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Avatar n tn Has anyone had trouble with fluid and swelling in the abdomen after the tram flap operation. My stomach tends to bloat, and after a few hours at work a golf ball size lump appears near my incision. It is very painful and no one seem to have an answer to it's cause or what to do about it.
Avatar n tn It has been four years since my masectomey and tram flap reconstruction and I have a giant bulge on the right side of my tram flap operation. It is the size of a babies head!!! The plastic surgeon initially was evasive but did say it could be corrected by reopening the area, which would entail slicing me hip to hip again. I cannot handle this big surgery again. Does anyone know if this can be taken care of lapriscopically? Any other thoughts or ideas on this?
Avatar f tn I am very depressed now after having the tram flap down since I now have a lump in the middle of my chest under my breasts. Will the lump ever go away. Can I have it surgically removed. I am having trouble dealing with my dicission. Can wome one help me?
Avatar f tn I cant tell you how glad I am to find this website and to see that I am not the only one having such a problem following tram flap reconstruction. I had a tram flap reconstruction in 1998 after 5 previous failed attempts with implants that infected or burst. It was a nightmare from the off, what could go wrong did go wrong.
Avatar f tn Whenever a TRAM flap is performed, there is a risk of some compromise to the blood supply to the flap resulting in areas of fat necrosis. This is probably what you are experiencing along with some minor healing problem of the belly button area. Both areas will ultimately heal, but sometimes this can takes weeks or even months until full healing occurs. Peroxide is OK to use, but I would suggest following the instructions of your surgeon for wound care and healing.
Avatar n tn I was @ 27 when I had a R TRAM flap for Poland's Synd (w\ tum tuck). At 35 I became pregnant. The pregnancy was complicated w/ a separated uterus, abrupted placenta, and a piece of my vertebra breaking off and rupturing 2 vert. My stomach never went out - it went back. I had a lam. 5 days after C-Sect (The baby is just fine). It's now 10 mo post op. I've been exp left rib pain under my left (non TRAM) breast. I thought I felt a small lump, but now I can't feel it.
Avatar n tn I had a double mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction about a year ago. I recently found a lump in my breast located close to my armpit. What could it be?
Avatar n tn The reconstructed breast feels strange now and not part of me. Are there any cases where the tram flap is removed to deter future breast cancers in that area? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/258824'>Possibility of double tram flap at same time?</a>.
Avatar n tn Dear Jeanne, Follow-up of breast cancer, after surgery and adjuvant treatment, is usually pretty much as outlined by your oncologist.
Avatar n tn What type of breast reconstruction? Tram flap? Lat flap? Expanders? DIEP? Immediate implants? Also, did you have radiation and if so, before or after reconstruction?
469095 tn?1256065132 Would you please share more. I am 3 weeks out today from a rt total with TRAM flap reconstruction. I'm still not healed well enough to recommend it to anyone, OUCH! And due to my ONCOtyping results chemo is being recommended even though my nodes were negative. By the way, you look beautiful bald!
Avatar n tn In 2002, I had a mastectomy and tram flap breast reconstruction surgery. In a couple of years, a couple of lumps appeared at the top of the reconstructed breast. Those lumps were diagnosed as fat necrosis from the surgery. One of the lumps became noticeable when I wore t-shirts, sweaters, etc. In July of this year, after my mammogram, I asked the radiologist what I might be able to do to get rid of the lump. He said he felt he could remove it by aspirating it.
Avatar n tn Time to decide tram flap or silicone implants. I am only 46. I have read and read posts after posts and many say NO to the tram flap. I am trying to make a decision and need some solid advice. I have had a hysterectomy and have the tummy scar and my skin of course hangs over that scar somewhat. Having cancer is bad enough but the thought of having "new and improved" breasts and possibly my stomach flattened seems positive incentive to this ****.
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction in 2003 (removing a total of 15 lbs.) I discovered a lump in my right breast about 3 months after the surgery. I went back to the surgeon and he said that it was scar tissue. My OB/GYN indicates that it feels like scar tissue be it that my breast were sooooooo large prior to the surgery. In the last 4-6 weeks (2008), I have been having really bad pain (sharp) in the same breast where the scar tissue is located and my nipple is often tender and sore.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with fat necrosis (in one breast) after a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with a tram free flap. I noticed a little hardness in one breast. How is this treated? What is the long term prognosis? Will fat necrosis make imaging studies more difficult to read?
