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Avatar n tn Laser surgery is less invasive, less bleeding, no cutting of muscle and ligaments, less scarring, less expensive, outpatient, no general anasthesia, less recovery time, etc. etc.but why aren't major hospitals/Drs. doing this? Learning curve, expense, time???? Q: Choices only seem to be the laser clinics & most of them in FL. instead of the usual places such as Mayo, UCLA, John Hopkins for example Are these laser institutes/Drs./credible?
Avatar n tn After 8 years and 15 Dr's later. I have had Knee surgery on both knees 2 on the left knee and 3 on the right knee. With sort term pain relieve. Then I found This Dr which is the best I have ever been to. He treats you as if your his only patient. I had surgery on both knees with great results. If you would like his info please email me at ***@**** maybe he can help you as well.
Avatar n tn It causes great discomfort and due to edema complications and numbness below his knee, he is confined to a wheelchair. Outside of the spinal stenosis and resulting symptoms he is in good health. Is laser surgery an option for him? Must you be under total anesthesia or is twilight enough?
Avatar f tn I still have a pretty good range of motion in my knee but not complete range due to my previous meniscus surgery. I have physical therapy again on monday and i am hoping my therapist can tell me more because i have still not seen a doctor or anyone else since i re-injured it.
Avatar f tn For my two with disk disease, (One has had the surgery, the other I chose not to), Acupuncture with laser makes an incredible difference!!! Neither dog takes any prescription pain management, just joint supplements & prescribed herbs for backs......I got the one that had the surgery (He was paralyzed) feeling so good, he tore an ACL and had to have it repaired! ;) He still runs like the wind, jumps & plays.....His back surgery was 5 years ago, his knee was repaired 2 yrs. ago........
Avatar f tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Keep me informed. Bye.
Avatar m tn A pneumatic bubble injected injected by the RS Aug. 28th. On Sept. 6th, I had indirect laser surgery (90 bursts) to reinforce the reattached retina. Then about a week later I noticed what I thought was an increased level of cloudiness/haziness and large floaters and called the RS's office. His partner was scheduled to be at my local Eye Crae Clinic two days later so my RS scheduled me to be seen by him then (Sept 13).
229910 tn?1212876394 So for me to go back into the OR for a fusion and in hopes of getting rid of the pain was impossible. One failed back surgery was enough for me. I am seeking other options which include laser spine surgery in Florida. What I really wanted to tell you was that I have found that the Spine Health website is a great place to get to know others who have the same experience as you do. I wish I had gone there months ago. You aren't alone in this spinal mess we seem to be unable to solve.
Avatar n tn My main problem now is that the neighboring disc is weak and I have herniations from a lifting accident in the thorasic part of the spine. All in all the surgery they do today (laser) has had the best results. Healing time 2 to 5 weeks. Little physical therapy afterwards. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I luckily had no throat problems or hoarseness after surgery. I was up and walking around unassisted immediately after the surgery, even going out on the hospital lawn to smoke a cigarette – which is VERY bad to do when you’ve had fusion surgery because it can prevent or delay the fusion. The next day, when I got out of the hospital, I felt well enough to fry chicken for supper.
Avatar n tn I have had surgery on the boils 4 times this last time I had surgery on the boil was when I was about 4 onths pregant with my son. They told me if I didnt have the surgery it would harm my baby. The dr also told me that it would never come back. My son will be 2 years old in Oct. and I am suffering with a boil right now. I cant remember how many times Ive had them drained. I always get them in my buttocks never anywhere else. Ive done all the home remides that can be done.
Avatar f tn I already have my instruments removed, and also went through a spinal infection, that almost killed me. Frankly, I'm scared to death on the word 'surgery'. If I don't do the surgery, I will be looking at a wheelchair for life. If I do the surgery, I may risk another infection. Also because I had infection before, he cannot apply new instruments. My spine broke at L5/S1, so without instruments, and with the fusion removed, I don't know how the spine will hold.
Avatar f tn We have spent literally thousands of dollars on vet procedures and home supplies. He has had surgery, stitches, staples, acupuncture, laser, blood tests, etc. Yes, he has an e-collar, 3 in fact that I have purchased for his comfort. I should own stock in the Vet wrap companies! I have just ordered the antibiotic powder that you mentioned, more bandages and vet wrap. I will not give up! Thanks again!
Avatar n tn In a total knee replacement surgery: I can sum up like this, it is 40% surgery and 60% physiotherapy, so lot of motivation for physiotherapy and counselling should be done before the surgery and if you are not ready then you have to think for the surgery. Always remember the operative pain will be present for 1 weeks to 3 weeks and later there should be no pain and Physiotherapy will help this.
