on the bottom of his foot behind the large toe knuckle on the inside of the foot, I've looked this up and found something about plantar fibromatosis and it pretty much seems to be that (his is about 4cm x 3cm) What I would like to know is is it a problem he should bother going to get checked out?
Avatar n tn Second problem I have is my big toe nails are a green color and have been that way for awhile after I had them broke and now I have constant problems of new nails growing over old nails.
Avatar n tn My Schip has one behind her head a little to her left and it's as big as a handful, I can wrap my hand around it.I am tempted to pull it off, But I know that is impossible, She doesn't mind me touching it, but today it's a little smaller. I noticed it a few months ago, then it went away...nearly. Then it's back? I been looking for similar stories and am suprised how many "Lumpy" dogs are out there.She is old. VERY OLD. But happy. Have you ever drained one?
Avatar m tn Finally, after a while, I realized that the nail was actually not attached to the nail bed, so I cut about 2/3 of the toenail on one toe and 1/3 of the toenail on the other big toe off. Under one of the toes, it was evident that the purple spot was a dried blood clot. I continued with anti-fungal home treatments, until the nails grew back (about 7 months). Within 2 months, the left big toe had a spot again.
Avatar n tn 2006 - MAY - Bad Pain in top part of left big toe develops suddenly overnight; 2 wks later cannot move it; pain is severe when moved upwards – sends pain up left calf (back of knee area). As of January 2007, toe in same condition. - Left foot weakness develops. - Sharp shooting pains start up injured area (back of left leg: very top of calf/knee area). - NO MRI of this area provided for toe area to present date.
Avatar f tn I have had floaters since I was about 18 and the diagnosis has always been PVD, but this flashing was new starting last year. A few months ago, I had really bad neck pain on the left, along with a lump behind my ear and had an Xray, which of course was negative. My PCP said it was muscle strain and gave me Flexeril and Iburofen. The pain went away, lump is still there, but of course nothing was on the Xray so the doctor dismissed it as a lymph node.
Avatar f tn My foot feels very cold or wet at times and I am not able to bend my big toe forward. I will try to concentrate very hard as this sensation in my left foot has made it difficult to put on socks and boots. The newest symptoms that I am most concerned about happened yesterday. I had the worst pain in my left eye I have ever felt. I was rocking on the couch and holding my eye. My poor family didn't know what to do. I felt like I might be having a stroke.
Avatar n tn But I don't want to sound obtuse to someone who has FAR more medical experience than I do in my little toe! Her Lump is still there and when she looks up you can see it protruding out. They have thrown into conversation the possibility of a CT scan, no mention of a PET scan. I think they are just waiting to see what the results of the bloods are and the xray. Not sure how long the blood tests take for the results to come back, but he said he would call if he had to.
500238 tn?1255134814 Acute burning sensation in stomach, adrenaline rush, relaxation, then feeling of fear, and temp muscle weakness. May - Appetite a bit better, then gout or pseudogout w/heat begins in right big toe & footpad; continues off and on. Gout, GERD, fatigue, dark circles under eyes seem to occur together. Gout worsens when active. Few petechiae on my upper arms & multiple cherry angiomas appear.
436713 tn?1408888330 The ball of my foot (on the big toe side) feels bruised to the bone and painful to walk. When I bend my big toe back, it feels sprained. October 2013: Pain spread to now being in my left foot too. I thought maybe I had a stress fracture due to lifestyle. Got an x-ray. One week later I woke up with horrible knee pain and was losing my hair (thinning- lost about 1/4th total hair. Never bald patches). It was like the pain in my feet started traveling throughout my body.
435658 tn?1257809381 Your post reminded me how much I miss when my kids were little and they would come running out of school with their hands behind their back and those huge toothless grins.They would be just bursting with pride about the mothers day card and the gift that they made you in art class.We wouldn't make it to the car before they had to give it to me and everytime I'de be standing in the parking lot crying like a baby.Those were the best mothers day gifts ever.
Avatar f tn I recently had a lumbar and pelvic mri to check for a possible lipoma on my lower left back ,along the hips just above the buttocks, which has been causing pain and inflammation only on my left side of my body from the neck,arm,back,hip,leg to the left big toe. Mri results were discussed today and although they couldnt see the lipoma on the mri but even the doc has felt it, i was found to have a 4cm cyst.
Avatar f tn - Numbness in left leg/foot/big toe area which I had until I started treatment. That has cleared up too. - A funny sensation under my left eye of tingling or something. Not sure how to describe it, but this is still with me on and off. Today I actually felt it this morning. Anyhow, I hope this helps. I've had many more symptoms, but these are all I can think of at the moment. I'm trying to remember you, because I thought you had already tested positive for Lyme...?
