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Avatar n tn He suggested using laser to remove the scar tissue in my left eye first. After a month, the vision in my left eye was somewhat blurred. I went back to him and he told me the scar tissue "flap" didn't fall down as planned. He advised me to wait another (6) weeks to see if the "flap" falls away. The alternative is an operation to remove the scar tissue.
Avatar n tn Hi doctor, 5 years ago, I had facelift, necklift, eyebrow lift, midface lift, and lower lids, and chin implant done. I have scar tissue all over my face. Even at the side of my nose where he says he didn't touch. AS for the chin, he put a jaw which I asked him to remove it just after a month after the operation. I had ultrasound for almost a year and half,with minimum results.
Avatar m tn I went to another neurosurgeon and he said he couldn't operate on me for the same reasons. He then told me that there were Drs. who can remove the scar tissue out and that would decrease the pain. I haven't been able to find anything about this. So my question finally is... do you know anything about scar tissue being removed? If so, what is the % of success?Thank you so much for your help I truly am at a loss and am tired of being in so much pain.
Avatar m tn with the scar tissue, as far as I know the only real fix is a Vitrectomy to remove it. A vitrectomy is serious surgery (I had one done 3 yrs ago) so you wouldn't want to do it unless the scar tissue affects your central vision, or impairs your vision so much that you can't stand it. Go to a Retina specialist, or two or three for opinions and OCT tests which show your retina and the scar tissue. Have them clearly explain your options.
Avatar f tn My husband's surgeon has changed his mind about using laser to remove extra muscle at the head of his bladder to relieve urine retention, pain and sexual dysfunction because, after normal cystoscopy, he decided that scar tissue would prevent this. As a top-of-the-range MRI scan has previously said there is no problem, although we have asked twice for confirmation of this, what are we to believe ? Certainly we are desperate to avoid ordinary surgery and the inevitable problems and scaring.
Avatar n tn after a month the retina was cracked ' With more surgery to fix that with laser. Now I am blind in the one eye because of scar tissue in the center of the retina I can see my hand in front of my eye but not clearly because a new lense has not been inserted. The surgeon has advised me that nothing more can be done and I will have to live with one eye. I also have low pressure in thar eye as well as glaucoma in the good eye.
Avatar m tn In order to correct it I've had a series of surgeries (buckle, gas bubble, silicone oil, laser, etc.). I developed a cataract and some scar tissue due to the multiple surgeries. The scar tissue that was on the retina has some how detached and is now floating around in my eye. My surgeon has suggested that we remove the cataract and suction out the scar tissue at the same time. Will this cause the retina to detach again? WIll the scar tissue floating around cause an issue?
Avatar m tn If on the other hand the scar tissue is still proliferating and currently causing traction that threatens the stability of the retina, your best bet would be surgery. The surgeion could use diamond coated forceps to remove existing scar tissue, and/or s/he could remove part of the retina to help it lie flat against the eye. Also, maybe laser and vitrectomy w/ silicone oil tamponade instead of gas may help.
Avatar n tn said younger patients usually have isssues with scar tissue. Is there a way to slow the scar tissue `- maybe with drugs?
624225 tn?1221766417 Scar tissue in the eye is a lot different than scar on an arm or leg. The problem is that healthy eye tissue has been converted to non functioning scar. The Washington U- Barnes Eye MDs are among the best in the world. Only someone that looks in your eye can tell, ask them.
Avatar n tn You know what it is immediately. So, I had surgery in 2000 to remove my ovaries-they we enlarged and destroyed by endometriosis and adhesions. My doctor told me as they were wheeling me into surgery "You're trading one set of problems for another" Wow! was he ever right. I experienced surgical menopause-the absolute worst menopause ever. And still I am not right with hormone replacement therapy. It is a daily struggle of hot flashes, mood swings...and of course terrible pain-still.
Avatar n tn She had laser surgery for this now her vision is blurred and she went to MD and he told her she had scar tissue build up and that was causing vision problem. MD said there was nothing could be done. Can't some type of surgery remove this scar tissue? If so what type and how effective is it.
Avatar n tn I have very thin retinas and have had kryotherapy once to treat a torn retina I also had cataract surgery that has left me with scar tissue - my opthalmologist has recommeded I have a laser procedure to remove the scar tissue - when I asked him about any shock or destabilization of the retina he did say there was a risk So my question is what is the level of risk or likelihood of retina damage?
