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Avatar f tn my Doctor told me that I need laser surgery. My question is after the surgery can I make my life normally, without having to stay at home a couple of days? I also have high myopia and astigmatism, is there any posibility that the surgery is going to affect my vision?
Avatar n tn (since the portion surrounding the retinal hole will be dead due to laser) Doc said my retinal holes are really very small. Is laser treatment the only treatment for retinal holes. Are there any other better treatment for retinal holes. If so please mention them. What do u advise ...should i under go laser treatment as soon as possible. Can we stop or reduce future occurance of retinal holes? Thanks in advance.
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Avatar n tn I suggest that you see an experienced, board-certified retinal specialist and follow his/her treatment recommendations about the retinal holes. In your place, I wouldn't consider having LASIK before the retinal specialist thought that it was safe to proceed.
Avatar n tn I am a retinal specialist who does not believe in treating asymptomatic horseshoe retinal tears unless you are going to have cataract surgery. A symptomatic retinal tears is a an acute retinal tear (horseshoe) tear which results from vitreous detachment with traction on the retina. Only a few studies have followed untreated retinal tears and the last one was published many years ago. An acute retinal tear has a 35% to 50% chance of retinal detachment. Complications of treatment are about 5%.
Avatar f tn Laser surgery (or cryo- freezing) surgery to close retinal holes or tears does NOT treat the floaters. That is not the purpose of the operation. The laser or cryo- seal the hole/tear shut to prevent a retinal detachment. The floaters may or may not go away. As we age the number of people with floaters increases by about 10% per decade of life after age 10. Floaters as a rule do not cause reduced vision. Retinal tears, especially those treated with laser, do not cause reduced vision.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Lattice Degeneration and having small holes in my retina, the Dr. said I need a laser surgery ( nearly urgent ) to prevent the vitreous liquid to penetrate in the holes and cause future retina detachment. I went to the Dr. because I started to see suddenly small shadows in my right eye, after waking up yesterday. I have seen comments about problems with this preventive surgery, my vision is OK in both eyes, using reading glasses and progressive for driving, etc. I´m 58.
Avatar m tn Your observation has been described numerous times before in these forums following laser, freezing (cryotherapy), retina surgery such as scleral buckle for retinal detachment and macular surgery. The laser creates a thermal burn and subsequent scar formation that hopefully will seal holes or thin areas. However it also stimulates the retina and can generate bright spots (positive images) and darks spots (negative images) usually 180 degrees away from the treated area.
Avatar n tn If you will use the search feature and archives and read about retinal detachment surgery and pan retinal photocoagulation (PRP) and especially if macular hole you will see these are common complaints. You will also note that this type of surgery is so unique and varied that it is not possible to generalize much about how much, if any, it will get better. Your surgeon is the best source of information.
Avatar f tn He told me that it was a retinal tear ,and he wanted to call the retinal specialist to do laser surgery right them. I agreed, and it was done within the hour.Now I have a few left over floaters , and we don;t know if they will settle or not. This was in July. Now I have a cloud in my left eye and floaters in my right eye. All of this is because of cataract surgery. I wish I had never had it done, as you know. Good luck to you as usual Anna.
Avatar f tn Just 4 days ago, I was diagnosed with retinal detachment in both eyes, and had emergency surgery. The left eye wasnt bad, they did an indirect laser on it. The right eye however, had a large tear and much fluid had gone behind it. On the right eye they did the schleral buckle, laser, the gas bubble and drained 75% of the eye fluid. I guess my biggest concern is that I am a mail delivery person and run rural routes on roads with big pot holes and lots of dust and gravel.
Avatar n tn Almost any type of intraocular surgery (cataract, cryopexy, laser treatment of holes, etc) can cause a macular pucker, also known as epiretinal membrane.
Avatar n tn dont know if your symptoms are from holes/tears or aftereffects of your surgery or what. you need to be asking your surgeon these questions.
Avatar f tn Lattice in hyperopes, emmotropes and mild myopia not as much concern as moderate of high myopia, more concern if superior temperol, less concern in lower half of eye, more concern people who have had major trauma or cataract surgery or family history of retinal detachment. There is no agreement among 'experts' whether snail tracks is early form of lattice and who/if leads to high rate of RD and who needs to be treated.
Avatar m tn It is very controversial when and what holes to treat. Your best bet would be to see a retinal surgery for a second opinion. Get a second opinion from a different retina surgeon that you pick out. It is true that with or without treatment there is not a 100% guarentee to prevent RD.
