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Avatar f tn What to expect when you're expecting says losing weight in the 1st trimester is normal bc of morning sickness. You will just have to make up for it when you aren't sick anymore. If you can't keep anything down, you may need to see your dr incase you become dehydrated.
Avatar n tn s keeping you from losing weight. By eating regular meals, you can better incorporate a mix of vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet. Snacking, typically, ends up being fruit, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches, chips and all the things that aren't so good for you and tend to make you, either, gain or hold onto weight.
Avatar f tn I lost 10 using the gym and pool before my struggle with tachycardia got worse. I agree that you need motivation but I also think you need to enjoy exercise. I went with a friend and had lots of fun. Not sure if it's a coincidance or not but I lost the 10kg before my sister join us at the gym. I have a lot of anxiety around my sister as she's a controling person and given any chance she will try to control me any way. I stopped loosing weight once she joined us.
1161604 tn?1388875598 julianovak-thanks for letting me know ur in the same boat too!gd luck with losing the weight!i started losing my belly faster after going back to work! Rosa20-my 1st is 10 months old!tis nice to know ur in the same boat as me!i dont feel so bad and alone now!lol!
978106 tn?1285108401 As for exercise, get in what you can. Take the stairs, park far away and walk to the store, school, etc. Or call up a friend and take a stroll around the neighborhood. You don't have to kill yourself to get a decent amount of exercise. If you can exercise, by all means, do. But don't stress yourself out over it. Remember that stress itself can cause weight gain.
Avatar f tn And i told my husband it's not so much what she says but how her tone changes & seems completely annoyed by my daughter when her kid is doing the same thing. I know i need to say something. I've not had the greatest relationship with my mother in law & my father in law lives far away & she's the only one I've been close with on my husbands side & im afraid at losing that relationship.. but not at my daughters expense.
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
Avatar f tn My daughter-in-law was diagnos with Bipolar when she got caught in highschool running over three girls with her vehical. She has now lied about a boy hitting her at her step fathers,camera secured place. My son hit the boy that week and got in trouble. She is always saying that people are doing or saying things about her. Like a man she knew flicked her six month old baby boy in the head for no reason.
1697334 tn?1306697171 every body is different my husband cuz in law just had a baby and did gain nothing but just belly just be careful and always make sure that ur baby has some thing 2 eat .... eat bout 3 times a day .......
Avatar f tn Lol dumb question I know and Im sure I could find it if I look, There were 33 days from my first day of AF in July to the first day of AF in August. My period started on the 17th in July and the 19th in August. :) Just trying to figure out timelines etc.
Avatar f tn Except theres 2 of them his mom and dad ! And they lived in a different state but moved up here for me because im going to school. Anyways they will be like we're not trying to control your live but you guys should... bla bla. It pisses me off, hopefully we move out soo. Or im going to kill them with my bare hands! They drive me insane !!
649848 tn?1534633700 Of course, the first few days were spent on funeral arrangements, getting through the funeral, etc. My mother-in-law was 95 yrs old and had lived in the same community for most of her life, so everyone knew her and many came to pay tribute. We've been gone from the area for 26 years so I guess if there's ever anything good about at times like that, it's getting to see family and friends one hasn't seen in many years.
Avatar f tn Every time I go to my mother in law house the first thing she does is look at my stomach and always have nothing nice to say she told o that's good your not getting fat. Like wtf obviously im going to get fat sooner or later. 2 she tells me o the first 3month of pregnancy is just for your baby the other months are just weight gaining is that true?? 3 she told me the firat 4 month is the craving part like telling me the rest month you shouldn't grave anything? Is that true?
Avatar f tn Does anyone else's mother in law say hurtful things on purpose? I've been with my fiance for over three years. We were eachothers firsts, so we are young. His mom is a bigger woman that can not stop telling how fat i am even if i am 120 lbs. I actually developed an eating disorder because she would not let up on my weight. I also have a hate for her now that I'm pregnant and she says stuff about my weight still.
653496 tn?1238313609 Well how over weight are you??? She shouldn't have been like that at all. Too bad if she wants grandkids you'll get pregnant in your own time. Losing weight doesn't just happen it take time and hard to do she should support you unstead of screaming at you.
Avatar f tn http://www.womenshealthmag.
770551 tn?1305578901 She then wanted to go back to school, I supported her in this. She has now chosen not to go for a job in the field she has now trained in. She has watched my children from time to time but not for more than an hour or two due to the fact she won't take them out of the house (not even the back yard). They end up watching TV all day & are stir crazy by the time I get home so I pay for child care.
649848 tn?1534633700 I keep playing with the same weight, but at least this week it was in my favor. I lost 2 pounds but I am back to the weight I started with, lol. I really hope I can somehow continue to lose 2 pounds per week until school starts (well, when I go back to work) on Sept. 6. That would be 8 pounds and put me at 140 and where I want to be. I'm actually fine where I am, it's just that it is the TOP of where I want to be...the VERY TOP. I would prefer 140-145 (I am 5' 7").
Avatar n tn Can you explain what you mean by "baby weight". Did you have a baby and you're trying to lose weight from a pregnancy? How did you determine that you should weigh 180 lbs? Your weight is determined by your age and height. You have to eat healthy meals/snacks and get plenty of exercise in order to lose weight. I'm not sure what the temptations are in school for eating.
Avatar f tn I suggest that you take some recipe with your mother in law and try cooking those dishes. Am sure he would love it.
Avatar f tn Call your nearest law school and find out if they have any clinics for low-income clients. Most of the services provided by law-school clinics are free to the client and they can often get your court fees waived also.
8432403 tn?1410269779 m going to school and great housewife and take care of my man n kids. While my sis in law married with a kid, still living her parents and mom is her personal maid/nanny!
12259188 tn?1428960836 t my daughter was starting school and this baby going to my mom in law was too far. By our 2nd we had our own place so mom in law was 45 min away and my mom in law couldn't pick up my daughter. With one child it can be easier finding a sitter while working. Also when it came to house duties they take a toll. I have always been the one with the responsibility of doing all the cleaning and cooking and dealing with kids and pets. My husband is the wake up work come home eat and sleep.
Avatar m tn Your ideal weight should be calculated, based on your age, height and bone structure, not just some arbitrary figure that you think would be good for you. So your first step would be to figure out where you should be, then decide how to get there. Are you getting any exercise to go along with calorie counting? I agree that if you have easy access to junk/processed foods, it's much better to be prepared and take your own food.