Losing weight after giving birth

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8762956 tn?1406304757 I kn cuz my stomach is a lil bit big..is there any medicine or lotion to put on my stomach.
Avatar f tn My baby was born May 3, she weighed 7 lbs 10, then at her next appt 6 lb 12, then 6 lb 2. And 7 lbs 2 this last Monday. Our pediatrician is making us go back bc she's 3 weeks and they want her back at birth weight. They haven't told me anything about supplementing either but I know they will if she's not back at birth weight by Tuesday.
Avatar n tn ll lose a pretty significant amount of weight at birth what with losing the weight of the baby, placenta, some blood and lots of water but you won't be prepregnancy skinny right away.
710170 tn?1229237415 i started walking alot more and limited the amount of sweets and junk food and cut out regular soda. the only way pcos will get better is by losing weight. you should talk to your doctor about going on metformin, its the medicine that is typically given to women who have pcos. but in order not to feel really sick while taking it, you must follow a healthy diet. i made that mistake last year and got sick everytime i took it because i wasn't following a diet.
Avatar f tn Good golly honestly I lost about 7 pounds right after baby was born... If you have an iv you will be pumped with lots of fluid during labor so you retain all that weight. But shortly after you will start losing it all. I think I'd I remember correctly I lost about 15 probably in the first week.
Avatar f tn I have a 4months old son who has acid reflux, he is refusing to feed , he is bottel fed since birth coz my milk stopped .he only eats 80 ml the whole day, we are giving him Motilum for vomiting and nexium but whenever he takes nexiem he starts to cry, we are giving him bebelac Ar after trying alot of formulas. how can i make my baby take milk?
Avatar f tn With my first I gained 16 lbs total and lost it all just giving birth and losing the water weight. Was prepregnancy weight 4 days after my daughter was born.
Avatar f tn Most of the mums actually lost yes LOST weight during the pregnany, a few maintained and others gained only a few pounds. One new mum actually weighed 5lb less after giving birth than her initial check in weight. With my 3 children I gained 3-4 stone with each ( 42lb) and have never fully lost it. Am tcc baby 4 now and I intend to lose weight initially as I am exercising regularly and eating healthily now and stay active throughout the pregnancy.
4528412 tn?1357069833 It took me awhile to lose my weight. got the depo shot 6 weeks after birth. BIG mistake! Went 3 rounds after i quit that and lost about 10 lbs without trying. Then after dieting, watching what i eat/ drink, i finally lost all but 10 lbs. i was 120 prepregnancy so i wond up being 130. Grapefruit works wonders and so does gaterade. After gaining some weight back, i started walking everyday. got up to two hours a day. Then i was also drinking atleast one energy drink a day.
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks and im losing so much weight and its worrying me because I dont have any morning sickness just nausea all the time...im worried what should I do? My normal weight before was 115 my first dr appointment I was 110 today I had a w.i.c appointment and now im 103...im scared somethings wrong?
Avatar f tn Anyone have any good tips and or experiences for losing the pregnancy weight after giving birth?
Avatar n tn I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
Avatar f tn My husband and I were trying to wait longer, but I got pregnant 8 months after giving birth. There are a few women on here who have given birth and got pregnant not long after and their pregnancies are going great. I'm sure it's a lot on your body to get pregnant right away, but it can and has been done. Wait another week to test again and see. But your body is still trying to get back to normal, so that's probably why you are experiencing cramps still.