Lump at incision

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Avatar n tn It could be scar tissue, but if it formed quickly, it might be a small bleed under the skin. Best choice -- call the doctor who did the procedure.
Avatar n tn Call your doctor's office. You should report any pain or redness at the incision site. They should check you a week after major surgery anyway. Don't hesitate to call them. It could be a serious complication. Good luck.
4356842 tn?1353315809 Hi, I think it's normal I noticed a knot or lump at my incision site as well it and any bruising will eventually go away. I just relaxed a lot and geeked out playing Skyrim , ME3 and a few others lol. It took me a good 6 months before I felt "normal" again so just try to relax take care of yourself and take it slow like michellepetkus said.
454046 tn?1244569193 I have an inflamed area (like a small solid round lump) about 1 inch above the incision it has a small blister on it and a red sore ( although i cannot say it feels sore as i have no feeling in that area since surgery) it was there when i woke up from surgery, the dr at the hospital didn't know what it was, and it doesn't seem to be going down, i won't see my endo for another 2 weeks. do you have any ideas what could cause a lump like this?
Avatar f tn I had a hyserectomy 6 weeks ago, and I've noticed a hard lump one on side of my incision. Im wondering if it is scar tissuse or something else. I have a recheck in a few days but noticed this lump a few weeks ago but didn't think anything about it. It's not really painful just makes me uncomfortable at times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
400195 tn?1253748662 My stitches were taken out 8 days after the second surgery. I still have that lump above my incision. My flaps did not come apart, but at the left end of the incision I have a very small dark maroon blood blister looking thing that is sensitive and kinda sore. Not sure what it is....some days the lump above my incison (right in the middle) is smaller than others, but some days it pumps back out there, my DR said it might do that for 6 months to a year....
1257492 tn?1269998282 I have this golf ball size knot forming right below my incision. I have no symptoms like fever or nausea, but wondered should I be concerned. I am bad about passing stuff off, but my friend says I should get this checked out. My follow up is Tuesday.
Avatar n tn They can be both removed by getting a small incision, but first he'll probably need a diagnosis by having an examination by a doctor, followed by X-rays. I would recommend seeing - preferably- a competent facial plastic surgeon for this. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I had acdf surgery on March 4 and I have a hard lump at the incision site. My pcp sent me for an ultrasound to check for an absess but there was none. Does anyone know if this normal?
Avatar n tn I can feel a small lump at incision site Was put on contraceptive pill which relieved it for a while but once I started abdo exercises pain came back as bad as ever. ? endometriosis, is surgery advisable? Does it help?
Avatar f tn She has a small buldge at the top right of the incision. She experienced headaches and fevers. They put her on steroids which resolved all the symptoms but as soon as she went off the steroids the symptoms returned. Has anyone experienced this? Her NS wanted to do surgery we were hesitant to put her through that again. The NS said his partner would not do surgery again but would wait as time can heal this fluid build up. We opted to wait. Has anyone had this resolve on its own?
Avatar f tn at age 16 i found that i have a lump 10 oclock on my left breast and its been removed as per doctor it is a fibroadenoma he informed me that it will come back especially if im having my monthly period, but this may 2014 i found a lump again 12'oclock same left breast ..
220331 tn?1199846119 I notice that in your posts you are having problems with a lump around your incision area...My question is: Do you feel like you have a low adam's apple? When you drink liquids or swallow really hard does your neck and part of your chest feel like it is "pulling up" with the muscle? Mine has felt a little weird lately and this is the only way I can describe it.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone that has had the surgery that developed a lump on the incision site? It's a pretty massive lump- so much so that when people come to visit- they look at my head and say, Whoa what is that lump??? Seriously- it looks like a growth! I went Monday and had the staples removed and asked the nurse about the lump. She said it was fine- not oozing, not infected, etc. She said it was just swollen.
Avatar f tn I was dx in June 2013 and Dr oro done surgery Sept 24 2013. It has been a blessing. But now 5 months post op I have a lump, bump, knot, whatever under incision. I went to er and they said soft tissue swelling. (I recently moved to Iowa and haven't found dr here yet.) Now I did pull my left neck muscle the big one from chin to sternum like 1 or 2 months post op idk how just weak I guess. And yeah I think I reinjured it again too bc its flared up and that when swelling started but....
Avatar m tn This is very common. But, perhaps your vet is worried that the lump is associated with a mammary gland? A lump in the mammary gland could be mastitis, or a benign or malignant mammary gland cancer. Which I certainly hope that it is not. Your vet may be able to perform a biopsy with local anesthesia so that your dog does not have to be put under general anesthesia, or your vet may be able to perform a fine needle biopsy which requires no anesthesia at all.