Avatar f tn I am a patient with a situation similar to your husband's. I have had two resections to remove the scar tissue that formed after TURP laser surgery. The only solution my urologist, who is a department head at a major medical center, recommends is self-catheterization. I do the procedure at least twice a week. It's not painful, just one heckuva inconvenience. Let me know if your husband finds a better solution.
Avatar n tn After a couple of months my left eye could not see distance as well as soon after my cataract surgery. The doctor says I have scar tissue and wants to remove it in November. Does that happen quite often? Is it something that happened during the surgery? I always know there is risk from any procedure. Will it get worse if I wait or should I have it done in November when I am scheduled?
Avatar n tn I think we have a good handle on that part of it, though it's a tough one. I just wondered if anybody had input as to the scar tissue issue and if indeed self cathering might make an opening permanant or if I'm just putting off getting it cleared out or resectioned. I've been reading that lasering is possibly the most affective. I saw it on the scope when I went in. It is a flap of skin that grew across the middle with two holes in it.
Avatar f tn I cry at the thought of trading one problem for another and a worse quality of life than I already have. Is there any hope in laser surgery to remove scar tissue? Any homopathic remcommendations? Any hope at all? I'm young, tired and have to make a living to survive. I don't want to depend on pain meds for the rest of my life either. Please, is there any help out there?
Avatar m tn I was wondering if it is possible to remove the scar tissue that obstructs the vision in my left eye and if so, what improvements in my vision I can expect and what possible risk are involved.
Avatar f tn Hi there, A clinical examination is necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management. Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin (or other tissue) after injury. There are no medicated creams to remove scars; you have other options like surgery, where scars can be cut out and stitched up, a process called scar revision. Laser surgery & resurfacing or Steroid injections are other options. That is all I can say at the moment.
Avatar f tn She asked her heart surgeon what could be done and he told her the only thing to do would be to cut out the scar tissue the next time she had surgery. I told her what my surgeon did; she asked her heart surgeon, who discounted it. So she went to a plastic surgeon for a consult. He took one look at her scars and asked if anyone had treated her with cortisone! Because her scarring is so extensive, and old, she'll have more shots than I did, and won't have such good results.
Avatar n tn He also said that he had to remove scare tissue in order to get to my gallbladder. In fact my scare tissue was so bad he felt compelled to show me some pictures of what my scare tissue looked like. Three weeks ago I began to experience pains that were somewhat similar to the pains I had when I had my gallbladder attack. My stomach area began to contract and I had diarrhea. I went to the Dr. the next day.
Avatar n tn how often can scar tissue be removed after detached retina surgery and also i have had cataract removed i aso have laser done after the cataract my said that he could not remove the scar tissue right now but my vision is very blurring and can not see very well when driving at night and i want to know how often scar tissue can be removed after that types of surgery i just mentioned above thank you
Avatar m tn I am at 5 months post op surgery ( had surgery about 5 months ago) I had surgery to remove anal warts. did laser and cutting at local docs office. well the healing was a mission, and now that I'm finally healed iv noticed some strange things down there, even looked like warts returned.
Avatar n tn Hi, A scar is an overgrowth of fibrous tissue and blood vessels that form as a result of injury, a cut or a burn. Sometimes surgery may be required to improve the scar. In this case, the surgeon will remove excess scar tissue, and reposition the incision so that it heals in a less visible pattern. This scar removal surgery is usually done under local or general anesthesia in the doctor's office.
Avatar f tn Sometimes surgery may be required to improve the scar. In this case, the surgeon will remove excess scar tissue, and reposition the incision so that it heals in a less visible pattern. This scar removal surgery is usually done under local or general anesthesia in the doctor's office. Vit E creams are supposed to lighten scars, so you could apply them directly on the scar,but it may take e long time for results to show, if at all.
Avatar f tn I do not think that laser will be of help. You can go to Wills and see if excision of scar tissue is warranted. Dr. Parks was perhaps the greatest pediatric ophthalmology of the 20th century.
587306 tn?1218529734 Advantages of having your spinal surgeries done at the Laser Spine Institute include no general anesthesia, no hospitalization, minimally invasive surgery, minimal scar tissue formation, and the availability of outpatient procedures. I am very interested in persueing this LSI treatment. Im not sure if I can have this procedure and I understand that some people are not able to. I would like to see if im a canidate for this LSI or not. Im not sure of a lazer Institue near me.
Avatar n tn There are no medicated creams to remove scars, you have other options like surgery, where scars can be cut out and stitched up, a process called scar revision. Laser surgery & resurfacing or Steroid injections are other options.A long term course of steroid injections under medical supervision, into the scar may help flatten and soften the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars. ref: