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Avatar n tn Yesterday i noticed that something was again at the opening of my urethral and when i checked there was a large white mark. It was slightly raised. Could this be a genital wart. Can they come and go in this way. Can there be only one wart? There is no pain, or discharge. Also is it likely to be connected to the rash on the other parts of my body. The rate from which it seemed to have gone to which it has returned has really panicked me.
Avatar n tn There is no change in the character of my urine. It's looks like the left side of the urethral opening has protruded out. Best analogy i can give is a fat lip. I hope that can help clear it up, if not I'll answer anymore question necessary.
519573 tn?1211964132 In the last 6 months of my pregnancy I had hyronephrosis and pyelonephritis. I then discovered a small lump at the opening of my urethra. I had this with my first pregnancy and it went away after delivery. This 1 has not and I am still getting urine infections. My urologist says the lump is a polyp and is taking me in to remove it. Will this stop the urine infections? What % of polyps are cancerous? I am really worried about this and need to know some facts.
Avatar m tn I have a small lump between my urethral opening and vagina, from the last 4-5 months and peeing was extremely painfull. I went to a urologist, and told him my symptoms that I have had recurrent UTIs for 3 years, painfull urination, n I have to push again and again hard to urinate( literally stop n start. stop n start) I had been taking antibiotics n recently they didnt work...
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, I very recently noticed a small flesh coloured / slightly white, wart / lump appear at the bottom of my urethral opening. My only recent intercourse prior to noticing this was over 6 months ago, a mistake at the time that was unprotected and only lasted a matter of 45 seconds before we stopped. The nature of the event, and duration of time following lead me to believe what I have is not a STD.
Avatar n tn Hi Regarding the lump, is this skin colored or is this a reddish lump? At this point ,if this lump appears to be skin colored, we have to consider genital warts. However for lumps and bumps within the urethra ,direct visualization of the urethral lining may be necessary. A biopsy may be done to ascertain the cause of this lump.
Avatar f tn If it is from urethra then it can be HPV warts, benign growths of urethra like urethral polyps or a urethral caruncle. Urethral caruncles are polypoid (or stalk-like) masses, hanging from one area of the urethral opening. You need to get it examined from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn My guess is that your horse did not "drop down". When the horse does not "drop down" (like he does when he has to urinate), then the penis stays inside the sheath, and probably your horse pulled it back in further in while you were working on him. For a horse that won't naturally "drop down" when you clean him, sedation with a sepcific sedative by a licensed veterinarian would allow the penis to drop, and you can get at both the penis and the sheath easily.
Avatar m tn I dont think my urine and sperm quantity has decreased, and unlike most prostate patients, i dont experience the frequent need to urinate nor blood in my urine/semen. Sometimes i will experience sensitivity and very short stinging pain at the opening of the urethera that will come right after ejaculation AND urination (as if there is something that gets stuck in the tip of my penis when i pee).
Avatar m tn about two weeks ago i noticed a bump on the tip of the head of my penis on the left side of my urethral opening. the bump feels hard, it is skin colored. the bump is painless. the bump cant be seen when im flacid but it can be felt. when i am erect you can see the bump and feel it better. the bump looks similar to a pimple but no whitehead on it. other than a bump there iss nothing irregular about it. it doesnot have a cauliflower like apperance so i know its not a wart. its smooth.
Avatar f tn a swollen urethra which is the padding that sits just inside your vaginal opening at the top in front of your g spot - if that is tender then look at healing that - go to a naturopath - skip the GP's anything they give you will aggrevate the issue.
Avatar n tn Trying to clean with soap inside your urethral opening does far more hard than good too - don't do that again in the future!! this was mostly protected sex and not really a risk. in the future, when your pants are off, a condom should be on. unprotected oral is low risk but not low risk and should be avoided when it's not a regular partner. whatever is going on in your armpit and upper body are not related to this encounter. follow up on symptoms with your provider.
Avatar f tn urinating a while back and he showed me the head of his penis that was red and irritated around the urethral opening. It raised a flag for me but he said it was nothing, it happend from time to time and it would go away. That combined with him not wanting to have sex the last few months raises a flag. I asked him to go with me to take STD tests and I offered to take them with him but he is refusing citing that he is offended.
Avatar m tn No, this does no change my assessment. 6) Is Oraquick Oral test results valid at 9 week mark? yes, these are highly reliable at 9 weeks. I hope my comments are helpful.
Avatar f tn 2) If i had a rash or a cut on my penis (not bleeding cut) then what will be the risk of HIV? 3) Is it possibe for a virus to enter through my penis tip/opening? As a lost eraction couple of times i accidently touched my penis tip with those 2 fingures. 4) As this encounter happened in a car i didnt wash my penis, will it change anything? 5) After how many days i should test myself as 10 days post exposure test was useless?? 6) Can i get any other STD??
