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Avatar n tn The result was a dimple type scar on my nose. Ironically -I wanted to avoid scars like this which is wht I had it done by a plastic sugeon. The doctor told me that I would have to wait at least 2 years to determine how it would heal. Well, it has been over 2 years, and it has not healed very well. I have a shallow, hole scar on my nose, and I hate it. I have sinced moved away from the area where the original plastic surgeon was, but I have been hesitent to do go to another plastic surgeon.
Avatar m tn Is cauterization considered a laser surgery then? Is cauterization cheaper, easier and faster to perform than laser? During the time I was in his clinic, he seemed rush. Perhaps, I am thinking he wanted to rush me through by cauterizing a simple mole and at the same time, he wanted to charge me the price of laser which I guess is higher. Was he being inhonest with me? I'm totally disappointed. I hope you can suggest what I can do next. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Dr., When I choose a place to perform my laser surgery for hair removal what should I look for as far as procedure/equipment? Some offices use different types of lasers and some use a carbonite "salve" to be applied beforehand to help "tag" the hairs and then again some do not. How is anyone to know what the differences are and which ones are better?
Avatar n tn told me to expect some nerve damage since this was the fourth spine surgery in two years. Just had an MRI and they told me that there is scar tissue surrounding the nerve root. They have offered Lyrica to help with the nerve. But I am going to start physical therapy next week, and I have found that the less movement the less pain. Ask for Ct scan and an MRI, maybe that will tell them more.
Avatar n tn This past October i broke my left ring finger right behind the PIP joint. I had surgery and 3 pins installed to "line up the break". well im no doctor but when i saw the post op X-rays, i was not impressed. anyway, here i am 4 months later and i am totally unable to get movement out of my PIP joint. i have been through PT at least 3 times a week since the surgery, but have gained little to no movement. like so many other posts, my therapists says another surgery will help...
233488 tn?1310696703 rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc. but the other eye has no cataract or a cataract that is small and not troublesome in people with large refractive errors special attention needs to be made to choice of IOL.
Avatar n tn So do I leave her with these ugly marks all over her or get her laser surgery and have scars from that. I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn I am scared that another surgery is not the answer. I have read a lot about people suffering more after the fusion. My end goal is to be off of pain meds, but is another surgery going to alleviate enough pain to make that possible or is the pain something I will just have to learn to live with forever?
Avatar n tn I know all doctors must start somewhere and I personally would not want to be charged full rate if I was the first patient or first few. I cannot afford this type of surgery at full price ,but I would be willing to let a training doctor perform this at a large discount or free. If you have any information about this I would appreciatei t so much. You can e-mail me. Thank You very much, mary b. e-mail : ***@****.
Avatar f tn My cousin used to shave her arms until the hair on top became super thick and she just wanted to get rid of it. She went in for laser surgery and they burned her skin - now she has a horrible white scar on the top of her arm. Just make sure you do your research and find a good doctor before you try anything drastic.
574673 tn?1234129578 I can understand your reluctance to proceed with your right eye given your bad experience with your first surgery. My own experience with cataract surgery was very different from yours. I developed a rapidly progressing cataract in one eye only following retinal surgery. My vision was good enough to watch a subtitled movie at the theater a few hours after receiving an aspheric monofocal IOL. (I got an AcrySof IQ; I wore a contact in my unoperated eye.
572651 tn?1531002957 I've had bunion surgery on both feet. On my left the bunion is coming back and though it is still "smallish" compared to before surgery it is much more painful along the scar. So scar tissue/ a touch of arthritis from the previous surgery and the bunion coming back causes pain! sleeping on my side with my foot on its side is painful again... argh hate having bad feet. I just dropped 150 dollars on new running shoes and foot still hurts!
Avatar n tn Some people who have had limbal relaxing incisions, which is what Dr Pernoud mentioned, a procedure to correct astigmatism done at the time of surgery, also have reported temporary glare after surgery. as far as the UV protection, the way I understand this is that the Crystalens manufacturers thought vision would be clearer without UV protection and the exact benefits of UV protected lenses, on the retina and other tissues of the eye, had not been "adequately studied.
Avatar n tn Aching pain in my back over my shoulder and around my shoulder blade 2. Zapping pain along my front (not where the scar is - the scar is on my back (like electric shocks). 3. Numbness under my breast. 4. Aching, dull pain on my side and around the front under my breast (except where it is numb) 5. Pain throughout my breast on the side of the thorocotomy.
748543 tn?1463449675 In my experience, examining both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients of my practice, I have found most often that even in asymptomatic patients the area of conflict lies within the spine; namely the cervical area. So the price for accommodation to the poor bite is most often paid for by our neck. Of course only about 24% of the population formally complain about TMD/TMJD, however if we closely examine all patients I believe we find that the incidence is much higher than that.
