Losing weight while lifting weights

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Avatar f tn I go to the gym everday...and i am currently 6 weeks lifting moderate to heavy weight. I definitely dont over do it, but i work up a good sweat. Does anyone do crossfit or lift weights?
1066531 tn?1254969334 I’ve been working out for many years now, and i want to know how I can tone my body better without losing a large portion of weight, mostly my chest and midsection? I’m 6ft 198lbs I would like to be around 195 but in much better “shape”. My diet ***** and i’m trying to work on it, but I work out at the gym 2-3 times a week lifting weights and running. I dont run a whole bunch though, would that help my problem or will that just make me lose wieght?
Avatar m tn Did this just start happening, while lifting the same weights and reps as before? If yes, that may indicate something, if the irregular HB started after you went to a new lift stress, it may be adrenaline or some other stress reaction. Or, you are overdoing it. Just a guess, I don't lift weights for exercise and I my irregular HBs are continuous, permanent.
Avatar n tn Does she still have help,therapy? I would advise her to talk to them,they can help her with losing weight healthy and/or the worrying about it.
Avatar m tn , 44 yo male. This weight loss was relatively easy, as I stopped lifting heavy weights and started counting calories. A Dr. told me weight lifting was bad for my heart, another one said is okay. I have started back to lifting light weights. The decreased weight hopefully has taken some strain off of my heart. It will be tough to lose the next 14. Sounds like you may be ready for some lifestyle changes. Losing some weight may help with taking some strain off of your heart.
Avatar m tn Walk 5 miles every week and work out at the gym with weights. The problem is that I am not losing any weight in the last two weeks. I am keeping my calorie intake around 1200 to 1500 calories daily. I understand that I may be putting on muscle but I am also getting discouraged with not losing weight. When can I expect to see the pounds start to drop off?
631359 tn?1222374022 Most experts recommend 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three or four days a week, along with two or three days of weight-bearing, resistance exercise (such as weight lifting). This is sufficient to achieve satisfying results. You can exercise daily or on alternate days, depending on the availability of time. Walking is one of the simplest aerobic exercises. You can vary the intensity to match your fitness level.
Avatar f tn Be very careful about lifting weights, that can be dangerous for the pregnancy, but if you're already a jogger it won't hurt you si long as you don't over exert yourself. Light exercise is always recommended during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn but does it mean that weight lifting would stop the gain of height??
Avatar f tn t go to a gym, just did at home weights like shoulder press, chest press, bicep curl with 8lb weights and deadlift, calf raises with 12 lb weights. Combining diet with weight lifting/putting on muscle will definitely help speed up weight loss, and you don't need to do a lot of weight lifting either, just 10-15 minutes a couple times a week helps. (I know any kind of exercise might be hard when you are feeling low energy, but if you are trying to shed weight this definitely helps).
Avatar m tn I have started a complete lifestyle changing initiative. I am currently 1 1/2 months into my new diet and exercise regiment. I weigh about 287lbs (my goal is approximately 215lbs mostly muscle) at the moment after losing about 25lbs last month. I do cardio 6 days a week for 45 mins each time. I alternate my cardio workouts between the elliptical, the treadmill, and I use the bike and stairmaster seldomly. I am noticing great weight loss with this routine.
Avatar m tn I have been lifting weights pretty heavy for the past yr and 1/2. My cardiologist told me to stop lifting heavy weights but i can still lift lightly. It kills me to stop lifting, for once in my life i feel great and look pretty healthy. I guess my question is if l still lift weights what is lifting light? how do i know what is over doing it? Should i do light weight more reps. I would still like to achieve and maintain a good physique without causing more harm than i already have.
Avatar m tn After I lift weights I get sick, during intense lifting I can feel getting sick, like a cold coming on. I have lifted weights since 18 and I am 24. This started two years ago. Also 2 years ago I was under the assumption I contracted an STD due to my genitals hurting like crazy 3 days after unprotected sex.
Avatar f tn You can try doing some weights or resistance band exercises, but if you're losing weight, that might just be something you will have to put up with. Some of just get saggy skin when we lose weight. Check out YouTube for upper body exercises using weights.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing PVCs and PACs for about a year. I have passed monitor and stress tests. It appears that my PVC and PACs increase in frequency if I lift weights, although it has taken me a while to correlate the weights and the PVC/PACs. I do not experience any pain in my chest. I'd like to resume weight lifting, but everytime I do my PVC/PACs increase.
Avatar n tn Is anyon weight lifting during their pregnancy i do alot of squats dead lifts and hugg intensity exercises. My doctor said it was alright but other s ob say otherwise..
Avatar m tn Do your mean lifting weights as in weight lifting the sport, or lifting weights as in bodybuilding, I cant think of a reason that bodybuilding should stunt your growth, but that you may just a small build, in that case you may find it hard to build your weight up, and weight lifting could stop you growing by the amount of weights that you lift over your head.
Avatar m tn I'll weigh in on this. Lifting weights will not effect/affect your viral load for Hep C. It can cause varices in the esophagus to bleed-at least it happened to me. So have you had an endoscopy to have those areas looked at? I hope you are seeing a physician for your Hep C. How do you mean been sick for a year. Flu like? Yellow eyes and or skin, swollen abdomen, losing weight, tired, cramping hands etc.
1339808 tn?1276321180 you should do more cardio than weight lifting,some people get confused because they are working out but not losing weight but in your case you are lifting weights also which is adding muscle weight to you,if you want to really lose you will have to increase the cardio and lower the weight your lifting and do more reps
Avatar f tn Vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. Start lifting weights instead of doing lots of cardio. Weight lifting burns calories after you have finished working out. This should help you reach your goal!
Avatar f tn Lol @Vikki_Fitz1 I'm going to try the weights again I was lifting but only 1 pound weights most likely why I wasn't seeing results.
Avatar n tn Want to lose weight on my thighs badly whats the best weights to be lifting or exercise to be doing at gym for these
583580 tn?1231136383 Is it normal for a woman to everytime they start an exercise program that they get bigger instead of losing weight. For example I normally do a combination of weights and cardio to get a balance. When I lift even though I'm using less weight and more reps I actually get bulky instead of thinning out. I like muscle definition but it kind of freaks me out a little because its not the results I want.
Avatar f tn Studies show that lifting weights will result in an increase in metabolism and while you will stop burning calories as soon as you are done with cardio, upon stopping lifting weights, you will continue to burn calories! Now, I'm weight training can be 5 pound dumb bells. It doesn't have to be hardcore. I've known very few woman that have put on much true muscle mass from weight training as our bodies work against us.
Avatar f tn Losing weight quickly is never good and causes yo yo effects. Regardless to one of the comments earlier swimming is the number 1 best over all total body work out. Have you ever seen a fat swimmer??? No. As for losing 5 lbs in one week that is probably mostly water weight and not actual fat loss. You need to find your calorie maintenance number and shoot to be calorie deficient by no more that 500 to get the body to lose weight healthily.