Losing weight after birth

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4528412 tn?1357069833 It took me awhile to lose my weight. got the depo shot 6 weeks after birth. BIG mistake! Went 3 rounds after i quit that and lost about 10 lbs without trying. Then after dieting, watching what i eat/ drink, i finally lost all but 10 lbs. i was 120 prepregnancy so i wond up being 130. Grapefruit works wonders and so does gaterade. After gaining some weight back, i started walking everyday. got up to two hours a day. Then i was also drinking atleast one energy drink a day.
Avatar n tn ll lose a pretty significant amount of weight at birth what with losing the weight of the baby, placenta, some blood and lots of water but you won't be prepregnancy skinny right away.
10286987 tn?1410261849 how do i loose weight. im 14, 5'3" and i weigh 200 lbs. i've been on birth control for almost 2 years and my family's weight is right around 110-130 lbs. what is a good diet or exercise plan or what may be the problem?
Avatar f tn Its normal for them to lose weight right after birth, up to 10%. My son gained back quickly, but I think they say a week or so and they should start getting close to being back to birth weight. Your milk may not have come in yet and you're still feeding with colostrum. Just give yourself a couple more days!
Avatar f tn This is the heaviest that I have weighed in all my life. I gained about 100 pounds in the last 5 years, after the birth of my second child. my doctors are telling me that I NEED to lose weight. They recommended the Lap Band, but I cannot afford this so i am going to try and do this on my own. I was wanting to know how many calories, fat, carbs, ect... I should eat to lose weight.
Avatar f tn Good golly honestly I lost about 7 pounds right after baby was born... If you have an iv you will be pumped with lots of fluid during labor so you retain all that weight. But shortly after you will start losing it all. I think I'd I remember correctly I lost about 15 probably in the first week.
Avatar f tn Losing weight is ok as long as u eat and keep fluids down.I'm 23 weeks and only this week Iv gained weight.was same weight up till then.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else losing weight? I am 38, 23 weeks along and overweight. My first 12 weeks I was very nauseous, but tried eating small amounts often so baby got adequate nutrition. Well I am not sick anymore and I am still losing. 14 pounds so far. The baby is very active, I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing this.
Avatar n tn I was 126 when i fell pregnant the first time. Got up to 155. After the first week post partum i was back to prepregnancy weight (after having a 10pounf baby which helped ;) ). With breastfeeding and good genetics i got down to 110 which im at now with my 2nd pregnancy. My belly was never taut again and still have a bazillion stretchmarks but i grew my son and im proud of them. Hard work, movong and eating healthy, breastfeeding and genetics were what did it for me. Everyone is different.
Avatar f tn My baby was born May 3, she weighed 7 lbs 10, then at her next appt 6 lb 12, then 6 lb 2. And 7 lbs 2 this last Monday. Our pediatrician is making us go back bc she's 3 weeks and they want her back at birth weight. They haven't told me anything about supplementing either but I know they will if she's not back at birth weight by Tuesday.
Avatar f tn So far for BC it was only implannon worked for me but was very difficult to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I was on the NuvaRing and i liked it
Avatar f tn Hey what kind of birth control are you considering after birth??? Has anyone ever been on the depo shot? How did your body react? My friend has done the depo shot two different times and each time she has gained alot of weight with it, anyone else experience weight gain? I would like to do the depo shot bc I know I cant remember to always take the pill but I already have a hard time losing weight any advice???
Avatar f tn First 2days she lost 2oz and gain back to her birth weight dr. Told me that was normal almost every baby lose their weight after birth .
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks. I'd lost 15lbs at one time. I've gained back 5 lbs but my baby's just fine. Kicking as I type.
Avatar f tn I had iud and it KILLED my sex drive and I've gained so much weight.. I took it our a month ago and it was like someone turned on a switch. . I want to have sex way more often and I'm losing weight.. I loved that I didn't have to remember to take a pill.. However I will go back to pills after I have a mother baby..
5891248 tn?1406410864 I was very active before I got pregnant. I weighed 135 and 5ft5inches tall. I used the treadmill, elliptical, my bike about 4-5 days a week. Then became pregnant and felt sick and couldn't work out. When I started feeling better and I'd walk, which lasted a couple weeks, then felt yucky again. Then I lost motivation because I think what's the point? I won't use weight so I've decided to just wait till after I have the baby.