Avatar n tn USA Today reports Urologist in CA was shot on the 28th by patient after he had prostate surgery. Patient's symptoms were worse after surgery. Doctor specialized in Laser surgery. Stanwood Fred Elkus of Lake Elsinore was arrested following the Monday afternoon attack and held on $1 million bail, according to the county jail website. Elkus is suspected of killing Dr. Ronald Franklin Gilbert, 52, of Huntington Beach at the medical office in Orange County.
Avatar f tn I have been told to wait until I was done having children before getting this surgery done. I'll let you know how all goes. The surgery is planned for later this month. Good luck to you all. That nutsack comment cracks me up, Cause it's true.
Avatar f tn The progressive glasses with plano tops that I used to wear over my contacts before surgery worked just fine after surgery, i.e., everything within arm's length was blurry to the same extent. However, for at least 10 years before cataract surgery, I had dreaded driving to my sister's house at night because it involved stretches of unlit, winding suburban roads.
Avatar n tn I had knee replacment surgery (both knees) almost four years ago and still have pain almost every day, and my knees are very stiff. Since I can walk and perform most household chores, my operation was presumably a success. I don't have the same level of pain that you do, but when I do, I guess I will seek help from an orthopedic doctor. I guess I just presumed that the pain would go away, or why the operation? Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn This lens ( and the AT Lisa tri) currently offer a very good alternative to vision aided clear lens or cataract surgery. At your age, if replacement is not required immediately, I would wait to see the results of the new hydro accommodating lenses undergoing trials. Physiol have only released the Finevision Tri in the last couple of years after several years of trials. Who knows what will be available in the next five years.
Avatar n tn i am having doubts about this fusion but there is a alternative surgery(laser surgery) laser surgery institute.
Avatar n tn Seeing bile in the stomach after the patient has been placed left side down, sedated, and a scope rammed down their throat is far from diagnostic. This is important because failure of medical therapy would indicate surgery to disconnect the duodenum from the stomach. This makes it very difficult for any bile to make it backwards to the stomach and allow the stomah to heal. You clearly don't want this if bile reflux gastritis isn't really the problem.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment to have my anal skin tag, about the size of a pea, (bit longer and thinner though), removed by lazer tommorow....I live in Turkey and the price for this surgery is 400 ytl....... 337 US dollars.
Avatar n tn all of can still see the folicles. I am very white..dark headed, so I have heard that the laser hair removal works well on this type of person. hum...wonder how much a all over body hair removal would cost? :) My husband doesn't seem to be bothered with it don't know why. I've talked to my doctor and he said this was common...there is medication I could take but it only controls the hair does nothing for what is already there...
Avatar f tn I'm only 17 and im trying to find out answers. after my 18th birthday i want to go get surgery done because of it . I want to be able to walk around in cute little bikinis like all the other girls. But I can't :( yeah youre right people don't understand lol. it's embarassing. nothing seems to look right. It *****! I want to be able to just walk around in my underwear if i wanted to and not be so self conscious. Urghh. It's terrrible.
Avatar n tn I had one laser treatment but it was a freebie and did nothing (SmartXide Dot laser) I've done all this for well over a year and NOTHING has improved. I look like a 40-year-old with an 80-year-old's arms. I live in Canada, so have more opportunity to cover my arms than someone living in Florida and cover them I do. I am embarrassed by them. I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. So ladies, I empathize fully. If I find a solution, I will post for you all.
Avatar n tn One is that they were offering plans in which the more treatments you purchased the more the price went down. Since there were 3 of us we combined our wants a bought a bunch of treatments. Each area we pick will be around $1200. So I can do upper and lower abdomen (2 areas in their opinion - mine is that it is one large area ;-)) for 2400. I have heard about the 'pregnancy' swelling. Very funny that your husband didn't notice!!
Avatar n tn My doctor didn't go into details about the surgery because it's not something I need to have done at this time, but it sounded to me like a minor procedure, not something serious. She did say that the surgery would leave a small, visible scar. Here is some information I just found online on "Sebaceous cysts most often disappear on their own and are not dangerous. Occasionally, they may become inflamed and tender.
Avatar f tn they did a biopsy shortly after i did this post, and nothing specific came back. i've had it treated w/ medication (pills and topical) and also laser and it'll seem to look a little better for a few days but then i'm almost to square 1. it just will not seem to heal. just today they decided to do a second biopsy, because they also find it odd and worrisome. they did diagnose me with rosacea b/c in general i am very pink with capillaries close to the skin.