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Avatar f tn If you had a laser corrective surgery and your vision deterirates after 10 to 15 years can you have asecond corrective surgery?
Avatar n tn Then after the eye has healed and the vision and refractive error is know (generally about 4-6 weeks) have the good eye have surface laser (PRK) on the good eye usually aiming for zero (plano) if better distance vision without glasses is desired or -2.00 if better near vision without glasses is desired.
Avatar n tn I went to a laser eye clinic to have laser surgery to correct the far-sightedness and the vision was now about 20/60 in that eye. But, by the end of 2006 it was down to less than 20/200. When I asked the original ophthalmologist about a viterectomy, he said that it was now too late as the chance of improvement was almost zero. OK, here it is now 2008, and the eye has stabilized at 20/400. I am wondering if it really is too late to do a viterectomy?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! Has anyone had laser corrective surgery for their vision? I do not have any eye issues but do get visual field defects from a brain lesion but also read that it is not recommended if the patient has an autoimmune condition.
Avatar n tn I had the same surgery August 26th and still have approx 20% of my eye in the bubble. The vision however is remarkably good with the exception of a narrowing of the sight in that left eye. The surgeon says this should pass as healing continues and the retina adjusts. How long did it take you folks to lose the bubble?
Avatar m tn I had cataract surgery with a corrective lens in right eye several months ago. Had to have the laser YAG because of blury vision. Outside vision during daylight improved greatly, tho not quite as good as I would like. Night vision while watching TV is not that well and long distance night time vision is even worse, especially driving. I was told that I had a wrinkle and that it could get better or worse.
Avatar f tn Blurrier vision despite recent eyeglass prescription change, cataract surgery 3 yrs ago and concussion with contusion on lower left skull. My right eye ball is shrinking! I changed eyedrops, not using those cross-linked starch drops; but I still have episodes of really blurry vision. The opthamologist exam ruled out intracranial hypertension vision problems. I am a 73 year old woman with corrective eyeglasses for near-sighted vision with astigmatism.
Avatar m tn It makes it very difficult to drive at night, and impossible to drive at night if raining. A week later I had the YAG surgery performed on my right eye. I hesitated having it done, but my doctor assured me that the starburst effect would decrease over time, which it has, but not significantly. Today I returned to the doctor (2 years later) to discuss this issue. I had read in other threads regarding this issue that the starburst were possibly caused by wrinkes in the lense, debrise, etc.
Avatar m tn However, when I open my right eye, the vision is not as clear. Whenever I close my left eye, vision is cloudy and blurry. I'm also told by the surgeon that I have a small hole in my right eye cornea. He stated that he could close the hole with a stitch. If he corrects the cornea, will that eliminate the cloudy and blurred vision?
Avatar f tn I had a scleral buckle done on my right eye and several laser procedures on my left eye. My right eye is only good for peripheral vision. My central vision is extremely distorted. Thankfully, with corrective lenses I am able to see with my left eye. If you aren't sure about your current eye doctor, you owe it to yourself to get another (2 or more) opinions. Once your vision is gone, you can't get it back.
Avatar m tn The surgeon talked me into getting mono-focal replacement lenses and both he and my optometrist decided that it would be best to try get my best distance vision and then get corrective glasses for near vision. My first cataract surgery was on my dominant eye (left) but because of the previous PRK surgery, the prescription of the replacement lens was just a guess.
Avatar n tn This effect can be mitigated somewhat if I wear a corrective lens over the eye that did not have surgery. In testing all types of situations, I note that this does not happen at night on well-lit streets, and did some testing to determine that the problem happens when my pupil opens too far to give proper focus. If I do NOT wear a corrective lens over the eye that did not have surgery, I am literally night blind from all of the halos and smears of light. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar m tn The muscles atrophy. Laser corrective surgery has come a long way and if there is no astigmatism works quite well.
Avatar n tn I recently had cataract removal surgery on both eyes (2 weeks ago on right eye and 4 weeks ago on left). I am very nearsighted (-8.50 in left eye, -9.00 in right eye) with astigmatism in both eyes. My doctor used the Alcon AcrySof SN60WF IOL. My distance vision is greatly improved, but my near and intermediate vision is very bad. I knew this would be the case and am waiting for my corrective lenses/eyeglasses.
Avatar m tn I had a cataract in one eye only but I chose to have cataract surgery in both my eyes. My post-surgery distance vision in the eye without the cataract is at least as good as my best-correct vision was before surgery. I've never had a problem with my IOLs.
Avatar n tn contacts dont give me good vision. and my keratoconic corneas wouldn't do well wit laser on right eye. Before surgery i was myopic both eyes. after i'm right -075-.350x016(right eye) +125-100x170 (left eye)... Add 2 only (OS)... since my left eye has poor vision (intermediate) even with progressive glasses, it could be my mydriasis, or the glasses themselves. Two problems i have, somewhat of an image difference.
