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Avatar f tn The requirement of surgery will be decided based on the current problem and the benefits and risks surgery would cause, also taking into account the recovery ability of the individual. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar n tn I had a laser surgery for a torn retina about two weeks ago. Follow-ups are good and the doctors think it is healing fine. I trust my doctors very much. I have a followup in two weeks from now. I understand it is normal for a retina to heal slowly and full recovery to take time. The eye that had the surgery is still very in about 35% field of vision. Some environments a little worse, some a little better depending on lites, mirrors, etc. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn What is the "typical" recovery time for a IOL implant cataract surgery to stabilize. That is, how long after cataract surgery should one expect the vision to stabilize.
Avatar n tn Almost any type of intraocular surgery (cataract, cryopexy, laser treatment of holes, etc) can cause a macular pucker, also known as epiretinal membrane.
233488 tn?1310696703 marissa4182 I had laser surgery for numerous tears and holes and the surgeon decided to do both eyes at once. what should have been quick turned into an hour and I have missed 3 days of work now because I can’t see up close at all, the sun hurts my eyes so I can’t drive, and my head always throbs. I also feel like my eyelids are always heavy. I was told I would be right back to normal after this and that is definitely not the case.
Avatar f tn For me the surgery and the facedown was the easy part of the recovery. It takes time to gather info about the surgery, read personal accounts and just being able to find enough valuable info. There is valuable info on this site. Also, there is a wonderful personnel account on a site I will post later.
Avatar f tn Which laser surgery are you referring to? Where they laser plaque away from the artery? or where they burn tiny holes in the heart muscle? All procedures carry some risk, but minimal. If the risks were great then the procedure wouldn't be offered because no cardiologist wants to kill you.
Avatar n tn I was NOT prepared for the recovery to be so long--or so painful. I had cataract surgery a year ago and that was nothing compared to this...I still cannot believe that after giving me morphine in the hospital, they sent me home to Tylenol! The pain after the heavy hospital drugs wore off was awful. Yet, I was led to believe this surgery was a 2-3 day recovery. WRONG.
Avatar n tn Laser surgery is less invasive, less bleeding, no cutting of muscle and ligaments, less scarring, less expensive, outpatient, no general anasthesia, less recovery time, etc. etc.but why aren't major hospitals/Drs. doing this? Learning curve, expense, time???? Q: Choices only seem to be the laser clinics & most of them in FL. instead of the usual places such as Mayo, UCLA, John Hopkins for example Are these laser institutes/Drs./credible?
Avatar n tn From my own recent experience recovering from the same thing, all i can tell you is that all depends on the kind of surgery.If they put gas, oil, if is laser surgery... You better contact your doctor. Do it! Is a quite boring thing, for sure! ...A "get soon well" from Brazil to you! Wish we could SEE each other perfectly soon- literally.
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding. My doctor seemed hesitant to do the laser because it is a very delicate operation. Can you recommend anyone who is experienced with laser so as not to (hopefully) burn any nerves that shouldn't get burned!!. I am finding out if there is traction of the vitreous. As he has macular edema (666 in the center, showing the swelling) could this cause further nerve damage if not treated for a while? Or no one knows?
Avatar n tn Is there some treatment, medicine, action we can do to help eye recovery of this surgery (we know all implications about this) or any thing that may help to recover? In other side with other eye, is there any possibility to help her vision with scar removal or any treatment to improve her vision?. For last and I am sorry about asking so much (we are really sad about her situation) are there any devices or equipments as special lens for example, to get a better vision in her case?
Avatar m tn I will be returning to work, after the two weeks of recovery for my surgery are over, will exposing my eyes to the computer or TV monitors adversley effect my vision or the healing process in both of my eyes after two weeks? Is it more likely for scar tissue develop if my eyes are exposed to the stress/strain from working in front of the computer all day?
1262699 tn?1277858559 I'm still eating soft foods as my bowels are still unsettled from the surgery. My recovery was slowed because my belly button wound got infected last week and I had to take antibiotics. I've no real appetite and I've lost over 5 kilos in the last 3 weeks which has not helped. I've started taking multivitamins and drinking protein drinks to put weight back on. Does anyone have any other useful tips for recovery? I'd love to hear them!
Avatar n tn Hello - I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January. It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it. I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before.
Avatar m tn I just had laser surgery today and I had a few questions about the disease that my doctor failed to answer or I failed to asked due to anesthesia. 1. How long is the recovery period following surgery. He gave me the ground rules, but didnt say when I would be recovered. 2. What is the incidence or stats of the warts returning? My doctor said there was a very high chance of them returning, but I have heard from other sources that isnt the case. 3.
Avatar n tn I am 10 days post vitrectomy for closure of macular hole due to laser injury. From the second day I could see, through the sick green film of the gas, 3 dark black - blind - spots that are stationary in the visual field. My doctor says that the retina looks flat and attached and that the hole is closed. He has no explanation for the dark spots other than the gas. What could this be. I'm still head down ... Thank you for your response.
Avatar f tn Generally a Laparascopy is a day surgery, from the time I got to the hospital, had the surgery, and spent my time in recovery I was there about 8-10 hours. My stomach was tender, but I was moving a little better closer to the end of week one. But my incisions had closed and healed super easily and fast. By week 2-3 I was starting to return to light working out etc and was feeling over all a lot better. Everyone heals differently, the follow up, this is with the gyno that did the surgery?
181575 tn?1250202386 He saw his GP who referred him to an eye specialist. The eye specialist found that he had a retinal tear. My brother just completed laser surgery (Monday afternoon) to seal the tear. After surgery he said the spots and rings were gone and he felt relieved. By evening (about 5 hours later), he said the spots came back but not as severe. He's concern again. Is this "normal" for the spots and ring symptoms to come back like this.
Avatar n tn Dear dnew85, It is definitely possible that you can still have some redness of the eye one month after surgery. However, I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to determine whether the redness is normal or not. Some questions I would ask yoru eyeMD include, is there evidence of regrowth? Is there evidence of scarring? How was the pterygium removed? Did you have sutures placed and if so, are they still in place and responsible for the inflammation. Dr. Feldman Sandy T.
626011 tn?1257283365 Laparascopy is a simpler surgery than a laparatomy. They use small incisions and so recovery time is much quicker. I have read and heard that usually by one week, the woman is already back to normal. I had a laparatomy done this past April and my recovery time was quite fast too. I had a c-section in the past and the c-section was way more painful than the laparatomy.
558156 tn?1217730996 I am having lapriscopic surgery on Monday. Im also trying to taper my pills. What can I expect from the surgery? Will they administer pain meds in the hospital? Im really scared...
Avatar n tn My laser treatment - surgery - is planned for January. Has anyone had laser surgery for genital warts removal before? I am worried about the scarring and the recovery part of the surgery. My Dr. said I would be in bed for about 15 days following the surgery, and that it would take about 1 month to heal completely. I've heard about horror stories... bad scarring... tissue sticking together... skin not being the same afterwards, and complicated intercourse following the surgery.
Avatar f tn Dear judy: I never had the face down recovery, but I did have a vitrectomy. My sight was really good at first, but then I had to have a IOL cataract replacement lens put in. Now I have to get rid of some fibrous tissue that seems to be pretty normal in cataract patients. They do this with a YAG laser.