Avatar n tn I had 2 excisions, chemotherapy, and, because of unclear margins, ended up with a mastectomy and immediate tram flap reconstruction. Three years out, I look and feel great. My friend had DCIS only, and went for many opinions (surgeon, breast specialists, and two different oncologists). Within 2 weeks of diagnosis, she had a mastectomy, which all had recommended, and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction.
Avatar n tn I am 37-year old female trying to conceive a first child when I was diagnosed with DCIS in June, via a biopsy for < 1cm subareolar lump and post-biospy MRI. (Post-biospy mammography, ultrasound were negative, and the pre-biopsy monitoring of unilateral serous discharge with various needle biopsies, etc. for two years, and initial MRI two years ago all negative.
Avatar n tn They said I had to have mastectomy. After 3 opinions I agreed to it and it was done 3/04. I opted for reconstruction with abdominal tram flap at the same time. Praise God I have had NO problems untill now, I am experiencing pain in that breast again. So after reading these posts...I am getting concerned it might have returned.
Avatar n tn New to this I am 3rd breast cancer had lump right 1993 19 nodes removed only in one..had chem & rad. In 2000 left breast lump only 3 nodes removed not in nodes so just rad again. . now 7 years later again right breast will get mast. not sure double haven't been to post op visit.. what is the lenght of time? pain recovery? choices expander then inplant .or this flap thing what is that? i do not have much of a stomach ..
Avatar f tn Because sometimes the surgeons do not get it all and have to go back to take whole and some more breast off. I first had chemotherapy then my mastectomy with tram flap reconstruction using my own tissues done then 5 weeks of radiotherapy. I know I made the right decision to remove whole breast. Listen to your surgions then make the decision as to how you feel in your heart.
Avatar n tn I have been told that I should have a mastectomy, and I am fine with that, or as fine as I can be. I plan to to the tram flap and at least get a tummy tuck in the deaL! My problem is what to do with my right breast. It was first said to me by my oncologist that I should think about removing the other one.
Avatar n tn She had a very hard time with tram flap recon. but eventually did OK. I chose not to try recon again...I almost died from the infections.
Avatar n tn I chose the TRAM flap, and although I was devastated about losing a breast right up to going into surgery, I do not have regrets about my choices. Another tumor, nearly the same size, was found near the original tumor, which ad not shown up on a mamogram or MRI, so I did make the right decision. Doctors see patients like us all day long, so they know first hand what the chances of recurrance might be, based on other patients.
348883 tn?1205949528 Six weeks ago I had the first phase of my reconstruction surgery using the tram flap procedure. Had I known I needed a mastectomy, I would have chosen to have both breasts removed, but life happens and we don't always get to plan. There is scarring with any procedure, but the reconstruction process is totally amazing with the right doctor. My reconstructive surgeon is simply the best! Good luck with your decisions.
Avatar n tn Just reading your comments...I just had the tram flap done with a mastectomy and reconstruction on my right breast(Nov.2nd). Doing great....tight flat stomach now....still having some minor pains I think due to nerves growing back in some areas, feeling is starting to return. Are you having the Tram flap done?
Avatar n tn My sister in law had the tram flap reconstruction. She hasn't regretted the reconstruction but she has said she wished she hadn't opted for the tram flap as she has had some problems with it in recent years. Her BC was discovered about 10 years ago; then she developed lymphoma. I didn't make that very clear either.
Avatar f tn 2) Write down any and all questions 3) Read your pathology reports and define words in lay terms you can understand 4) Always remember you have choices in decisions that are made. 5) Look up skin-sparing mastectomy with free tram flap reconstruction 6) Diagnosis can change with each biopsy / surgery be prepared for that. My diagnosis has been revised at least 4 times. 7) Make sure that both breasts are checked.
Avatar f tn I was 8 weeks pregnant at the diagnosis, had a full mastectomy with lymph node removal (1 node on sentinal node biopsy was positive), did chemo (4 rounds of A/C), had baby, did chemo (4 rounds of Abraxane) which was completed 6/6/06. Completed 7 weeks radiation in late August of that year. Had a tram-flap reconstruction surgery on April 30th of this year. My new boob, which I lovingly call "frankenboobie", is pretty good for a man-made breast.