Avatar n tn After a head injury in August this year had retinal tear in left eye in October which was treated via laser. A week after surgery started seeing a lot of floaters and haze. Had it checked by retinal specialist - who treated me in 2002. He discharged me with a return in 4 months. 3 weeks after laser surgery I still have loads of floaters in left eye, with a haze. Are these normal side effects of laser surgery ? And will they go away? It is disturbing my vision.
Avatar f tn Hi I have gone for general eye check-up, there i came to know that i have holes in my retina.They asked me to go for Barrage Laser.Is that a major surgery? How do u know that we have holes in the eyes??? Will it be present for everyone who has Myopia(Short Sight) or for only few people... Please tell me... Please advice me.. am in a confusion to go for the traetment or not.
Avatar m tn Everyone seemed concerned. They indicated that laser sealing the holes to prevent retinal detachment its own risk. So, they also mentioned the possibility of having to do cyro. Later, they called and said they thought a Scleral Buckle was the best move. They send me to a third retinal specialist. He doesn't seem as concerned. He doesn't mention a buckle, gave me the option to laser seal them or just keep monitoring the situation.
Avatar n tn Have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist (EyeMD) yearly and see he/she immediately if you have a sudden increase of floaters, flashes of light like lightening and any loss of peripheral vision. Retinal tears and retinal holes are often surrounded with sub-retinal fluid. In doctor talk sub-retinal fluid due to a tear and sub-retinal fluid due to something like cystoid macular edema are totaly different deals. You will need to clarify this with your ophthalmologist.
Avatar m tn my dad had history of retinal detachment after cataract surgery. wen my eyes were tested 2 retinal holes in each of my eye were found and sealed by laser. i also hav flashes in both eyes in temporal side only during movements.. also hav floaters in both eyes.. im very much worried if ill go in 4 retinal detachment.... ur help pleas..
314821 tn?1213784491 Your retina specialist will be able to give you good advice regarding the proper treatment of your retinal holes. You should be seeing an ophthalmologist who specializes in diseases and surgery of the retina. Some small peripheral holes are left alone. Some are treated with a laser. It all depends or the size,location, symptoms and some other factors.
Avatar m tn I am 23 years old and I had retinal detachment surgery in which my right eye was treated with a gass bubble and a scleral buckle for reattachment of the retina. My left eye had small holes and tears which were sealed back by laser treatment. I was told that my retina i the right eye had detached past the macula point. I understand that I will not be able to see fine details and probably will not gain full 20/20 vision back in the right eye.
233488 tn?1310696703 In my practice I tell patients with retinal tears, retinal detachment, high myopia or other risk factors for retinal detachment to avoid amusement park rides (roller coasters and other thrill rides, bumper cars, etc.), boxing, yoga movements where they stand on their heads, gravity boots, and activities that jerk the head violently back and fourth. Thanks for posting, I hope this answered your question.
Avatar f tn After a few weeks the doctor found additional holes and he did a laser repair question is if there is any information about special treatments that are made overseas. I live in Israel but i'm intersted in finding innovations in this field in the States.I heard about a special medical center in Boston that deals with special eye problems. i'll be happy to get any kind of information relevalt to my situation. thank you, Viki.
Avatar n tn Had my 3rd surgery yesterday. They repaired two "holes" and reatached the retina by laser. Filled eye90% with a gas (SF6?). I did ask for general anesthesia, and this surgery was so much easier on me. The doctor examined me today, and said the retina looked "perfect". Any Ideas on what I can expect for recover? I can see light, dark, and color out of the eye. All is very blury. He says when the "bubble" reduces I will see more.
Avatar n tn i had an eye exam today and the doctor told me I have holes in my retina in both eyes he said i have a lot of holes and that i need surgery (laser surgery) ... i'm 23 years old my vision is really poor im -4.25 and -4.75 ...i want to know if i need that surgery and whats the name for that he said it but i dont remember....
Avatar n tn But after the surgery, the doctor said he found out she got tiny detached and have some fluid underneath the retina. He said that the laser surgery may be not working.That could be only 50 percent chance to fix it. Scleral buckling is another step to help. 27th is the ffollow up date.I am so worried for everyday to pray for her but I like someone give me some advice.Even though I read a lot of article relating this type of surgery but still feel very worried. 1.
Avatar f tn does anyone know the numbers of the laser surgery preventing detachment? also he said a risk of the surgery is developing epilespy but i haven't found anything that confirms that?..
Avatar m tn Use the search function. In general I not recommend laser to lattice, retinal holes or asymptomatic retinal tears prior to cataract surgery. The rate of complications from the laser far exceed the risk of retinal detachment. Dr. O.