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Avatar n tn I am a candidate for BPH surgery, as confirmed by workups at VA Medical Center, Miami. Based upon my reading and discussions, it seems as though green light laser is the favored procedure. At the VA, I do not have a choice of surgeon, and perhaps not even a choice of procedure. I want to find a urology surgeon with significant, sucessful green light laser experience, preferably in South Florida where follow-up is convenient. I have good insurance coverage.
Avatar n tn or is this in the expected widow regarding IOL targeting and expected VA. 2) Will the YAG laser procedure improve my Visual Acuity in optician seemed to think not... Thanks in advance....
Avatar m tn I had my mac-on retina re-attachment surgery on 23 may (Left eye) .2 week After the surgery, my vision is 20/50 ( with glasses), with white blindspot near central vision but no waviness. 1 week later, i had sub-clinical re-detachment, which doctor did a laser treatments to double the laser stitches. However i notice incrimental visual deteritration over-time and on 12 july i notice a waviness, did an OCT and diagnose with macular pucker.
4486970 tn?1355332584 6 to 0.8 (pre-surgery at 0.6) • Myopia from -9.75D to -10.25D (pre-surgery at -9.75D) • Central retinal thickness from 390 micro-m to 377 micro-m (pre-surgery at 407 micro-m) Light sensitivity has shown improvement as shown on visual field tests although it is certainly not as good as my right eye. I tested myself using a contrast sensitivity test I found on the web and there is a difference of 2 levels (13 in the right vs 11 in the left).
Avatar m tn Pressures were 50 and 52 (great story on how I found out). Laser surgery was done but the Eye Dr. did not followup like I have now found out he should have. 2nd Laser surgery was done a month ago. Pressures have come down, but now to where they would like them to be. So they want me to have the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Surgery done. Dr. John Brown is my Dr. at the Minnesota VA Hospital. I have tunnel vision (90% of vision is gone) in the left eye that they want to place the shunt in.
Avatar m tn The doctor wants to do Yag surgery, but I am afraid that it will cause all the lights and glare to be worse than what is already is. He also wants to do laser surgery to correct my vison. Does this sound like the proper thing to do? I would not think one could do laser surgery on an eye with lens replacement. With two things wrong, I am having trouble trusting this surgeon. Do these solutions sound correct?
233488 tn?1310696703 Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had). Almost all retina surgeons allowed full activity after a variable period of time (with the more extensive surgery generally several months).
1339674 tn?1376286611 Dr. Hagan wrote."The surgery is done using several special techniques that lower the risk of surgery in the highly myopic." What are these techniques? Is there any specialist literature about it? How does it lower the risk of RD? And what about PCO? The Yag laser treatment increases the rick of RD. Which IOLs would you recommend? Which IOLs would you rule out? After all a pseudophakic lens constricts the visibility of the fundus.
Avatar n tn Yes - I'm curious what type of surgery you had too. I heard that having laser surgery is a lot easier to recover from than regular surgery. My main concern in doing that is because the gastro doctor said in my case it would be considered cosmetic surgery at this point (doctor code for "not covered by insurance", how much does surgery like that cost if you don't mind me asking.
Avatar f tn 10th 2007 for what would be the first surgery on my right eye. If you don't have surgery you would lose all vision in the affected eye. Also, you may end up actually losing the eye itself as phthisis bulbi can occur. Again good luck and take care.
233488 tn?1310696703 There is no universal time to do cataract surgery.
Avatar m tn Squirtatious is right also. It is a huge decision, especially thoracic spine surgery. Some people have gotten worse after surgery. Some people has needed 2 surgeries to fix their thoracic spine problems. And of course some has gotten better. Yes we are in the same boat that is why I responded to your post. I know exactly what you are going through. We each know our bodies & our limitations. And from there do as much research as possible so that we can make the best informed decision.
Avatar f tn ) critical and observant regarding my eye sight. My pre-surgery eyes were almost identical, with 20/30 both eyes distant and required +3 diopter reading glasses for perfect near vision (when young I was 20/15 both eyes, but deteriorated with age). Almost non-existent astigmatism. I had outstanding night-vision despite the cataracts and had no halo or flare from bright lights.
Avatar n tn His team has also had a lot of success with endoscopic and laser surgery. You can send all of your stuff to him for evaluation before having to make the trip. I've seen some spectacular cases he's operated on. One guy had no discs in his neck, just one long rod! You only have one neck and that connects to your back which makes up your whole spine..... make the right decision when it comes to who you let cut it open. Another great site is GPN, Global Patient Network.
Avatar n tn The 30% chance of needing an additional procedure (YAG laser capsulotomy) after cataract surgery is about what I have read elsewhere. My surgeon put it at 25%. It can be needed anywhere from a couple of months to several years after surgery. The article said that it is an expensive procedure, but my surgeon said that he does it at no additional cost if needed. It only takes a few minutes and they seem to do a couple each day. They do about 40 cataract surgeries per week.
