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Avatar n tn So you need to work with your endocrinologist to make sure you are receiving the correct dose of thyroid as you stay on the patch or other estrogens. As you know Lexapro is for depression and anxiety. If you had these symptoms before you went into perimenopause, then it might be a reasonable treatment. But if the symptoms came since the perimenopause window you are in, there is a good chance they will be effectively treated by getting the dosages of thyroid and estrogen hormones balanced.
Avatar f tn Hi thanks for comments yes my symptom all started with menopause I never worried or got anxious before and now since the peri menopause has hit me I am extremely anxious teary and get depressed
1232362 tn?1333139006 My dr and I trying to determine if I am in fact starting perimenopause or simply extremely stressed. She started me on lexapro once a day along w/anxiety meds I was already taking. Has anyone else used this and with what result? She did say it would take 2-3 weeks for effect.
1934704 tn?1323452736 -) My Dr thinks that they are from perimenopause (sp) and the stress of my brother passsing away a year ago. So what would you suggest I do to control stress? More meditation? what are good foods to eat when you get migraines? Food to avoid also?
Avatar n tn the weight gain with effexor and then even more so with lexapro. I was on effexor for approx a year+, then on lexapro for only 3months...I started to gain weight and it's taken me 7 months after not taking any of the meds to lose 7 pounds. I've always been obsessive with excercise and dieting, yet none of this has helped....soooo frustrating. I just got back on prozac and the weight is starting to drop...
Avatar f tn And I've also started on lybrel for irregular bleeding. Was it going off the lexapro that jump started the anxiety attacks? I'm feeling o.k. right now, and the weight lose is great - if I could enjoy it. But I would really like to never have an attack again. I really feel like I have an evil twin inside that suddenly comes out.
Avatar n tn Zoloft and Paxil are known for sexual side effect. I am now on Lexapro and find it has few side effects (I'm still having weight gain, but not sure if it's meds, age, perimenopause, stress or a combo). I find Xanax to be a lifesaver, if not abused, I don't see it worse than relying on an SSRI (or insulin, if you're diabetic). It doesn't get me high and I keep the dose the same. I just started Inderal for palpitations but am fearful I will gain more weight.
Avatar f tn I don't drink. My blood pressure has always been on the low side, actually. Financial stress and always having too much to do (a husband, a busines, and 2 kids 7 and 15) are an issue, too. So...is it anxiety, thyroid, perimenopause, stress, smoking, what?? Do I quit smoking, eliminate my morning coffee, take Lexapro, and try hormone therapy for the menopause??!!! Going to the doctor soon.
358304 tn?1409713092 almost like I broke a fever... but I'm not fevered or running a fever. I've been taking Lexapro 5mg for about a month... could this be a side effect of the Lexapro? Will this side effect eventually leave? I've been on it for a month. I've also noticed I've been dreaming ALOT more while on the Lexapro... and the dreams are very REAL... and TIRING! I sweat more I notice if the dream is more Vivid or Real like.... doesnt have to necessarily be a nightmare or anything...
Avatar f tn hi and thanks for comment im not anxious at upcoming menopause i could have explained that better basically i was unwell for quiet a few months with ailments fatigue constantly getting flu and generally not feeling myself before i was diagonsed with peri menopause but since then my symptoms have got worse and is literally taking control of my everyday life i dont want to take meds i would rather try and beat this without going down the road of believing a tablet will make everything ok.
Avatar n tn If the estradiol is low and the FSH is high, that is typical for perimenopause. You might also discuss with your doctor checking your thyroid hormones and checking for diabetes. These can cause similar symptoms in some women. You can also have your blood tested for testosterone to see if it is low and contributing to your reduced libido. If you are in perimenopause and you and your doctor agree estrogen is a good choice for you, the estrogen can improve all the symptoms you are having.
Avatar n tn Hi, I took Paxil for years for perimenopause. Went off of it last July after switching to Cymbalta and then lexapro and Citalopram (had a bad reaction to the citalopram and stopped everything). Been doing O.K. since then cause went through menopause. Some people have horror stories about withdrawing from Paxil but I didn't and I know of at least one other person who had no problems with stopping the paxil.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Lexapro for mood and maxalt for headache by PCP ( have been on numerous triptans for the last ten years for good control) When my perimenopausal symptoms began to increase hot flashes, sleep difficulties and mood, I was placed on Yaz. It has overall been great. Controlled by anxiety except for right before menses.
Avatar f tn I have tried different antidepressants (Zoloft, Amitriptyline, Lexapro) but cannot tolerate them even at the most tiny dose. I have been put on beta-blockers for anxiety, which helps slow the heart rate but not always reduce the BP spikes. I also have a history of multinodular goiter. All of my bloodwork and thyroid test results have come back normal EXCEPT for my calcium levels. Since 2012, I have had readings of 10.0, 11.1, 10.4, 10.8, and 10.4.
Avatar n tn I had a blood test done for herpes even though I inform the doctor that I am celebate because my husband has had cancer for eight years now. Neither of us are active. She looked at me with such disbelief and I am hurt. I took the blood test on April 4 and am still waiting for her to call. The lab is right across the street. The bump did not look anything like the herpes clusters. It looked like a pimple with a whitehead.
