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Avatar n tn I have had surgery on the boils 4 times this last time I had surgery on the boil was when I was about 4 onths pregant with my son. They told me if I didnt have the surgery it would harm my baby. The dr also told me that it would never come back. My son will be 2 years old in Oct. and I am suffering with a boil right now. I cant remember how many times Ive had them drained. I always get them in my buttocks never anywhere else. Ive done all the home remides that can be done.
Avatar n tn Discomfort from gas between shoulders, nothing bad just did not expect that. Waiting for the surgery was worse then the surgery...Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn I have multiple nodules, biopsy came back benign ,but surgeon wants to do a partial removal of the thyroid. I was reading about laser removal of the nodules, but Spokane wa doesn't have any. Does Wa. state have any ent doctors that use laser to remove nodules. I have never had general surgery, it scares me. I was told there is no rush to have the surgery.
Avatar m tn You need to have surgery. I have had macular pucker surgery (in addition to other surgery starting with a retinal detachment) for a vision of 20/200 My vision has recovered to about 20/20 with some distortion. 20/200 is legally blind. Get this eye fixed. I have seen patient who have not a surgery in one eye for a correctable problem and years later they develop a problem in the one remaining eye that can not be fixed. At the time is was too late to fix the problem in the first eye. Dr.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Interstitial-Cystitis/I-had-bladder-stone-laser-surgery-2-years-ago/show/1775898">I had bladder stone laser surgery 2 years ago</a> was started.
Avatar f tn It wasn't urgent, but I did get laser surgery - minor in-patient just to seal up those hoes. I will continue to keep a close check on my eyes throughout my life. The laser surgery took 5 minutes with no recovery time. Please get your eyes dilated at least every 6 months if you have similar eyes or experience to me. I'm thankful for modern medicine and still amazed to learn how many people are going through this every day. Please feel free to reach out to me!
233488 tn?1310696703 YAG laser vitreolysis, deep anterior vitrectomy combined with cataract surgery, and pars plana vitrectomy are available, they have been offered to patients with symptomatic floaters only rarely.1, 3, 6 Health-related quality of life is playing a vital role in every specialty of medicine because of the increasing importance of patient preferences and escalating healthcare costs.
Avatar n tn They found it on my post partum checkup after my son was born when my pap smear came up bad. I had to have laser surgery on my cervix to kill the dysplasia because he told me if I waited too long it would turn into cancer. I too waited approx 6 months at that time because I also was young & had no insurance & had to borrow the money from my parents for the surgery. IF it is just dysplasia they can get rid of completely.
Avatar n tn In 2007 I had excison (cut out) Endo lap surgery and my Endo was deep, I had frozen pelvis (kissing ovaries), 5cm Endometrioma, Sigmoid colon endo, Rectovaginal Endo and deep infiltrating Endo on the sigmoid colon and pelvic wall. All was excised. I felt great for a while but I have aggressive Endo it seems. Fast forward to 2009 I went back to that surgeon who is one of the top in Canada and he refused to do another surgery.
Avatar f tn Unknown Dr. Yong: Specialisation: GYN only Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Unknown The key for you is to find a good surgeon and as much as I hate to say this I would have that ovary removed. I totally understand why they kept it but the thing with Ovarian disease is that the cells are different than Endometriosis within the pelvic area.
1408746 tn?1283678948 I just recently had a major surgery for something called Nutcracker Syndrome. This Syndrome results most commonly from the compression of the left renal vein between the abdominal aorta (AA) and superior mesenteric artery (SMA), although other variants exist.[1][2] The name derives from the fact that, in the sagittal view, the SMA and AA (with some imagination) appear to be a nutcracker crushing a nut (the renal vein).
Avatar n tn 30 day soft contact lens have continued to get better and better, have you considered them? If you do go with surgery (please think long and hard about that) the high amount of astigmatism you have combined with the lazy eye makes you a interesting challenge for the surgeon. I don't agree with eagle eyes that you shouldn't consider the crystalens, it may be your best choice considering your amblyopia. You should consider everything that is available to you.
Avatar f tn This may help you decide whether or not to undergo surgery on your second eye. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn I am pregnant 36 weeks and woke up one morning to a dark spot in my vision of my right eye. never had eye issues in my life. i had pre eclampsia with my last pregnancy, but not sure if this is related to pre e this time. i went to an eye doctor and she didn't dialate my eye (due to pregnancy) she was very evasive with my questions. but what she did say is that i have a posterior vitreous detachment. i looked this up and it happens usually to people 60 years plus. i am 26.
