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358304 tn?1409713092 Current symptoms I'm having right now... Nervous stomach, sweaty palms, feeling spacy, kinda panicky, pacy, heart palpitations, and concentration issues. Please tell me the Lexapro is going to help me.
Avatar n tn i worry constatly that i am going to have a heart attack or a stroke... my palms get cold and sweaty... i shake and feel extremely cold... i have checked my blood pressure at these times and its normal... also had a echocardiogram and i think everything there is normal... i dont have suicidal thoughts... i am so tired but cant sleep... anytime i close my eyes i feel a pressure in my head and then i imagine stroke and my eyes pop open...
Avatar f tn It was really terrible, a feeling of doom, anxiety, sweaty palms, insomnia. I didn't get to sleep until 2am yesterday morning, my mind was racing, I had restless legs, it was awful. I started thinking that maybe the dose wasn't high enough, as I seemed to be ok for several hours in the morning after I took the lex, then by early evening the anxiety ramped up. So I decided, albeit with great trepidation to take 3/4 of a tablet yesterday morning around 10am.
Avatar n tn by doc said this could bring on anxiety but should be back to normal in a month if this was the problem) i worry constatly that i am going to have a heart attack or a stroke (because of pressures and sharp pains that i feel)... my palms get cold and sweaty... i shake and feel extremely cold... i have checked my blood pressure at these times and its normal... also had a echocardiogram and i think everything there is normal... had an MRI few years ago and everything was ok then too...
802128 tn?1277398799 I kept feeling like someone was pouring cold water down my bag, my palms would get sweaty, i'd get sick to my stomach, etc. So, I quit taking the medicine & that was on Feb. 6th & I STILL have the anxiety to this day. I did not have anxiety before. If I got REALLY upset, I would start to hyperventalate but nothing THIS major.
Avatar n tn It is controlling me to the point that I had to call out of work because I couldn't get out of bed because of the constant worrying. I just can't under stand why this happens. I sweat, my heart races my palms are sweaty and fell like there is no way out but to just walk away from the issue, I can't seem to confront major issues in my own life. My doctor wants to up my dosage of lexapro to 30mg a day and possibly seek additional therapy.
802128 tn?1277398799 I kept feeling like someone was pouring cold water down my back, my palms would get sweaty, i'd get sick to my stomach, etc. So, I quit taking the medicine & that was on Feb. 6th & I STILL have the anxiety to this day. I did not have anxiety before. If I got REALLY upset, I would start to hyperventalate but nothing THIS major.
Avatar f tn Good Morning, I took one Lexapro this morning and I have a feeling that i really cant put into words. I now have a headache, im tired but at same time im anxious and nervous!!! i have walked down the hall at my job twice, i feel as if im in a cloud, my leg is shaking(nervous) and palms are sweaty! can it be possible to experience side effects so quickly!
Avatar m tn Than in 2001 I was riding the bus home from NYC where I worked, to my home in South Jersey (about a 1 1/2 hour ride) when all of a sudden BAM I felt weird, my heart began to race, my palms got sweaty and I just needed to get off the bus. I wasnt even stressed! Unfortunately we were heading down the NJ Turnpike and I couldnt just have the driver stop. So I got on my cell and called a friend to chat just to get my mind off of what was going on.
784382 tn?1376934640 so im constantly lightheaded, sweaty palms, and racing thoughts. i dont know how i would sleep if it wasnt for the xanax they RX me. its crazy to think that your mind can cause you physical symptoms , like the dizziness. now the question of taking the meds. some people say they are a godsend and others say they are the devil, where will i fit in is the question.
Avatar f tn I have only been on it for a little over a week and I'm feeling at times a real heaviness/tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing...a bit anxious and sweaty palms. I'm a tremendous hypochondriac and I'm able to give myself just about any physical symptom I read or hear, so needless to say, I'm having a hard time determining whether I'm having a side-effect to the abilify or if i'm just being psychosomatic. Ugh. I'm so tired of dealing with all this.
Avatar f tn I suffer from alot of dizziness, sweaty palms, rapid hear beat, shortness of breath, I always feel tired, and like have no energy. I was told to stay away from caffine but what can I take to boost my energy? Also what kind of exercises or meditation can I do to semi get my life back? I don't have an appointment to see a therapist until November because they have no sooner ones available, but I feel like I need help now. Like i'm losing it. Someone please respond!!!
Avatar f tn 33 yrs of age, I'm usually in fair condition, and I spend alot of time standing and outside with work, and hobbies. In the past few years, I have noticed that I have sweaty palms where I once never did. My wife and family notice my increasing amount of forehead sweat, when doing everyday tasks, I pretty much just leak sweat from the 2 sides of my forehead just below the hairline..
Avatar f tn Instead of hot flashes I start to get sweaty palms but pretty much the same symptoms I feel. It is VERY frustrating and the only thing I can do is try to ride it out until I feel 'normal' again.
Avatar f tn I was starting to feel better for about a week after upping to 150, but then a week later I went down hill. Waking with anxiety, no appetite, sad, sweaty palms etc... I am terrified that I won't find a med that worked as well as celexa did. I was told to increase it again, but I'm reluctant to, for fear that it will work for a week again, then poop out. I know all the horrid withdrawl stories, so I would rather not hear those now because I am sensitive about this right now.
Avatar n tn sweating comes with anxiety... even normal anxiety... sweaty palms etc. i know when im having an anxiety spell i sweat in my sleep really bad... its normal... do you take an anti-depressant? besides your biodiazapines? when i was on lexapro, it stopped my night sweats.