Avatar f tn In 1998 I needed a urethral catheter due to other urological problems that I had (still have). At some time the foreskin must have gotten retracted and as I woke up in the morning I noticed that the foreskin was badly swolen, and I could not return it to the natural position. When I consulted with our doctor at the time (a lady), she right away mentioned circumcision.
Avatar f tn urinating a while back and he showed me the head of his penis that was red and irritated around the urethral opening. It raised a flag for me but he said it was nothing, it happend from time to time and it would go away. That combined with him not wanting to have sex the last few months raises a flag. I asked him to go with me to take STD tests and I offered to take them with him but he is refusing citing that he is offended.
Avatar m tn prostate was sligthly inflamed put me on cipro again for bacterial prostasis he said... the urethral discomfort at penis opening went away, itching decreased but..armpits still feel sore and my malaise has been less present though, before it would last for about 5 or 6 hours i would say, now only for 1 or 2 hours. at 16 weeks past the 3 month period took an hiv rapid test blood drawn from vein came back negative..
Avatar m tn After 5 weeks, my testicular pain and urethral burning has gone away but now I have developed severe white tongue issues, rashes/scratch marks in the arms, muscle pain and fatigue, lump in the throat, enlarged circumvallate papillae and i get bruised easily. I have the following question for the respected experts and I am hoping for some insight: 1) Is HIV a possibility? 2) Are the conditions I am experiencing maybe possible symptoms of HIV?
Avatar n tn To further add these small bumps are on the underside of my penis where the penis head forms a triangle and goes up into the urethral opening. I just examined myself again and noticed there are very small bumps on the other side of the triangle as well. I pushed on these lumps as well and there was no pain.
Avatar m tn shinny around the opening and a little raised including the Y piece at the back of the opening. Any suggestions of any thing else it could be that could cause this. Oo i forget to say it feels fine sometimes and then burning shooting pain mildish but can be after a wee and last for 20mins or more. or if i need a wee it seems to flare up, so wondering if there is anything further down (doc says the prostrate is not enlarged). I didnt know so much could go wrong down there.
Avatar m tn As long as the head of the penis and urethral opening are covered, protection against HIV is complete. 2) ARS doesn't generally cause nasal congestion, runny nose, or cough. You caught a cold, nothing more. 3) ARS symptoms typically start 10-20 days after exposure, maybe rarely as soon as 7-8 days. 4) Your girlfriend's symptoms do not suggest HIV.
Avatar m tn When the second stage of the surgery was performed, they hooked everything back up, like normal, and rolled the repaired urethral areas around a catheter, and stitched everything back together. Since I had a stricture at the meatus, that is the only area where I still have any issues. The exit point is underneath the head of the penis. During the recovery time, I had a couple stitches pull out in this area, so my exit point is about an inch back from the tip of the penis.
568812 tn?1379169394 Bactrim is the cheapest, and should be taken at 800/160 bid for at least 2 weeks, at which point you might try reducing the dose to qd qhs, then halve the dose (400/80) qhs. It sometimes helps to add metronidazole 500 mg bid with the bactrim. Reduce it along with the bactrim. If the sx return, increase the dosage. If you must, increase the dosage of bactrim ds to tid for the first 10 days, then taper to bid another 10 d then qd for 10 d.
1408746 tn?1283678948 Everything I had read stated that only woman who have had multiple pregnancies develop this syndrome. After a failed IVF, and a couple attempts at chlomid, and folistm, I was still childless. My doctor then proceeded to give me the Pelvic Congestion Diagnosis and sent me away telling me to keep trying. I was so very unsatisfied, so I did my own research. I found Nutcracker Syndrome and was convinced that I had it.
Avatar n tn My urologist says that i just have to urinate more often.
Avatar n tn Another very odd symptom I noticed over the last couple of weeks (to add to the basket of symptoms). My urethral opening sometimes swells shut, to the point where in order to look into it I must squeeze the base of the glans to open it. Then, when I look at the opening, it has what looks like grooves in the side of the opening that appear to start at the tip of my urethra and go back into the penis, paralell to my shaft.
Avatar n tn I've just begun to have these symptoms 1 week ago. The itching is only at night though... it begins at around 8pm every night, and there is little to no itching in the day. I have also had yeast infections before and this is definitely not one. I am also in a monogamous relationship so STD's are out of the question. I haven't called my doctor yet but I have been using hydrocortisone cream and it is a God send. It really helps me move on and be productive and sleep and such.
Avatar n tn Do you have any history of head injury or in fact testicular problems (varicoceles, hernias, mumps,infection, a hard kick, etc)? I recommend Vit E in capsule form at 800iu daily. Zinc at 30mg.