Avatar f tn Cataract surgery is performed to remove cataracts. Cataracts can form at any age. In the Air Force, some airman who worked on RC-135 flights developed cataracts from the radar emanations in their early twenties. Drugs, such as prednisone can also cause premature mataracts. If present, when removed, vision invariably improves. You state an inconsistency. You say "I don't have cataracts", but they want to perform "cataract surgery". It wouldn't happen.
Avatar n tn From my mother: "In January 2004, I had cataract surgery on one eye; in March 2004, I had it on the other eye. After these surgeries, my left sees at a higher level than my right eye and for the first time , I now need eye glasses with a prism to allow me to see normally. However, when I lie in bed and look up to see the ceiling fan or look across the room to watch TV, I see fine without glasses.
Avatar n tn The blurry distant and intermediate vision of the right eye is not such a concern but the actively bad near vision is. I see ghosting of printed letters that makes it almost impossible to read even large print with the right eye. Reading glasses lessen the ghosting but it is still there. I don't know how I would cope if my left eye turned out the same. Reading is a very large part of my work as well as my personal life.
Avatar m tn I was considering laser/corrective surgery prior to this diagnosis. After my cataract surgery would I only need corrective surgery in my left eye? Does one surgery effect the decision regarding the other? The ophthalmologist office was a very business place and so he didn't have time to really walk me through everything. I really want to make an informs decision and information is greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am a high myopic (-11 in GP contacts); just recently had a R.D. & vitrectomy in right eye with laser/cryo & a non-expanding gas air bubble (the R.D. did not come close to involving the macula & I was reading 20/20 with corrective contacts pre- surgery); I'm 11 weeks post surgery & back wearing contacts, with 2 additional diopters but can only get to 20/40 in the right eye.
Avatar f tn He indicated if he does the cataract surgery he will also possible do a glaucoma surgery at the same time on my right eye. I think it would be laser not a Trab. I know the risks associated with cataract removal especially given my high myopia and at this point do not agree with my glaucoma specialist that my benefit would out weigh my risk for a successful surgical outcome.
Avatar n tn My near and intermediate vision is very good, my distant vision is not so good. My eye surgeon has done Yag laser in both eyes twice.My vision remains the same. I also have terribly dry irrtated eyes.I always had very dry eyes but now they seems worse. I have puntalplugs in the lower lids and have used restasis since the day it hit the market.My surgeon has suggested prk for my left eye. I am ataid to do anything more with these eyes.
284078 tn?1282620298 For example, after determining the dominant, I would aim for 20/20 distance vision (as close as possible) in that eye and then aim for something like 20/50 in the non-dominant eye with about -1.25 of myopia or nearsightedness in that eye - just enough to support a small to medium amount of intermediate and near vision. It is such a small difference between the eyes that a great many patients can adjust to it quite well.
Avatar n tn I am just 57 and need cataract surgery in my left eye due to a cataract side effect of prior retinal surgery. I am currently -9 in each eye. I am considering an implant lens correcting my left eye to zero, and then wearing a contact lens in my right eye with glasses for reading. However, I am concerned that vision imbalance will be a problem for me if my right eye gets tired such that I cannot wear the contact.
Avatar n tn There was some swelling in the back of each eye after his laser treatment. He has seen a specialist after the surgery who stated that this 'variable vision' complication occurred in 2% of surgeries. He also had some high pressure in his eyes which has subsided. Will his vision eventually 'even out' so that his eyesight returns to normal.
Avatar n tn The amount of scarring with a retinal laser in the periphery of the retina should not affect your vision, but if you developed a retinal detachment, you need surgery not just laser. If you are not happy with the retina surgeon in Las Vegas, come to LA; there are many excellent retina specialists here. I could recommend the David Boyer group in North Hollywood, Dr. Robert Engstrom in Encino, Dr. Sandy Lee in Van Nuys, and Dr. Tom Hanscom in Santa Monica.
Avatar f tn when i had my gloucoma checked i asked about corrective vision surgery and told it would help the gloucoma from onsetting. He told me i was not a candidate for laser but Refractive lens exchange would be my option, and would benefit as the new lens is thinner than the human lens and relieves pressure, he also suggested drainage. i was then referred to centre which does these procedures.
Avatar f tn He assured me that after the surgery in my left eye, the double vision would subside as my left eye would take its rightful place and start doing its job as the dominant eye. It has been almost two weeks since my left eye surgery, and my right eye seems to be getting worse. While I have been pleased with my improving close and mid-range vision, I have been perplexed at what is going on with my distance vision.