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1157141 tn?1262455298 I have had cataracts surgery done on both eyes. My question the lens last for lifetime or there is a time limit on them.
Avatar m tn optholomogist have said the Laser surgery has worked and angles are no longer as narrow and pressure has dropped to 10..Does this sort of laser stop an Acute angle atack?.
Avatar f tn Will using a laser for cataracts and astigmatism result in being glasses free? Has the use of laser improved results of both?
986613 tn?1248921936 Hello I recently had cats removal but unfortunatelly had the capsule develop only 6 weeks after surgery. I had the YAG laser done 2 days ago it seems I had NO improvement at all. My vision seems the same. I was wondering if someone had had the YAG w./o succsess and if so what now ? can you have it done more than once in a short period of time or should I wait longer to see results ? Thank you !!!
574673 tn?1234129578 I am exploring the option of laser surgery as a method of controlling eye pressure for open angle glaucoma. Could you speak to the effectiveness, risks and benefits of this procedure. Does it only last for a while and can it cause cataracts? I have had two cataract surgeries in my left eye, one was an explant of a restor lens in January 2009. My right eye has a small cataract and has not yet been operated on, I am wearing a distance contact in it.
574673 tn?1234129578 I am exploring the option of laser surgery as a method of controlling eye pressure for open angle glaucoma. Can any one speak to the effectiveness, risks and benefits of this procedure. Does it only last for a while and can it cause cataracts? I have had two cataract surgeries in my left eye, one was an explant of a restor lens in January 2009. My right eye has a small cataract and has not yet been operated on, I am wearing a distance contact in it.
Avatar n tn Why did my cataracts become 'swollen'..thus making my glaucoma closed angle ? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/224354'>Laser Iridotomy</a>.
Avatar f tn The U-shaped tear is also called a Horshoe Tear. If retina doc is recommending laser (aka "barrier laser" to form a barrier of laser around the tear), then I'd do it. Sure, there are risks. Nothing is risk free, but the risk of not treating is much much higher than the risk of doing the procedure. Sincerely, Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
Avatar f tn It your situation it is not unusual to need a YAG laser treatment to open a secondary cataract fairly soon after the original surgery. Have the YAG lasers done, get your dry eye under control, and then judge your vision. You can get lots of dry eye tips at
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
Avatar f tn My opthalmologist told me my eye pressure in one eye is 28 and has given me drops to use. In 3 weeks he wants me to come back and consider laser surgery. I also have the beginning of a cataract. I am 65 year of age. Should I see a glaucoma specialist or is this something my opthalmologist can do? Also, I am very frightened - is this always done in the office? Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/716815'>Cataracts and glaucoma</a>.
986613 tn?1248921936 I recently had YAG laser 6 weeks after cataracts surgery, however the laser fail to make any improvement in my acuity,. I still see some letters like they are "underwater" . I suspect is macular edema.and I have an app. with a retinologist next week. My question is could the YAG laser I had make the edema worse ? Shouldn't the cats Dr realized this nefore giving me the YAG laser ? Thanks you so much for any responses !
Avatar f tn Laser surgery (or cryo- freezing) surgery to close retinal holes or tears does NOT treat the floaters. That is not the purpose of the operation. The laser or cryo- seal the hole/tear shut to prevent a retinal detachment. The floaters may or may not go away. As we age the number of people with floaters increases by about 10% per decade of life after age 10. Floaters as a rule do not cause reduced vision. Retinal tears, especially those treated with laser, do not cause reduced vision.
Avatar f tn I am developing a cataract in one of my eyes. What do I need to know about cataract surgery? I understand that the surgery is a little different due to having lasik surgery. My doctor said that she needed to know how bad was my eyesight before lasik. It was really bad. She needs that information because she will need to know how to do the surgery.
Avatar f tn How long has the femosecond laser been used for cataract surgery? There are no long term studies yet regarding if there is corneal endotheial cell loss, which is my concern. Femosecond laser have been used in lasek surgery, correct? It does not do the actual reshaping of the cornea but does the circular cut around the out eye that is usually done with a surgical blade in both regular cataract and lasek that correct?