Avatar n tn Yet she would rather me avoid the surgery given my age. Other people say that surgery is extensive and is very long to recover from and has some risks. What surgery did your mom have and how quickly was she able to recover? Walking? Workout? And etc.? I will probably start PT next week, but honestly, I don't hope for nor expect any improvement.
Avatar n tn My doctors office called me a few days after the test to let me know the test showed some gallbladder dysfunction and they scheduled me for a consultation visit with a surgeon. No discussion, no alternative solutions, just SURGERY! NOT!!!!!! I really do not want surgery, so I started doing to some research to see if there are any alternatives.
Avatar n tn I have leg pain in my right leg in my thig and around my knee. Can hardly lift it. I didn't have this pain before surgery. It seems as if you get a new pain after the surgery. My doc says that my surgery was a success and that I should have little to no restrictions. I don't know what planet he just came from. I still hurt. I am 31 yrs old, no kids, want them though. It seems as if my life will never be the same prior to the car accident 3/14/06.
Avatar m tn An Ortho Surgeon Mr. S.K. Goel (Jaipur) suggested us for surgery of left knee ligament by Laser. Please also suggest that There has final treatment is Only Surgery for these types of problems??
Avatar m tn had laser varicose vein removal 6 weeks ago on both legs, on my left leg knee I have a cold sensation and very little feeling, I wear my socks all day long, while removing them at night, the bottom of my foot also have a no feeling sensation, why do I have that if I have been walking/exercising normally since surgery
382218 tn?1341185087 I've been told that surgery won't cause a flare for those with MS by two neurologists. I need a knee replacement and was looking at hip surgery, so I asked, though I'm not diagnosed. I've consulted with a plastic surgeon about certain sagging parts after weight loss. I always thought that marks of time on a woman's body were a testament to her character. Hooey! If it makes you feel better about yourself and you can afford it, it won't be bad for your health, then do what you want.
Avatar n tn His team has also had a lot of success with endoscopic and laser surgery. You can send all of your stuff to him for evaluation before having to make the trip. I've seen some spectacular cases he's operated on. One guy had no discs in his neck, just one long rod! You only have one neck and that connects to your back which makes up your whole spine..... make the right decision when it comes to who you let cut it open. Another great site is GPN, Global Patient Network.
Avatar n tn I recently had surgery for a torn meniscus and have since fallen on that knee again. I have swelling that lasted over 2 months and was warm to the touch, I have gone through physiotherapy - tens - laser and massage therapy and nothing has helped except the warm to the touch has subsided. I have had another MRI and the results were that there was a small joint infusion. My physio and massage therapist feel that there is still something causing the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am really sorry to hear that you are in so much of pain after back surgery. Back surgery can result in a lot of pain which is often referred to as Failed back surgery syndrome. Technically speaking, if the pain persists even after 3 months of surgery, the surgery is considered to be a failure. It is pertinent that you undergo a CT scan to find out the exact cause of pain.
233488 tn?1310696703 rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc. but the other eye has no cataract or a cataract that is small and not troublesome in people with large refractive errors special attention needs to be made to choice of IOL.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter had knee surgery about 16 months ago. Initially the incision on the inside of her knee/leg was thin. It has grown to an ugly 1/4" wide by 4" long keloid scar. What do dermatologists normally recommend to improve or eliminate the keloided scar.
Avatar n tn If your dog is still having some problems in a couple of months you can try acupuncture, cold laser therapy or stem cell therapy, unless surgery is warranted.
Avatar m tn Cortisone injections, surgery, laser, silicone sheets ( which is silicone gel ), and cryotherapy are the main ways to deal with this. Surgery is rarely recommended as this can spread it. People who have had a keloid should not get piercings done, as there is the possibility that they will get a keloid at that site as well. If one option doesn't work, ( such as in your case ) you can seek out other treatments. There is no guarantee that any of the methods will work.
Avatar m tn I got this scar after a minor injury where my knee was peeled of after u fell down. It's been almost 2 years and this mark look very bad on my knee and I am thinking of surgery to fix this. Before I do that I want to know if any kind if ointment can fix this. I guess my old skin needs to get off and new skin will probably look good. Now this part looks like its burnt Here is the pic
Avatar m tn My mother went in for knee surgery two weeks ago and had a reaction to the meds. She woke up with constricted pupils and they have not changed yet. Her eye dr did an exame and wants to do further tests. Any ideas?