358304 tn?1409713092 The fluttering? My palms have been extra sweaty too lately. It is uncomfortable, but I know it's just anxiety, and I have been making the best of it the past 5 days. But I don't know why I'm having this constant "bad butterfly" sensation in my stomach. Maybe it's just relapse anxiety after the bad panic attack? I know it was just a panic attack. Strange. I know it will eventually leave. I've had it before, and it always eventually leaves.
124876 tn?1189759433 It got late evening about 4pm and was going to do some janitorial when all of a sudden I got that choked feeling in my chest and my palms got sweaty, I almost couldn't continue driving. The palps, panic & anxiety set in. I felt the low and drove home took a klonopin and waited for that to set in. Sleep and had night terror all night. All of us slept late, I felt miserable, still feeling it today. Wow! must have been the alignment of the planets.
Avatar f tn Here are my symptoms...palms and feet feel sweaty, numbness in arms, a wave of fear hits (making me feel like I am going to pass out), sometimes I just feel out of my body and have tons of thoughts racing in my head. My doctor made the comment, that hopefully I would "grow out of it", but that dosen't make me feel any better when I am driving down the road with my two year old in the car, while at the same time feeling like I am going to pass out or go crazy.
Avatar n tn One day it snowed and I got myself back up there. It was only on the hwy. Now I am getting sweaty palms and pins and needles under my feet, very nervous feeling in church of all places. Now my doctor gave me lexapro. I hate taking meds. I am scared with reading all the side effects. I was doing the hwy 6 months on 6 months off for 2 yrs. I never had a problem before that. It comes out of nowhere. I have a friend who has let it cripple her. Dont let it cripple you.
716924 tn?1235873079 (Not really fast, but a strong pumping feeling) Fear i am having a heart attack or worseing Heart condition (most of the time) When a attack comes on I also get sweaty palms, hot flashes and stomache not feeling right. Also a general feeling of not feeling good. (If ya asked where do you feel bad, I would not have a answer for ya.
Avatar n tn I begin to feel hot, the nausea returns, it is hard to breathe, I feel I need to lay down, my palms become cold and sweaty. Sounds seem to feel amplified and I feel disconnected from reality and my own body. It is hard to describe. The dizziness is always there. The nausea comes and goes at random intervals. I've been to the doctor once and ER twice for this, and all of my tests seem to come out perfect. Slightly high blood sugar has been the only problem. Everything else is perfect.
331213 tn?1217168431 When you have an attack you may get shakey, an increase in heart rate, sweaty palms...that's why the cold compress helps so much. Now that I'm on Lexapro I don't even get panic attacks anymore! One of my problems was that when I was having an attack I wouldn't tell anyone. I would just sit there and let my mind race a million miles a second. It was so bad to where if someone even said the word death I would start panicing.
Avatar f tn When i try to sleep i get this sunkin feeling in my chest, stomach aches, sweaty palms and increased heart rate. I dont understand and i am terrified! i dont want to resort to medications but at this point im willing to do anything so i can be functional again, im living in fear as if i am dying, im home alone with my 2 and 1yr old and i just want to play with them instead of being on the internet trying to find a cure. Can anyone please give me advice.
Avatar f tn Hello, My journey started a lot like yours. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a heart rated of 120+,sweaty palms and feet,and a feeling like I had to just get up and run! Then came the pac's, pvc's .After several trips to the ER, Dr visits and a battery of tests, I was treated for tachycardia, and anxiety with medications. This was about 20years ago. Its not easy at times but I try to deal with it the best I can.
140029 tn?1393301742 finally it went away but I was plagued with chronic nausea..anxiety..sweaty palms...couldn't sleep. Over the years the nausea got worse..I saw multiple GI's doctors..Urolgoists..parents even dragged me to holistic/herbal healers ect..trying everything I could. I did a dairy free diet when this started but it I didn't see any improvment. Well here I am in 2009, I noticed that lactose intolerant people have a wide range of problems including anxiety..nausea..some reported insomnia..
Avatar m tn I have this bad habit of checking my pulse, and I really think this actually encourages my heart to go haywire. I felt nauseous, my palms were sweaty, I felt a little hard to breath. Then I burped and a whole bunch of acid came up. The whole episode lasted probably like five minutes. I took a Xanax, a .25. I still felt kinda anxious afterwards, but I was scared. I wanted to note that these episodes tend to happen during my period, right before, or within a week after.
Avatar m tn This chemical if imblanced, will cause emotions to run higher than normal, as well as the flight or fight feelings, behavioral problems like mood swings, sleepiness, sleeplessness, dizzy, nausea, headaches, and a whole lot more. This also makes your heart beat fast, chest pains, sweaty palms, lightheaded, terrified of uncontrolled places, like crowded malls, traffic, etc. these feelings all come from that chemical imbalance.
Avatar f tn I got so dizzy, so lightheaded, and a burning sensation throughout my entire body. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, my palms were sweaty, my pupils were dilated, I was nauseous, and my jaw was clenching so tight I had to talk through my teeth to plead with my mom to take me to the ER IMMEDIATELY. I couldn't stop shaking, and it felt like utter hell. The ER doctor said I was hyperventilating, and gave me a klonopin to calm down.
1219946 tn?1266762128 I'm VERY emotional allof a sudden,nauseus,sweaty palms,fear. Is there anything I can do to help with these side effects cause I almost can't function with the fear of another attack. I CAN'T take it ANYMORE! Please help! Don H.