Avatar n tn Might she expect the cataract surgery itself to alter her pressures toward normal or should she have a combined laser filtering procedure? Thanks.
Avatar m tn On January 3, 2012, I had to go through the YAG laser procedure to get rid of the scar tissue from the cataract surgery in my left eye. Since the first YAG procedure in January, I have gone through this procedure two more times, January 17, and February 14, 2012. I have been looking for information on this and I cannot seem to find it. What I need to know is how many times does a person have to undergo YAG laser before it finally causes damage to the eye, more specifically the retina?
Avatar m tn My question is do laser repairs for retinal tears cause cataracts to become worse since I now have a cataract on this (L) eye which seems to be impairing my vision some and when might the risk for a detachment be reduced to have this cataract removed? What surgeon the cataract or retina surgeon do think would be better qualified to perform cataract surgery to minimize the risk of a detachment associated with cataract surgery? I return to my retinal surgeon the end of this month.
Avatar m tn I know there is some evidence to suggest that vitrectomies can accelerate the growth of cataracts. I experienced this in my right eye. My question is can the laser used to repair retinal tears cause cataracts as well? I had a retinal tear repaired by laser last October and another one repaired last January in my left eye. This was done in the doctor's office without the vitrectomy and now I have a cataract on that eye impairing my vision.
Avatar n tn After my husband had his cataract surgery, he developed glaucoma. He now needs laser surgery to correct this, since the meds aren't improving his condition. Is glaucoma a common side effect of cataract surgery?
Avatar f tn There is no need for a gas bubble or "positioning" after uncomplicated ERM surgery. My surgery last year was done out-of-town. Two hours after leaving the OR I was enjoying a meal at a restaurant. I flew home the following day. I experienced no pain at all.
Avatar n tn My question is, as I am so shortsighted, is it OK to have the Laser Cataract Surgery? I ask this because the Laser Cataract Surgery is said to be less traumatic to the eye. I wonder if Dr John C Hagan III could answer this question, as I know his son also works in his practice and he is a retinal expert? Also do you fit the New nanoflex IOL?
Avatar n tn At this point, his only suggestion has been that I pay him $2000 more for him to perform laser surgery on the same eye, to finish correcting the vision. Is this 90 degree shift in my astigmatism unusual after this kind of proceedure?
Avatar f tn I am 41 yo & had cataract surgery with Crystalens in Jan ’10. After surgery, I had extreme night light sensitivity, blurriness in light, glare & halos. Distance was great, intermediate okay, & readers for closeup (mild). dr did YAG 3 months post surgery & said it would correct night/light problems. After YAG, vision changed in one eye so I left with distance in one eye & close up in the other. YAG didn't help with the problems I have from night & lights.
Avatar m tn It is very important that all retinal issues be very carefully attended to and stableized before cataract surgery. I tell my patients that the cataract surgery is a 10 minute short bump in the road in a very, very long journey for many years to come where macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy will continue relentlessly to try to get worse.
Avatar n tn When I have surgery to remove my lens' with cataracts, I need to choose a replacement lens. In any case, I understand that I will need to begin wearing glasses, maybe bifocals. Everyone wants to tell me their 'horror story'! I just want to make an educated decision. Again, thank you very much for your kindness.
Avatar m tn I have been on eyedrops for glaucoma since, nostly controlled with one med. Due to worsening vision due to cataracts am having this surgery done in two weeks. My ophthalmologist recommends an ECP laser treatment at same time. I am looking for more input from those who have had this done (the ECP part). Tje left eye has worst cataract but right eye is dominant. He reommends left first, should I go for best distance vision in both?
Avatar m tn With any lens, but especially with Crystalens, it is critical to choose a doctor who has done a lot of procedures, is very knowledgeable, who communicates well, and who you trust. Skills with LRI's and/or Laser surgery are also very valuable. And with any IOL, there are unpredictable risks and possible complications. As long as you end up being able to have good vision with glasses, consider it a success.