Avatar n tn I believe I belong on your page. I too swell up in the surgery area and get in nasty burnig pain every day. I have nerves shoot through my body when I open my mouth fast, turn my body, step hard or sneeze. I had 2 level fussion 5/5/06. They removed bone spurs all around C3-C4-C5, freed up nerves that where compromised and straighened a verdabrea that compressed my spine. Removed the disc, fused and secured with titanium plate. All symptoms from before are gone, all of them.
Avatar n tn I am 8 weeks post-surgery, and yes... you will have pain, especially since you are only one week post-surgery. The belly button pulling-feeling is normal, and will last several weeks. I was walking like a 70yr old (I'm 28) for about two weeks after surgery. It was only after that point that I could walk (mostly) normally again. Stairs were painful. I went up them one at a time and usually had to pause at the top or bottom and let my muscles go floppy.
315996 tn?1429057829 I went to have some oral surgery and told the dentist. His assistant refused to help and he fired her on the spot. I felt he did the right thing but I was very uncomfortable. I still think we all have to tell heath care workers who might be exposed to blood. That was 10 years ago and I have not had a problem since then.
Avatar n tn i am having doubts about this fusion but there is a alternative surgery(laser surgery) laser surgery institute.
720604 tn?1230853479 He told me I needed to see a periodontist, which didn't surprise me because I had had gum surgery when I was only 21 for gum disease. (I was about 44 at the time of THIS dentist visit). I went home but never called a periodontist because I was just too embarrassed. Yesterday I went back to a new dentist a co-worker kept nagging me to go to. My co-worker does not know I have Hep C. He kept bugging me to go to see his dentist ..
Avatar f tn the lady who checked my eyes actually had operating rooms in her clinic where she operates on people's eyes, that was the level of qualifications she had. (laser eye surgery for vision correction, removal of cataracts etc, the whole works). I think that is the level of person you need to see. I am so sorry you had this dreadful experience.
Avatar n tn So the fish scale skin is improving. I expect by next spring to be in good enough shape to laser all those broken blood vessels. Seborrheic dermatitis??? making small progress there too. Still using Head and Shoulders, and doing the same on those areas as on the Rosacea. The Loprox cream turned out to be a disaster, so both, cream and shampoo found their way into the garbage. Still running around with an umbrella, but the face mask has been washed and folded away...
Avatar n tn Mine was at 20mm and I was starting to show signs of paralysis when mine was discovered, so I was rushed to surgery. I only knew of the existance of Chiari for 3 weeks before my surgery, some people may be diagnosed and watched for years, even decades, before they need surgery. Type 2 and beyond are often noticable at birth. They often causes partial or complete paralysis below the spinal defect and generally have noticable malformed brains at least on an MRI.
163305 tn?1333672171 We really like her a lot. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Chief of Clinical Hepatology at the University of WA. Her education is: M.D.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Last night I saw on the news a miracle drug- a guy from Redmond, WA had stage 3 lung cancer that started spreading- he was diagnosed 4-5 months ago and was dying. He found a clinical trial for an experimental drug in Colorado, I make the story short- taking 2 pills a day/ 12 hours apart/ today he is TOTALLY CANCER FREE. They expect to continue the studies and it make take couple of years before the drug is available but the results are extremely promising.
Avatar n tn Most of my preop symptoms were gone within 3 hrs of the surgery. I would not hesitate to have the surgery again. This does not mean that you will need surgery at this time, but it is a good idea to get all the diagnostic testing done upfront to enable your doctors to establish the most appropriate treatment.
Avatar f tn Eleven months ago I had a titanium alloy dental implant along with a sinus lift and bovine bone graft. The surgery was successful and the implant has since integrated with the bone. One to two months after the surgery I started having cramps in the lower extremities that progressed to constant aching in the feet and knees.
Avatar n tn We change and clean the airducts every season change 4x per year. I am ready to move to AZ, I live in WA ST and it is getting worse. Nothing works, thank God I retired, I could not go to work like this, I feel sorry for those that have to work with red swollen eyes.
Avatar n tn (pronounce ro-z-shea )It's a skin disease causing red pathy skin and it's a sort of adult acne without the big bumbs, i had laser surgery done on my eye a month ago and they couln't figure it out either, I have fibromyalgia and a lot of other pain problems and take a lot of medications, but ibuprofen, i just started about the same time this started but i really need it for my arthrituis..