Avatar m tn 2) except the disturbance at night which can be solved by using color soft contact lens. I have a question that does this kind of laser surgery to prevent future retinal detachment harm, improve/ worsen my night vision starburst? I don't have any problem that if I still have to use color contact lens to solve night time starburst. And why i need to do such surgery is to prevent future retinal detachment. Thanks a lot.
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery 2 wks ago with a Tecnis 3.25 D Multifocal IOL placed in left eye. Distance vision is clear and at 20/20 to 20/30 depending on day. Halos and glare are very apparent around all vehicle lights and signs but don't seem to be problematic as I havent driven yet. Near Vision is now at J2 on Snellen scale but reading on computer or magazine copy is only manageable because my right eye takes over.
Avatar n tn condition since birth and has almost no vision. I have cataracts in both eyes and need surgery in both. Ideally, I would want accommodative in both eyes, if no contra-indications. I can always decide on my worse eye down the road, but are there any considerations I should be aware of? Most importantly, which of the accommodative lenses should I choose? It seems that doctors specialize and recommend one type only and that makes it more difficult for patients to decide.
233488 tn?1310696703 rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc. but the other eye has no cataract or a cataract that is small and not troublesome in people with large refractive errors special attention needs to be made to choice of IOL.
417606 tn?1271814619 All the VA would do is give me drops for my glaucoma. Now I have narrow angle in both eyes. They said that laser surgery of any kind is not necessary. They gave me a new pair of glasses, same strength as my old glasses, but I still get the going in and out of focus. I am a 100% P&T disabled Vietnam Vet. As for the CPAP, the VA retested and found that I needed to change to a bi-pap with nose pillows. I also found out after a visit and stay at a non-VA hospital, that I also have narcolespy.
Avatar m tn What are good teaching hospitals in opfthalmology within a half-days drive from Richmond VA; I have multiple issues , glaucoma, cataract, retinal tear, myopia (-11), . All have been treated: retinal tear with scleral buckle (healed fine), glaucoma (ontrolled with one med, had ECP laser when cataract removed for other eye. The cataract was deemed .
1220571 tn?1274844795 also my psychiatrist said, he would order them for me... I've had laser surgery in my eye....and I had another hemorrhage, and lost more vision...and my IOP is normal... hey at least something is normal....I'm so sick of having to say just the right thing, to get a Dr. to listen and do something.....I just down right frustrated, irritated...and discouraged.... If only I could afford an insurance policy or had $ to pay for a Dr. visit...but I don' I once again, fall through the cracks....
Avatar m tn lucky for me I am covered through the VA system for treatments but they are all out of answers. I just wonder how come they (VA) do not recommend Laser surgery through the Las ... [More] er Spine instatute. I was in an head on accident(not at fault) in March of 2000. I have worked alot of hard working Jobs but now since october of 2008 I can't do anything and don't really want to do anything. When I am awake I am in pain. I have had all types of injections, nothing worked.
Avatar m tn I had a vitrectomy, laser and silicone oil treatment of detached retina over a year ago. This has caused a significant cataract to form that needs to be removed. Before the cataract got so severe I was able to be corrected to 20/40. I was wondering if anyone has had a Symfony IOL placed after retinal detachment. I know multifocals are not recommended due to decreased contrast but I believe this issue is not so significant with EDOF IOLs. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Avatar n tn there are a lot of different opiions on who needs retinal laser surgery and who doesnt, and whether or not to perform laser surgery to try and "prevent" problems or wait until problems occur before fixing them. it totally depends on who you ask. i am not a surgeon so i am not even going to attempt answering whether or not you need laser retinal surgery right now. i dont know about "studeis" etc pertaining to this problem...
Avatar n tn I am a veteran so I go to the VA for my needs, the eye Doctor recommend that I have laser surgery to correct this problem I went ahead and let them do this procedure. When left I wore sun glasses and all I could see wasout of the eye was bright purple as that wore of I could not see at out of my right eye at all. There seems to be blood in there and it is like looking Thur a thin sheet of ice.
599170 tn?1300977493 Lucky for me I at least have the VA to help covering my meds but All I know is that I am trying to get the VA to pay for Laser surgery at the Laser Spine Institute. Look them up, Only bad thing is it costs 20k and not alot of us have all that kind of money. I find my self in traction and laying on ice 5-6 times a day with methadone, diazapam, fish oils, joint stuff....I'm sure youve tried all that stuff. It is really hard to enjoy life at the age of 40.
Avatar f tn I am a 60 yr old female with extensive history of kidney stones since 1978 (before lithotrypsy), recurrent infections & blood in urine. I am prone to both calcium stones & uric acid stones. First kidney stone was size of a walnut & could not pass so was removed by actual surgery. Over the yrs I experienced more stones that would not pass so more surgeries. Have developed scar tissue in both ureters & have had 2 stents. Extreme pain so stent removal.
4848471 tn?1372242352 i have ms and cervical issues and have requested surgery. one surgeon says its a go and he can help with minimal laser surgery and one(va) say no way due to ms. that is he thinks the risks aren't worth it with ms. the symptoms suck and quality of life degraded.