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Avatar m tn Also, is it possible that by just talking to a psychologist, that I could be cured of this thing which is basically destroying me life? I copied the above sentence from your posting. The answer is "yes" and the the talking part is called "cognitive behavioral therapy" or CBT. Social phobia and social anxiety are the same thing so you found the correct forum.
Avatar f tn i was kind of relieved but a little sad when i read all these posts yu see this is all me i had cancer phobia for 4 years ive had bowel tummy brain ladies bits throat you name it and its always been ok thank the lord for that ive puked shook cried not slept and generally been ill i had cbt and this was the turning for me no more googling illness readin g med books drs visits every two minutes i feel so sad about people suffering health anxiety its so bad bad bad i still have a fear of vomiting
Avatar m tn It helped me understand what I was feeling and why i was feeling it. I was diagnosed with Social Phobia while in college and 4 different doctors over the last 15 years have prescribed many different drugs and many differeny dosages. Reading this book was far better than all drugs, doctors, and alcohol. http://www.amazon.
Avatar m tn just want to know if anyone has any input on it, if used ofcourse...i suffer from uncontrolled blushing and sweating...my social phobia is horrible, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Getting sick is an inevitable fact of life for most people. I still have my phobia and i am now trying to rid my phobia through positive thought . I think maybe if i can just change my negative thoughts about it to the positive aspects maybe it will help. But i fear even if i do get some grasp on it, i feel it is safe to say i will have some lingering fear for the rest of my days. Who knows? everyday is a new day and the posibilities are limitless as to what you can conquer.
Avatar n tn 1. A person approaches me and starts talking 2. I think "Uh oh, I'm locked into a conversation. I hope I'm not sweating." 3. I start feeling a little flushed in the face. 4. I think "I'm sweating!" and of course I start sweating more. So, the more I worry about sweating in front of people, the more I sweat. It's kind of amazing how it works on cue. Normally, I'd have to play 30 minutes of basketball to break a sweat.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the info - Yes - it did include limbs aching, Carpal tunnel which I had under control (not now) and of course the memory loss for the Lexapro. Most people who post think that it is great and I was so hoping that it would be for me - not. I am going to call my psy. tomorrow about the pains and memory loss now that I am on Lamictal - it is helping with the depression.
Avatar n tn I am having problems with lexapro. When I take it I feel like I drank 20 cups of coffee and I get really shaky. I am now on a low dose, but I am miserable. Is there anything that can take away these side effects?
Avatar n tn I've heard taking prozac before coming off Lexapro helps.I think I should add that I am 62 yrs. old and was taking Lexapro for social anixety and hot flashes. I want to get off because of the weird dreams and deep sleep I have and it doesn't seem to help with the hot flashes as much any more. Please advise me on what to do.
Avatar f tn If its a fear of being outside or in enclosed places that would be a phobia. But only your psychiatrist would know for sure so it would be best to speak to them about it.
Avatar n tn I found the key on the way and wish I'd find it at the beginning since I wouldn't get social phobia (caligynephobia specificaly). You must break the circle now that is early. Therapy helps when there's a specific problem. It doesn't help much to reduce anxiety. Anxiety is a result of depression. Depression is a result of bad thoughts running into your mind. Anxiety brings more bad thoughts and so on. Therapy won't help you to move quickly to the way out.
Avatar n tn I should mention, I am a 25 year old male.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, older meds work better (Nardil for social phobia) or Paxil for panic and agoraphobia... Benzo meds tend to worse the anxiety in a longterm view... addiction problem worse the anxiety, skip dose worse the anxiety and give rebound anxiety, also some side-efffects like chronic headache, worse anxiety, more panic, hands tremor, poor memory ... are often well know with the use of those benzo meds in a longterm view.... For the Therapy... it's not working for everyone...
1772374 tn?1326249837 Yea i'm currently taking Gabapentin, Xanax when needed, Busiprone, and Lexapro. Lexapro is an SSRI for depressant and is known for helping anxiety. Gabapentin is a tranquilizer/mood-stabalizer. Busiprone is an anti-anxiety drug as well but non-benzo. It works on Serotonin, and a little bit on Dopamine. Right now after taking the gabapentin and 2mg xanax im feeling a lil at ease. Plus what helps me a tad is to take a walk and observe nature in a sort of meditative way. Meditation is good too.
Avatar f tn I only take ativan when I really need it, or if I'm having a hard time getting to sleep. I'm contemplating starting a med for my social phobia, but I really want to give congnitive therapy and my support group a go before I do that, I'd rather retrain my brain first. Drugs don't cure this, but it helps.
411389 tn?1230128077 (Which is your real username?) I am happy to hear that your blood work came back showing elevated cholesterol. Welcome to the club! It is easily controlled either through diet and exercise or medication. Dpending on your numbers, I hope your doctor has you try the diet and exercise first. There are some blanks in your post, which is odd, but I am going to assume that the missing word is "Xanax.
