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Avatar f tn I'm at high risk for breast cancer and for about a month, I've been experiencing a strange "tingling" in the upper, outer area of my left breast. It's not constant, nor is it painful in any way. There are no lumps I can feel, yet this strange feeling (almost like a "let-down" when nursing) certainly catches my attention when it happens. I can't seem to correlate it to any specific time or movement. My next mammo is scheduled for May. Could this be something of concern?
Avatar n tn My breast......more of the left than the right has started tingling or getting a dull pang. I am not pregnant and I have no idea if is time for my period since I am sooo irregular anyway. My question is can thyroid surgery and meds cause hormonal changes in your body to the point that I would be feeling this aches and tingles and such?
Avatar n tn Hey mommies. So Im 27 weeks and every time im sitting up I get this tingling/numbness under my left boob. Do any of you know what causes that?
Avatar f tn this morning i woke up with a tingling sensation from my chest down to my left breast and it feels like a warm sensation trikling down at the same time what could it be should i be alrmed?
Avatar f tn I doubt very much that your symptoms indicate breast cancer. Nipple tingling is a temporary annoyance and hopefully it will likely settle down on its own soon…However if the discomfort persists and you notice nipple discharge, skin changes or a lump under your nipple, please see your Doctor for a clinical breast exam. Best wishes..
155531 tn?1189759424 Hi, I'm currently 30 weeks and a few days pregnant, and last week I got this sudden numbing and tingling under my left breast (not the breast itself, but the part if the belly directly under it). Its constantly numb and cold and itchy. Is there a need to be worried or is this normal?
Avatar f tn hi, for about 2 or 3 months, i have had this sharp stabbing pain under my left breast. It only occurs when i bend over too far or bend over too fast. i dont know if its a bone or what. but the best way to explain it is when i bend over it feels like something cracks or moves and then i get a sharp pain for about 15-20 seconds. i have also had constant numbness and tingling in my back ever since i got a job at a factory about 3 weeks ago.
1182152 tn?1264108247 followed by a UTI infection. While I was taking an antibiotic for this, my left breast started feeling really hot and developed a rash around the nipple area. It cleared up in a few days and was replaced with a burning, stinging, pins and needles sensation under my arm and on the outside of the left breast? I'm concerned that this could be cancer? If not does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Possibly hormones because of menopause approaching? Thank you.
Avatar f tn The pain then started to go down my arm at times but seeing as though I worked at a computer I chalked it up to poor posture. The pain started to move around to the side of my left ribs and breast/chest area. It feels like a tight muscle/cramping pain. Very uncomfortable. I was prescribed Naproxen but it made me very nauseous so I was switched to maloxacam. This seemed to help a little bit.
Avatar f tn It's right ON my left breast (not under) closer to the middle of my chest. The pain can be very sharp n intense, I am not someone who runs to the doctor, I believe my body is smart enough to heal it self and I don't panic easily. But about 2 weeks ago the pain left me without breath, it seem to spread through my chest towards my left side and shoulder, it lasted a few minutes, it was so strong that I couldn't answer to my worried family members trying to help me.
Avatar n tn An episode can be brought on by either physical activity or sitting sedentary in the car or house. Wednesday AM I was on the treadmill and while walking I had two 8 lb dumbbells doing overhead presses trying to multiply the fat burn. About 20 minutes into the routine I felt it coming on so I stopped and went and sat down. It came on pretty strong and lasted from 8:30AM until a little past noon. Pain in the neck up throught the top of the leftside of the head.
Avatar f tn keep getting tngeling towards centre of left breast but have a disc problem in back could this b related
Avatar n tn I know that's caused by the inflammation but it sometimes becomes very irritated sometimes becomes a darker pink, I have had small scabs on my aeriola, one is left from a couple of months ago, not like a puss scab but it almost looks like a black head, but brown.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've had the tingling, numbness, tenderness, pain and sore nipple on my left breast for about 3+ years. The symptoms come and go but can last for days when I have them. It's very frustrating and uncomfortable. Now when I lay down on my stomach and lean on my elbows I feel like something is pulling and the numbing sensation like if blood is not circulating. The numbness goes up my armpit and down my arm.Different Drs have done breast exams and all said no lumps felt.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, also areas of the left side of my chest are sore and tingling. I was thinking maybe this happened after not working out for a month and then doing hard chest workout. Sometimes it feels like someone is pulling the hair out of my chest one by one.
