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Avatar f tn im 40 years old and ihave been adviced to have keratoconus surgery with one visit to the bochner institute in toronto at a very high cost NOT COVER BY OHIP is there a hospital in ontario that does the surgery like toronto east general example is there any hospital that can give a second opinon apart from surgery at this time i do not wish to continue with the bochner instititute at allplease help me
Avatar m tn There are some new treatments on the horizon which may help you, including a procedure called corneal collagen crosslinking, which has the possibility of arresting the progression of the condition, eventually allowing the cornea to be reshaped with laser surgery. You may have seen these studies. If not, and you are interested, send me a personal note and I can provide you with links to a couple of websites that may interest you.
Avatar f tn My son is 32 years old and has had his corneas transplanted on both eyes due to keratoconus. At first, his vision was greatly improved but it has progressively deteriorated as time goes on. He claims his vision is back to the way it was before the surgery. what is the reason for this and is there a new treatment to deal with this kind of patients?
Avatar m tn My current vision in the left eye is 20/40 and I have been told it will continue to get worse and was advised to have laser surgery to correct the problem. I was further advised that a large percentage of patients must undergo this surgery after cataract removal because the implant gets a haze or a wrinkle in it. I have no knowledge or experience with this sort of thing, so I need some practicle advise. With low vision in my right eye I can not afford to stumble on my next move.
Avatar m tn 75 in both eyes) and diagnosed with keratoconus almost 17 years ago, but seems to be stable. The keratoconus is more pronounced in the left eye. I have a "long eye" with axial length of 27 mm. So, while not the best vision possible, I still had decent correctable vision with glasses. Even now I can still see near at acceptable clarity with glasses removed...labels, small print, smartphone, etc. The retina is still in good shape.
284078 tn?1282620298 Of all the new "Premium IOLs" for cataract surgery it has been the Acrysoft Toric IOL that has been the most widely accepted and praised by cataract surgeons like myself. I personally have been very pleased with this IOL, because it delivers better results for patients with significant levels of astigmatism and with very little downside. Also, the cost for the patient is less that half of the cost for a multifocal IOL. Patients who are good candidates are those with: 1.
Avatar m tn If decrease of astigmatism might be helpful better options might be more eximer laser surgery or using the new femtosecond laser. Remember when you get in your early 40's you will need reading glasses and as you age and the focus ability declines that you eventually will be in no line progressive bifocals for best vision.
233488 tn?1310696703 There is no universal time to do cataract surgery.
Avatar m tn I'm compiling a list of top eye surgeons in my area (San Diego, CA) and many referrals I've gotten so far from friends/coworkers of friends are for Shiley Eye Institute. One of the top eye surgeons there with top reviews is Chris W. Heichel, M.D. and his listed special interests include: Challenging cataract and IOL surgeries LASIK, Intacs, & Visian ICL Advanced techniques in laser & refractive surgery Keratoconus Ocular Surface Tumors Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation.
Avatar m tn Just have a check and MD susgest I have a laser surgery due to lattice degeneration, it's not at macular part but upper retina. My current vision is excellent (corrected VA 1.2) except the disturbance at night which can be solved by using color soft contact lens. I have a question that does this kind of laser surgery to prevent future retinal detachment harm, improve/ worsen my night vision starburst?
233488 tn?1310696703 rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc. but the other eye has no cataract or a cataract that is small and not troublesome in people with large refractive errors special attention needs to be made to choice of IOL.
Avatar f tn Keratoconus and Coguns Corneal Dystrophy. Recently a syst has formed in the corner of each eye. Can't tell if it has added to already existing discomfort. Have beenn Restasis, Alrex , Pataday and now Muro ointment. I see a well known Corneaologist and he wants me to have the Amniotic Membrane Transplant especially now that I have developed the eye cysts. I don't know what to do -- wld like other opinions on this procedure and its history on long term resolution of Conjunctivochalsis.
Avatar n tn I have 2 Questions - how can i be sure how severe is my condition. does this cause blindness or can this be corrected using laser surgery? Also, I have also been told to wear glasses and this is my prescription. can anyone tell me how bad is my condition. I have never worn glasses before OD: Distance: Sph +0.75 ; Cyl: -2.25; Axis: 65 Near: Spl: 1.0 OS: Distance: Sph +00.00 ; Cyl: -1.00; Axis: 115 Near: Spl: 1.0 Now, i don't understand these terminologies. Can someone explain this to me?
Avatar n tn I have a friend who had a corneal transplant in her left eye in December to correct keratoconus. Post-surgery her vision in that eye was improving until April, when she and her brother accidently bumped heads. His head hit her eye, breaking the stitches in her cornea. She had surgery again to repair the stitches and according to the doctors everything was fine. However from that point on her vision in her left eye has returned to its pre-op state.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Eye-Care/lasik-laser-eye-surgery-is-secure/show/1945870">lasik laser eye surgery is secure</a> was started.