Avatar n tn Hello, My anxiety hit me hard about 5 years ago when I moved out on my own for the first time. My anxiety is social. I got over it for the most part except for the one thing that kind of stayed with me through out the last 5 years, my phone phobia. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE! I started taking xanax 3 weeks ago and it amazes how many people I actually want to talk to when I'm on it. I call everyone in my phone book & they all freak out because I am actually calling them and talking, LOL.
2198057 tn?1338534805 Hi there I am another panic possessed lady, age 55 who has also suffered with PTSD, social phobia, and then on top of that, fainting attacks for many years. I have quite low blood pressure, so one would assume that I would not pass out when in a panic attack because it increases heart rate, etc. However, now I am told there is perhaps a vagus nerve issue and that this may be the cause of the faint.
Avatar n tn I know everyone is different, but lexapro is the most described and it especially works for people who suffer from constant panic attacks. Also for about the first month of taking lexapro, 99% you will encounter side effects. The side effects can be very uncomfortable, like dizziness, and other strange and uncomfortable feelings. Do not give up! Take it for at least 2 months before you make the decision to not take it.
Avatar f tn no one knows anything about my wierd problems, my husband has a hint but doesn't know the full story. let's begin with i have social phobia, people do scare me, but then again i am very lonely. I have to be around someone all the time, or i get depressed at the drop of the hat. my husband on the other hand is the opposite of me, he can't stand being around people, and I tend to annoy him. I feel lonely when I am with him, and he thinks spending an hour with me a day will help, it's not wokring.
404138 tn?1308945256 I have gad, ptsd, social phobia, bits of agorphobia you name it. Ive been on .5mg of klonopin for about a month and its a lifesaver for me when I take 2 (three days a week, the days I work) and have 4 OK or some bad days just on Lexapro without the klonopin the days im off, I told my doctor this and she said I could take klonopin daily, so instead of taking two 7 days a week, the days I do not work I take only One.
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Avatar n tn I was also diagnosed with dissociative amnesia, trichotillomania, and social phobia. I was first on zoloft, 150 mg when stabilized. I was also put on topimax, which was to help treat the trich. (I also have .05 mg of ativan for extreme situations.) Eventually, the zoloft started working, and I am now on 30 mg of Lexapro. The topimax worked very well in the beginning, but then stopped, so they took me off of that as well.
Avatar m tn I really need to start again a SSRI for my extreme panic disorder and I want to know if the Celexa will work to stop the panic disorder, since I took it for my social phobia at 60 mg/day back in 1999 for 6 months and it did nothing for the social anxiety and my anxiety level didn't improve on it? I ask that question cause last year I wanted to try again the Lexxapro, who is the improve Celexa and I had strong side-effects on it, wasn't able to tolerate a little dose of 2.
Avatar n tn Klonopin & Lexapro for depression? The answer is no, because Klonopin (clonazepam) is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Klonopin (clonazepam) is used to treat seizures and panic disorder. Lexapro is an antidepressant and a member of the family of medicines known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Lexapro is a well-tolerated medicine for the treatment of depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in adults.
Avatar n tn Hi there I once felt exactly as you do. I saw a psychiatrist and he suggested I had a slight social phobia and some generalised anxiety. A small amount of valium worked until lexapro (an antidepressant) kicked in and then i began to feel normal again quickly. If it's acute and you feel not quite right, go to your doctor and ask for some antianxiety meds, a very low dose that you should never use for a month, and never use it if you are drinking alcohol.
Avatar n tn about a month or two ago i went on prozac for social phobia and it worked fairly well for about a week. after that it stopped working as well and i developed a rash on my neck. i stopped taking it and after the rash went away. i started taking zoloft and it worked even better than the prozac, until i got another rash on my neck and thats where i am now. i am supposed to stop taking it if the rash doesnt go away.
1618921 tn?1298826421 I was mainly free of panic attack for almost 10 years, my social phobia was still there but I was ok with it... I had some panic attacks in that 10 years gaps...especially at the university when I had to do oral speech in front of the class OR sometimes I had panic attacks because of my social phobia in public transportation or when I had to walk alone in a street full of people OR whan I had to introduce myself to a new group at school... or when I was drunk... but nothing more...
Avatar f tn I have pretty severe social anxiety, I don't do well at all with crowds or unknown people, and it's VERY hard for me to start conversations or to think of what to say sometimes. This has been the case since I can remember, probably 3rd or 4th grade. I was very withdrawn and shy in middle and high schools. I was also dealing with accepting my sexuality and being gay, and was bullied a lot in school. I still have ptsd from that.
Avatar f tn everything is a huge issue for me..I'm always in fear...social phobia...my mother is ailing.. wow I'm confused as confuse can be..lol.. the same thing happened when I was Pristiq..in Dec..I was sleeping in the hospital w/ my Mom....I had pain I took a perc...then I had welts on my neck..stopped the Pristiq.immediatly....I've been on Cymbalta since Jan30th...no rashes yet..I stopped the percs too... oh Mornings and afternoons are worse for me.especailly Mondays!! & it's not like I work ..