Avatar n tn I hope this isn't a duplicate posting I lost the last one I typed.... I'm 51 and my left breast has spontanousely been leaking small amounts for over 6 months but it has always been clear, so I assumed it was just hormone's connected to my age. I just had an appointment as a new patient with my new doctor and I told her about this leakage I also told her that I was due for a mammogram, she did not examine me but told me that she did testing every 2 yrs if there wasn't any problems.
Avatar f tn I am 18 and have chronic heart burn. I have these tension pains and sometimes needle tingling pains above my left breast. Then sometimes if feels like i slept wrong on my shoulder, like I can't get a comfortable postion. Tension in armpit and right outside it. whole left arm soreness feeling. I get pain sometimes as it seems right at the bottom of my left ribcage.
Avatar m tn I couldn't tell if it was in my breast or chest, but I attributed it to chest pain since I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I also experienced pain and tingling that went down my left arm, but was never consistent. For the last two months though I have been experiencing pain that clearly seems to come from my breast on the left side almost under my arm. I also have times when my breast is extremely itchy.
Avatar n tn hi i first went the doctor a few months ago because i thought i had a bad flu and my under my left armpitt was sore and felt annoying,doctor gave me antibiotics but it's still there but under both armpitts. also i sometimes get tingling senceations go through my breasts i'm feeling worried as this doesnt feel normal.
Avatar n tn have an inverted left nipple for some years now....but have pain in breast and underarm and keep getting a tingling sensation in my breast...i also get a dragging sensation and pain in breast when bending over...my doc thought my left aerola was bigger than right one and i now have an appointment for my local breast clinic...should i be worried?
1515564 tn?1431386900 all the way up. My left arm was numbish, tingling, burning all the way up and down, even to my fingertips and I had pain in my back, behing my GM breast as well. Always limited to the left side (GM side), chronic since 2007 - sometimes, when my breast is flaring the pain and the feeling, especially up my face and in my head is pretty high on the charts.
Avatar n tn Pressure on my left eye, tingling with goosebumps on left arm and left let, and pain in my left arm. At times it feels like I can't get a deep breath in, but I think I am anxious about the goosebumps and tingling to my legs and arm. I am a type II diabetic, on an insulin pump. The only thing that I can think of is that I put my pump in a site that hit a nerve???? I did have bad pain when I changed my site about a week ago... I am kind of worried. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I had childhood 'cold sores' on my upper left lip. Haven't had one in probably ten years. Two months ago, I was at a bachelor party, and I sucked on the breasts of the stripper. Three days later I developed a cold sore on my upper left lip. The cold sore went away like normal after about a week or two. This was two months ago. About a week ago, I developed a tingling sensation in my lip, basically the same place I had the cold sore.
Avatar n tn hey guys! lately(like the past week) my left breast right under the nipple has been having very painful shooting/stinging sensations and just yesterday the right breast started doing it to. i was wondering if this was normal or if any of you had experienced anything like it during your pregnancy, and also what might be causing it. on a side note i just wanted to thank all of you for the advice you have given me these past 6 months.
1044406 tn?1253574748 I wanted to know has anyone else experienced numbing or tingling on the side where the lumps are found in the breast. I have 2 Hypoechoic breast nodules on the left side of my body in my left breasts one medium sized one I assume 9mm x 5 ad the other smaller one 1.4 by 0.8 mm. The left side of my body gets numb. Anyway I got hit by a car walking across the street. My doctor thinks the two are totally unrelated. However, My arm gets numb or tingling at the wierdest of times.
Avatar n tn two months after my daughter was born, and several weeks after a viral illness, i developed a buzzing or humming sensation in my left foot. a few weeks later i developed tingling in my left big toe and heel, especially after walking. several days later i developed tingling in the fingers of my right hand, then my left. within two months the buzzing and tingling was present in both my legs, the buzzing sometimes up to my knees.