Avatar m tn Again I consulted the doctor after a year in 2006 and he advised to go for LASER SURGERY BY REPLACING THE NATURAL EYE LENSE WITH ARTIFICIAL ONCE and the same surgery was conducted for my left eye after performing several tests on June 2006 (before the surgery right/left eye power was -17). After the surgery I am not satisfied with my vision and doctor prescribed the -0.75 / +2.
Avatar m tn I have no personal experience of my keratoconus patients having Intac surgery. I would get a second or even third opinion from a cornea specialist before having the procedure done. Even if it were to work find you will need reading glasses and computer glasses my age 40-45.
Avatar n tn It is very frustrating to say the least. I have a very high astigmatism in both eye, and have recently undergone incision laser surgery to correct this. My right eye still needs PRK and we are waiting to see the outcome of the left incision surgery (which was done a week ago) to see if PRK is needed on this eye as well. I have double vision with the eyes on their own as well, but I know that this is due to the high astigmatism.
Avatar m tn I was told that if I was desperate to have surgery, I could have the ICL, then Lasik or PRK to treat astigmatism, or I could wait until the FDA approved ICL for astigmatism comes out (hopefully this fall). This leaves me with a few questions. 1. Could I get Lasik that deliberately undercorrects to, say, -4 or so? This would still be myopic but it would allow me to wear more comfortable contacts and less thick glasses lenses.
Avatar f tn You need to have our cornea checked with topography to be sure you do not have keratoconus; also that you do not have an early cataract. You can also discuss with the ophthalmologist your options regarding refractive surgery to make your prescription thinner and your vision better. You can find a cornea/refractive surgeon near you at www.geteyesmart.
Avatar n tn Soon after I developed a cataract (left) and had that Surgery in December, still having an issue with the sub-retinal fluid had laser surgery in Jan 2005 to isolate puddle, YAG in May 2005 and after 2 years of constant daily debilitating migraines that was causing me to live on Hydrocodone to function, I got the Buckle removed in Oct 2006. In the mean time, I have also having problems with right eye.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with retinal hole in supero temporal retinal periphery of my left eye in the year 2003 and my doctor advised me to undergo barrage laser/Argon laser which I did and this treatment left a laser scar of less than 1 disc diameter and have no lattice degeneration treated or otherwise in either eye. Later in 2006 I under went Lasik eye surgery which went very well and resulted in 6/6 or better in both eyes with no post operative complications. I have no problem with my visual acuity.
Avatar m tn radius of curvature of the cornea, axial length of the eye with specific measurements of anterior chamber depth and lens diameter. Pupil diameter is normally not measured in standard cataract surgery. In lasik type surgery or with multifocal/accommodating IOLs they area. You might ask your surgeon to write a RX for alphagan P eye drops. They are for glaucoma but when used at night they prevent the pupil from dilating as wide as normal in the dark. You can also get a second opinion.
Avatar n tn My contact lense correction level right now is -7.50 and and I am just seeking some clarification. 1) So, if my vision is completely fixed with lenses then I am not legally blind, correct? 2) I heard that if my correction level is at a certain point then I am considered legally blind. If this is true, what is that level. 3) Last, what would -7.50 be equivilant to? Ex: 20/20, 20/40, 20/200, etc.
Avatar m tn I am 18 years old I have been myopic since birth my left eye prescription is -12 and has been stable for many years but right eye prescription is -23 and have changed continuously over the years am I eligible for ICL surgery also is it necessary that my kids will inherit this from me my parents are not myopic but my grandfather and one of my uncle had high myopia please reply soon.
Avatar m tn The irregular astigmatism is caused by both cornea and lens. Corneal thickness is normal so keratoconus is ruled out. Ophthalmologist believes both of these factors contributed to the change in visual accuity over time, but I just suddenly became aware of it. Visual acuity in the right eye is now 20/25 uncorrected and due to the irregular nature of the astigmastism they unfortunately don't seem to be able to get it to a clear 20/20.
Avatar m tn I have the same problem and was wondering what specifically this surgery is? Is it a lens replacement surgery or laser surgery or what exactly?
Avatar m tn I haven't had reason to explore the various laser surgery options in detail, just in passing I'm aware the laser systems continually make advances in analyzing corneal topography and planning how to treat it, but I don't know the current state of the art and its limits. His profile indicates he is in the UK (the mention of a trifocal as an option gave a clue he is outside the US) so he'd likely have access to newer tech than we have.
Avatar m tn // It looks like Keratoconus symptoms, but doctor examined me and he said i dont have this. Can Vitreous cause it ???Hope you can understand me, my English is not perfect ;].
Avatar n tn 5 I lost the weight and I got laser eye surgery and its ok now, but sometimes things are blurry. I am very sensitive to light, and cant focus on lights (for example, when Im driving and there is a green light, Ill see 2 greet lights, if that makes sense.) I thought it may be astigmitasim, but my Dr says I have chronic dry eye. Could it be related to Adderral? (he didnt know). I use eye drops consistently now, and its a little better, but not completely.