Losing weight while in nursing school

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649848 tn?1534633700 8, finally eating better now that my sister and i have started this weight loss challenge. love it!! losing this weight slowly but surely.. started at 180 exactly as of April 10th and have lost 4.8lbs since.. hopefully it keeps coming off! I'm trying to transition my diet to just better eating though.. my sister is only eating 2 salads a day and a couple fiber one bars.. im eating meals (3) a day and snacks in between.. i want this to be a life choice not a temporary fix.
Avatar f tn I started nursing school about 4 months ago. I have put on about 20 lbs. Along with the added stress and sedentary life of always studying I am in a slump. I have started tracking my calories and I am trying to eat better. I think about working out all the time but between the kids, working, nursing school, and lack of energy I never go.
Avatar n tn t lose weight while i was nursing, i was the same way with my daugther. i stopped nursing in october, right around the time i went to a weight loss clinic to help with my diet and started seeing a nutritionist. i also work full time, i try to walk as much as possible. i walk during my 30 min lunch.
Avatar f tn I agree with grannieannie -- don't take phentermine while nursing........ in fact, I doubt seriously that you will even be able to find a reputable doctor who will prescribe it, since you are breastfeeding. You say you are counting calories, so I have to ask what types of food you are eating. You need to eat foods that take longest to break down in the body -- lean protein, high fiber. The longer it takes your food to be digested, the longer you will fell full.
Avatar f tn s pregnancy because of change in taste. I am only 8 weeks, but my daughter is 23 months and still nursing at night. Our bodies will produce for the newborn, and the older children may not like it then either and choose to wean. Or they may not. Women through time have tandem nursed their children, and it's completely up to how you feel about it. Breastmilk is an amazing thing in it's ability to change it's makeup to meet our children's needs.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am positive with Hepatitis B, can I still be erolled in a nursing school and become a nurse?
Avatar f tn I had way more energy when I working at the school than I do in class with the negative people.
Avatar f tn , graduating that way and going on to nursing school. I did miss a senior graduation, but got to enjoy my graduation from nursing school shortly before I turned 18! When I asked to be tested for mast cell activation disorder, an internist told me the treatment for it would just aggravate my P.O.T.S., therefore, she saw no point in ordering the test. Since I no longer seem to be having the heated red knees and feet symptom now-a-days, I wonder if I didn't have it anyway.
5739095 tn?1374690666 I hear ya! I'm trying to do my homework right now and he's going nuts in my belly. It's awesome but distracting. I keep losing the sentence I was just reading. And I'm due around Xmas when I have finals! But I know if I lose my momentum now, it'll take me way longer to finish. I already took breaks for my first child and other person reasons. I wanna get it done already! Power to the mommies going to school at the same time. It's not easy!!
Avatar f tn What to expect when you're expecting says losing weight in the 1st trimester is normal bc of morning sickness. You will just have to make up for it when you aren't sick anymore. If you can't keep anything down, you may need to see your dr incase you become dehydrated.
Avatar n tn Would never do it again. My mom worked in a pharmacy most of her life and I was a tech in high school and college, so I'm very picky about where I buy anything from and am very picky about sterile technique.
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
Avatar f tn She was fed hay and 16% feed while pregnant and still began to lose her own weight. The baby was born very fat and healthy, now 5 months later, the baby continues to be a chubby one, but the Mama has gone down severely. Her hips and ribs are showing. We are feeding her a 14% feed mix twice a day along with hay and rye grass. She started falling about a week ago and requires help getting up with a tractor and straps.
Avatar f tn However, my mom had bmy brother and after that went to nursing school at one of the most competitive schools in the country. She graduated on time with honors and student body president. She did it with the help of her family, who watched the baby while she went to school and she lived with her mom and did not work during that time. It was a super tough 4 years, but she finished it and it really paid off for her! My sister had her first baby in high school, followed by 3 more over her twenties.
Avatar n tn s keeping you from losing weight. By eating regular meals, you can better incorporate a mix of vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet. Snacking, typically, ends up being fruit, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches, chips and all the things that aren't so good for you and tend to make you, either, gain or hold onto weight.
Avatar f tn I gained about 10 lbs. In nursing school and would like to drop 10-15 pounds by July 2014 for my wedding. Does anyone have any tips?
676912 tn?1332812551 What's ok/not ok to do while BFing? I really would like to start losing all this extra weight, I want to drop 40 lbs. I know it'll take a while, and I'm gonna start a workout routine when I get my ab rocker, BUT I don't know what's ok. I don't want anything I do to affect being able to BF. I'd rather be overweight and BF than be back in my "skinny" jeans. I'm trying to start eating healthier (as I eat pizza, lol), but how much should I be eating a day?
Avatar f tn I'm in the same situation. I'm 5 weeks along and I have a 9 month old. I'll be starting school in August and I'm due in January. I also will be working 40 hours a week. Are you married or have a boyfriend? Family to help?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if any of you have successfully lost weight or stayed the same while pregnant. They only thing I plan on doing as far as losing weight is to eat healthy foods and not to overeat like I tend to do and to also excercise. I know if Im prego I shouldnt overdo myself on exercise but light exercise and walking wont hurt! :) I just would like to minimize the chance of getting gestational diabetes or preclampsia while prego! :) Thoughts, opinions, concerns, etc are all welcome!!!
Avatar f tn That happens alot In the first trimester.
Avatar f tn How can I safely lose weight while breastfeeding, my doc. Says I need to be back in my post-pregnancy weight which is 180 I'm currently 215, but don't want anything to effect my milk supply. My doc. Has me logging my daily foods I just need help with a healthy diet menu? & also is the lemonade, maple syrup, and Cheyenne pepper diet safe, if done once or twice daily just curious.
Avatar f tn After baby you can loose weight pretty easy. I've been back to prepregnacy weight w/in 4 months. I've nursed my last 2 babies, nursing helps burn calories. However, if nursing U don't want to diet. Don't take any diet pills. Plus when nursing you really do feel hungry. The best thing to do is eat healthy. Protein, veggies & fruit. Workout, but don't over do it. If U workout too much/hard it will effect Ur milk supply as well as dieting or eating less.
Avatar f tn Any of you mommas still in college? I'm heading towards a degree in elementary education! I'm a little over 9 weeks pregnant with mine and my husbands first baby! What are you guys in school for? And how much longer do you have?
Avatar f tn u really shouldn't try to lose weight while pregnant. but if u get bad morning sickness u may not have a choice. try to keep ur weight the same or if it bugs u talk to ur doc. good luck dear!