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Avatar f tn The first couple years of taking Lexapro I had no side effects. For the last year +, I have had abdominal pain, gas, heartburn & diarrhea almost daily. I have asked my Dr. 3xs if it could be from the Lexapro, but he keeps telling me no. I have a decent diet ~I eat lots of fruit & salad & drink nothing but water. My Dr. just want to give me more med's for the symptoms (prilosec, etc). I take Pepcid and GasX almost every day.
Avatar f tn I just checked the prescribing information of Lexapro and apparently it is actually not a good idea to take any sort of NSAID at the same time as Lexapro... so, if you're taking ibuprofen it is probably a good idea to not mix the lexapro and ibuprofen and I wouldn't suggest getting a prescription NSAID after all. Usually the prescribing information says something about when side-effects tend to go away... but, I couldn't find it. But...
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Avatar f tn I'm scheduled for sugery in a week- permanent spinal cord stimulator. I've been told to stop the voltaren gel because it's a nsaid medication. Would this really have an effect on surgery. Possibility of increased bleeding? thanks for any help...
Avatar f tn Hi - - - Naproxen Sodium is the only NSAID that is not metabolized in the liver - -- it is metabolized in the kidneys. So, I do not think you are damaging your liver - but your kidneys may suffer. I totally agree with the above posts, however, that you are not going to get relief from Migraines with this drug - -- - You really do need to see your PCP and find another treatment for the headaches - --- the advice above to use acetaminofen ( no more than 4000 per day - max).
Avatar m tn will smoking marijuana while using NSAID medication have any negative effects?
1840891 tn?1431547793 s, and she suggested I try Voltaren gel, a topically applied NSAID. She said if used as directed only very minute amounts would be absorbed into the general circulation. I googled the drug and immediately found an alarming FDA safety report at http://www.fda.gov/safety/medwatch/safetyinformation/safetyalertsforhumanmedicalproducts/ucm193047.htm, which notes post-marketing reports of drug- induced hepatoxicity, some leading to complete failure of the liver.
717296 tn?1233204670 celebrex in lieu of actual Relafen OPIATE: codeine in lieu of actual Percocet
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Avatar f tn I usually get a fair amount of discomfort but did not this time.
1129364 tn?1260498188 Went to Kaiser today. Diagnosed inflamed knee ligaments. Advise ice, NSAID, no exercise for at least 1 week.
654183 tn?1225309036 Lexapro 1 low dose pill at bedtime
1028100 tn?1253287899 If you are interested in Lexapro, read this first. This thread talks about side effects. http://womenshealth.about.com/b/2004/11/03/lexapro-side-effects-3.
Avatar f tn First day back on lexapro. Anxiety has steadily increased, think being back on the lexapro should help to reduce symptoms and associated anger all the time.
Avatar m tn Lexapro increased to 10mg/day
Avatar m tn Lexapro changed to a.m.
Avatar n tn didn't take lexapro for 2 days because he ran out and didn't ask me to get them in time
Avatar f tn Ok, so I'm on day 2 of 5mg of lexapro. I feel anxious, foggy, and not really me. Is this because my body is adjusting to a new med? Or should I lower the dose to 2.5. Is that too low to do any affect ?
1763308 tn?1318507806 Went down to approximately 5 mg before bed.
1579874 tn?1296401012 day 4 is better--less jittery and hung over-- but just as I start to feel pretty good, I have to take the pill again, and I feel groggy and tired when it kicks in. Mornings are a *****. I really feel hung over then.
1579874 tn?1296401012 day 5; no change. Don't like this sluggish feeling with headache.
1579874 tn?1296401012 day 6; a little better today.
1579874 tn?1296401012 quit lexapro today
Avatar f tn Started taking Lexapro 10mg on Monday....
1579874 tn?1296401012 day 3 *****