Avatar f tn Hi, just read your message on the lump on your neck, I just had 4,5, and 6 anterior fusion and I have the same lump at the neck incision area, my surgery was 11/18/14 and was never given a neck brace even after i mentioned it, so two days after going home I called and got a perscription steriod pack and told to use ice packs at the site. did the ice and working on the precription, so far swelling is smaller but still feels knotted up, Have you had any luck with this?
Avatar n tn One lump shrunk, to the point that I am not able to feel it anymore, but the other lump is quite large, and appears to be getting larger. I recently had my yearly mammogram, which came back "suspicious". I wasn't too alarmed, because I'm already aware of my breast lump. When I called my doc to discuss the findings, I was told that "a surgical incision was recommended".
455126 tn?1212435798 I was just patting my incision dry after washing my face and noticed that at the very left of my incision there is a hard(ish) bump. It's a bit sore, maybe tender is a better word. Any ideas on what this could be???
168348 tn?1379360675 since I quit rubbing Mederma all over the thing it has been just fine! LOL not to bright at times I guess...kind of scary a nurse couldnt figure that out for herself hahahaha!!!! My TSH has shot up to 42 and I am very hypo right now and crabby and my feet hurt real bad but my endo got right on it and up my dose to 100mg. so I hope it will stabilize soon. I am scheduled to go back to work on the 15th of march so I really need to get this under control. How is your abcess???
168348 tn?1379360675 I also have a bump/lump on the isthmus which isn't red but somewhat hurts to the touch .. I had the isthmus removed, too. I believe that bumpy region has been there since surgery. How do they treat it .. Topically? Orally? .. I started using otc Neosporyn last night .. hurts like a pimple. This is the side where the stitches were pulled from in the running stitch .. thereh as always been a bump but not sore and red to the touch .. Itchiness started 32 days post op ..
Avatar n tn I had a mammogram before I had it done and everything was ok on the films. I just found a small lump right under the right nipple and its blue looking like a vein on the skin. I went and had another mammogram and sonogram and they are calling it inconclusive because they cant see what it could be. They were gonna have me do a breast imaging MRI but decided it wouldnt tell much more than the other 2 tests so they are just gonna go in and remove it through surgery.
Avatar f tn i changed my deodorant and i got this huge lump under my arm it was painful at first and after 3-4 days the lump was still there but less painful,,,so i went back to my original deodorant and the lump is still there...i havent been to a doctor cuz i dont think its too serious, can someone tell me wat to do..
Avatar f tn The main side affect I have had is SEVERE nausea, until 3 days ago a lump appeared on the left side of my incision, it goes away from the incision and is about 2.5 inches long and HURTS!!! I saw my family doctor (as I don’t have a follow up with my surgeon until later this month) and he sent me today to get an ultrasound done on it. Has anyone else had anything like this??
Avatar n tn Today, Nov 2002, I found another tiny lump almost at the same site, near the surgical scar. What are the chances of the can recurring or am I being paranoid? I will however be getting it checked. In the meantime what is your opinion?
Avatar n tn I am a 33 y/o who was recently was examined by my PCM for a lump I found in my right breast. During the examination, she determined that I needed a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound and referred me to the surgeon. I had the mammogram and ultrasound last week. At that time, I found out the doctor actually found 5 distinct lumps in a small area. The ultrasound alone took 30 minutes.
Avatar n tn Just thought I'd add that I've had three lumpectomies (including two for fibroadenomas) over the last seven years and none was as bad as I thought they'd be. Very simple out-patient surgeries and really easy recoveries---I even went dancing the evening after one of them! Of course, everyone is different and they handle things differently, but I think the majority of women have very little pain and very easy recoveries. It's deinitely worth the peace of mind you'll have knowing the lump is gone.
Avatar n tn it has been 6 days since the surgery and i developed cellulitis on the skin just below the belly button incision and got put on antibiotics. i have a hard lump just below the belly button incision and still in pain is this normal, was feeling better now I am feeling lousy.
144480 tn?1208808525 Only problem is that I have a small hole at the bottom of my incision which just keeps leaking fluid. It does not get any bigger but will not close on its own. A nurse told me on Monday that they wouldn't stitch it up and she just put a dressing on it. Problem is it leaks right through the dressing. It does not hurt but I am a bit concerned this will not go, after all it has been 2 weeks now. I know it sounds a bit disgusting but has anyone else had this problem and has it healed ok?