Avatar f tn And don't believe the perimenopause thing until proven! I think your gyno should have some sort of test for that, don't they?
Avatar f tn I'll try to condense this as much as I can. I've been having numbness of hands and feet and strange episodes of "brain fog". Was on Lexapro 10 mg once daily for 5 months for anxiety. Rapid weight gain, no relief from anxiety. Tapered off to 5 mg daily over 2 wk period, then to 5mg q.o.d. after about 36 hrs of no Lexapro, I have dizziness, sharp pains in my head, and other strange things. Dr. gave me Prozac 25mg to help ease the blow, but I'm still having these symptoms.
1445110 tn?1388213311 I have no appetite at all. The doctor put me on Lexapro for depression and anxiety which seems to make all my other symptoms worse. Although the doctor tells me my thyroid test are fine I feel hyper and hypo at the same time. I dont know if i am making any sense at all but would love to hear for anyone if you have any of these problems like me. I really dont know what else to do. This all seemed to start about 6 months ago altthough i have suffered with thyroid problems for years.
12975971 tn?1428013278 Ended up showing my *** in the Verizon store (I mean really really showing my ***!) and that's when I knew something was wrong! Doctor put me on Lexapro for bad PMS and it has worked!
Avatar f tn by the way,2 weeks ago did pep smear and mamo and blood test at my family dr and everything came back good.Could it be that I am starting perimenopause?with the same symptoms that I have? anyone like me?could be ovarian cancer symptoms too?any reply would be greatly appreciated....
Avatar n tn She was also still on Lexapro back in September, can that effect the thyroid balances? Thank you for any incite and advice.
136986 tn?1232403430 This makes it easy for pharmacy representatives to push drugs (and easy for the family doc)that are being prescribed for other conditions for which they haven't been tested. Please make it your last resort behind all other methods of therapy, most importantly, lifestyle changes. These meds haven't been tested for long term use and have been linked to birth defects to unborn children, killing some, also sending many to the ER with crazy side effects.
Avatar f tn I was on Prozac for 3 years, and I'm now on Lexapro for 2 years. So problems so far. My psychiatrist told me that I will probably have to be on antidepressants for the rest of my life, and knowing what I know (I'm getting a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology), I am okay with this. Not happy about it, but not worried about it either. Luckily, Prozac has the longest half-life of the SSRI antidepressants, and people rarely experience intense withdrawal symptoms - even without weaning off of it.
Avatar f tn It is possible that increasing it might help, but then again, it might not be the best drug for you. Personally, I found Lexapro to be too stimulating. Zoloft proved to be much, much better for me. There is no reason in the world for you to be suffering like this, except possibly the wrong doctor. The best one would refer you to a specialist when what he suggested was no longer effective, and he had run out of ideas..
Avatar f tn I have tried different antidepressants (Zoloft, Amitriptyline, Lexapro) but cannot tolerate them even at the most tiny dose. I have been put on beta-blockers for anxiety, which helps slow the heart rate but not always reduce the BP spikes. I also have a history of multinodular goiter. All of my bloodwork and thyroid test results have come back normal EXCEPT for my calcium levels. Since 2012, I have had readings of 10.0, 11.1, 10.4, 10.8, and 10.4.
Avatar n tn Dear Flo, Everytime I hear certain symptoms, especially with SSRIs, I know exactly what is going on. I've been on Zoloft off and on for eight years, and used Lexapro for two years. The first time I started taking Zoloft, an equivalent dose to your Lex, I also started dropping things. I had read somewhere about that, so I knew what was going on. So, I believe you will learn to adapt to it, that is, it won't bother you that you do this after a while.
Avatar f tn I am a mental health professional and have suffered MDD/dysthymia (SAD related) for many years and have been on antidepressants for about 7 years due to life stressors etc. (strong family hx of depression). been on Wellbutriin off and on since 2004. after particularly difficult stressors past summer (with suicidal ideation)my MD doubled my dose to 300 mg Wellbutrin XL.
Avatar f tn That's what it's used for -- overall brain function. Not for anxiety or depression but it might help prevent some of the effects of these things.
Avatar n tn when we got to that I said I couldn't do this anymore and wanted to try Prozac again, I had been off of it for 5 months by then, thinking it worked for 9 years in the past and being told it should work again. I have also been on Loraz. for over a year. Usual dose 1mg. at bedtime. Then my husband had to have open heart surgery and I had an emotional breakdown, then I got depression along with the anxiety. I did group, individual counceling and finally got burn out.
Avatar f tn I'm starting to think some of my meds could be the problem. I take HCTZ and Lipitor for blood pressure; Wellbutrin and Lexapro for depression; Prilosec for gerd; Lomotil for diarrhea (generic for most of these); and a couple of others occasionally. I also take several vitamin and mineral sups. Have read that several of these prescription meds can cause sweating and other problems. HCTZ, Lipitor, Wellbutrin and Lexapro are ones I've read about. I'm not sure about the others.