Avatar n tn About a month ago my fourth episode began and continues today. This time it's along the outside of my right big toe and occurs when I extend my foot downward and point my toes, such as when putting on a pair of pants. Like the last episode, the numbness is not subsiding after a pain attack. Overall the pain is short-lived when I forget myself and accidentally induce it.
Avatar n tn my husband left foot is swollen and red mostly the top of his foot and his big toe the swollen area is sore and tender everyone thinks he was bitten by something but there is no bite marks nothing my aunt mentioned that it may be gout but i just wanted to know if anyone else may have any suggestions if he is doing any better by tomarrow i am going to take him to the hospital and he can see his family Dr.
451677 tn?1205660771 t work but then he did only put 4 needles in - one on the top of each foot between big toe and next one in and one one each hand in the 'pad' between the thumb and index finger - known as the 4 gateways. He'd only done 6 months accupuncture training and I personally know that trained accupuncturists do about 3 years and I don't think he used the right tsubo points anyway), Anyway - I still get slightly puffy ankles - no-one knows why.
1303813 tn?1303162962 In my experience, when Elijah was breech I didn't feel a lot at the top of my stomach, only in the right side (his back was on my left side and arms shoving on the right). I could feel his head cause there was a big round spot. This time around, I feel her feet and a lot of movement on the top of my stomach. There's not one specific place that there's just a big round lump...
Avatar n tn The pain shoots up thru the heel, thru the achilles area behind the ankle, up the back of the calf, and behind the knee. Sometimes also behind the thigh and the groin area too. Unbelievable, the situation I'm in here. And the podiatrist had the nerve to tell me, I'm sorry, the MRI came back normal!.Aaarrghh!
Avatar f tn I didn't really look into reconstruction to much in the beginning. And is it possible for a lump to grow behind an implant? and if so, how do they find it since you wouldn't ba able to feel behind? I am making myself crazy with all of these questions..........aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh! I guess I should stop thinking so much!
Avatar n tn   As of yesterday or this weekend I now experience some noticeable stiffness in two of my toes next to big toe.  Today I do not fee this.  I get darting prickle pains in my head and other places in my body.  Now I experience muscle pains.  I go walking on my lunch hour and sometimes my knee seems like it wants to give -- it happens to both legs.  Recently a muscle in my leg went through severe muscle spasm.  I actually watched it 'til it stopped - felt like an out-of-body experience.
Avatar f tn They sell it online or at any big department store like Macys or Nordstroms etc. It is about $20 for a big bottle. Put some onto a cotton ball and wipe your face and neck with it. This should help.
Avatar n tn I have giant (very loud) hiccups, maybe about 25-50 times a day. Usually it will be one very big one, then a burp right after. It's not normal hiccups where they happen one after another, it will be like one every hour for example. They are very loud- I scare people sometimes and the entire floor of my office can hear them. Some people will describe it sounding like a screeching dinosaur or a squeaky hole-puncher. When it happens, my entire chest blows up as if I someone is startling me.
Avatar n tn I have deep pain in my lumbar area, Hips, back of legs, front of thighs, sometimes in my ankles, sometimes in my big toe. The pain is back and forth from one side to the other and sometimes both sides at the same time. I am not stiff in the morning but have increasing pain as the day goes on. I have two yong children and can't live like this. It is affecting my quality of life and my childrens life. I stay at home thank goodness because it gives me an opprotunity to rest when I need to.
Avatar n tn I keep feeling the skin because I can't believe it oes not feel cold to the touch. Prior to this my big toe has occasionally felt numb. I'm amazed so many people experience the same thing.
Avatar n tn When the lump came back, everynight when she was sleeping with me I began massaging the lump. The lump reduced in size to a marble and is not showing through the skin. I have no idea whether this is just pure luck but I took her to the vet who was as surprised as I was as this is quite an aggressive cancer. She is very happy,eating well and not on a special diet other than a supplement of mouse or bird when she can catch one !!
1074733 tn?1256235219 One day I began having pain in my big toe that kept getting worse. It felt like it was on fire, or like a hot poker was being run through it. This was a new pain I had never felt before. I was determined to push through the pain, but it got the better of me after about 5 hours of increasing intensity and spreading up my foot. My husband took me to the ER. By the time I got there, it hurt to even touch it. The sheet on the bed hurt to even brush against it. The doctor thought it might be gout.
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