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Avatar n tn Hi doctor, 5 years ago, I had facelift, necklift, eyebrow lift, midface lift, and lower lids, and chin implant done. I have scar tissue all over my face. Even at the side of my nose where he says he didn't touch. AS for the chin, he put a jaw which I asked him to remove it just after a month after the operation. I had ultrasound for almost a year and half,with minimum results.
Avatar n tn How long does it take scar tissue and adhesions to form after an eye injury? Days or weeks/months? Dh was just diagnosed with an adhesion of part the capsule that used to hold the lens (has IOL with a scleral ring and donor cornea now) to the outer edge of the pupil, 9 months after his ruptured globe. (His eye has lots of scar tissue from the injury - the iris exited the glaucoma surgery incision after the injury).
Avatar m tn The scar tissue could be injected with a hypotonic solution of saline during epidural and facet injections. This would soften the tissue and then it could be laparoscopically laser obliterate the tissue. You can search for some really advanced and established spine institutes in your region over the internet and by word of mouth. Even your neurosurgeon should be able to recommend you some better place where you have better hope.
Avatar f tn I went to the eye doctor and the vision on my sides is horrible due to the scar tissue left from the laser surgery. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the scar tissue? Thanks for helping.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr: I am having a problem with scar tissue building up every ten to twelve weeks after I have surgerys.I have had stents,triple by-pass, laser surgery all in the last 6 months.It seems that I a having problems again. I was wondering what I have to do to get into a study program.How successful are these study programs.Can I have laser surgery done every ten to twelve weeks and go back to a normal life style.EG:work(tractor trailer driver) fishing, hunting(bow),house repairs, sex.
Avatar n tn hello i have scar tissue on outer surface of retina of my right eye. i also have catatact on my same eye. i should have both surgeries together or seperate. how much time it takes for each surgery.
1556305 tn?1517784829 I know laser can be used to clear the artery but as far as I'm aware scar tissue can still form. One way of helping stop scar tissue is the application of radiation. A radioactive substance on the end of the catheter wire is held in the area for a period of time, damaging the dna of the cells so they can't reproduce so quickly.
Avatar n tn after a month the retina was cracked ' With more surgery to fix that with laser. Now I am blind in the one eye because of scar tissue in the center of the retina I can see my hand in front of my eye but not clearly because a new lense has not been inserted. The surgeon has advised me that nothing more can be done and I will have to live with one eye. I also have low pressure in thar eye as well as glaucoma in the good eye.
Avatar f tn Hello, Apart from surgical removal of the scar tissue, a laser treatment can be used to vaporize the scarring. This can be tried before surgical removal of the scar tissue. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn In order to correct it I've had a series of surgeries (buckle, gas bubble, silicone oil, laser, etc.). I developed a cataract and some scar tissue due to the multiple surgeries. The scar tissue that was on the retina has some how detached and is now floating around in my eye. My surgeon has suggested that we remove the cataract and suction out the scar tissue at the same time. Will this cause the retina to detach again? WIll the scar tissue floating around cause an issue?
Avatar n tn said younger patients usually have isssues with scar tissue. Is there a way to slow the scar tissue `- maybe with drugs?
Avatar m tn You could seek out the expertise of a very skilled retinal surgeon, who should be able to remove the scar tissue. However, the surgery may pose more risks than gains. Depending on the extent of the scar tissue having surgery may either cause another RD or you could suffer nerve damage. At this point if the retina is attached from an anatomical standpoint your case is considered a success.
Avatar f tn The removal of the tube could have formed some scar tissue after. Scar tissue causes pain yes but it is different then Endometriosis. Endometriosis is lesions and can cause Dense adhesions to form as well. Who did your surgery a regular Gyno? Do you know if they looked in the cul de sac? usually that is where it is missed. What symptoms were you having?
624225 tn?1221766417 Scar tissue in the eye is a lot different than scar on an arm or leg. The problem is that healthy eye tissue has been converted to non functioning scar. The Washington U- Barnes Eye MDs are among the best in the world. Only someone that looks in your eye can tell, ask them.
Avatar n tn When I had my ovaries removed, they told me that my intestines were glued together with my ovaries and my scar tissue. They also told me that this may also occur again. I was pain free for a few months after the surgery. But, now the pain has returned and I don't know what to do. I live in Japan on a military base. I feel like I am falling apart. I don't like to take pain medication and had a hard time when using it before my surgery. I could really use some advise.
Avatar n tn Hello, DVIU is a surgical procedure using a camera and endoscopic instrument to cut a urethral stricture and fix the abnormal narrowing of the urethra. when it is done using laser technique then it is called DVIU with laser. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn What can be done for scar tissue from radiation burns that cover chest lower esphogus and upper stomach This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/438880'>throat burns from radiation</a>.
Avatar m tn i just resigned myself that I have to put up with scar tissue for 5 months in order to have better sight. How normal is scar tissue after cataract surgery? why can't he take the scar tissue out now instead of waiting 5 months?
Avatar n tn Often the scar tissue cannot be removed. Of the scar is the damaged retina so that if the scar was removed there would be no sight forming tissue. Get a second opinion from another retina surgeon. Find one near you at www.aao.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I have been diagnosed with CMV retinitis and I lost vision in my right eye., Is there anything I can to do remove the scar tissue from retina and get my vision back?
Avatar m tn I have had several eye injections and have been treated with various drops, now only using durezol. My eye pressure is high due to scar tissue which seems to be medication related. My opthalmologist wants to do a procedure with laser, (also I have a cataract which is medication related) but he has vacilated between doing the laser versus removing the cataract. He seems to be very worried that I will have a secondary infection post op which could lead to some disastrous consequences..
Avatar n tn They are raised and up close they look like 2 or 3 bumps together. They are no longer pimples but look like scar tissue. How do I get rid of these?
Avatar n tn ( I'm afraid of dating for fear it will be confused with something else. Is there a way to remove the scar tissue? Is it expensive? Can you give me some general ballpark figures for cost? Is it in the 1000's ? Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn I had cataract surgery 4 months ago, just found out I have some scar tissue in left eye. Both eyes were done. I am wondering what are procedures for clearing up this scar tissue?
Avatar f tn Because of the size and no real vision at all they didn't even put a lens back in. Now I have painful scar tissue over the pupil of my eye. Of course it doesn' affect my vision but it is painful. I have had several eye drs tell me nothing can be done. I would think that with a laser or something they could take the scar tissue off or something.
Avatar m tn had retina detachments in both eyes - left eye had 3 detachments 5 operations leaving me with 2400 vision - right eye has one detachment repaired 2+ years ago - now have scar tissue in that eye from cataract surgery which accompanied my retina surgery.
Avatar n tn She had laser surgery for this now her vision is blurred and she went to MD and he told her she had scar tissue build up and that was causing vision problem. MD said there was nothing could be done. Can't some type of surgery remove this scar tissue? If so what type and how effective is it.