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Avatar f tn I'm booked in for a fraxel laser treatment on my nose cheeks and forehead for large open pores and "ice pick" scarring (or is this the same thing)? Can anyone tell me of their own experiences with this or someone they know maybe??? Was it successful or a total waste of time, money and pain? There is so much info on the internet about this I just want to hear the opinions of some "real" people. I'm getting really nervous about it. Help!!!
Avatar m tn But, the only way to get rid of (or at least greatly minimize) pitted scarring is via Carbon Dioxide Laser, Fraxel laser or a course of medium to deep peels. Dermabrasion can also work very well but it's very invasive, so I wouldn't personally recommend it unless your scarring is exceptionally bad. I have personally had the Carbon Dioxide Laser, so I can say from experience that it really does work wonders . It gave me back my beautiful scar-less skin.
Avatar f tn I know that everyone is different but I had a bad experience. I had the Co2 Affirm done for what was a small scar on my cheek a month ago. Soon after the treatment I developed two cysts in the area. During my follow up exam my doctor told me that cysts are one of the possible side effects. (I wish I had known that going in.) For some reason, my scar is now twice as big as it was to begin with and the skin in the surrounding area still has not fully healed.
Avatar n tn This image will be about two weeks after a scab had come off of it. I've been looking into getting some fraxel laser treatment for it if I don't see any improvements in another two weeks or so. I can't imagine this scar would be hard to treat, seeing how small it is.
Avatar m tn Acne scars is caused due to an individuals emotional pain which may effect the quality of life. Laser scar removal treatment gives you the non invasive solution which uses fractional laser technology that removes the scars with less pain. Laser technology removes the acnes scar, Pulses of laser light is also used to coagulate scar tissues.
Avatar n tn Treatment will range from Fraxel laser treatment, CO2 laser resurfacing, to dermabrasion. All of these treatment will help to smooth the skin but will not completely eliminate the 'ice pick' scars. The surface of the skin would need to be 'sanded' down to the level of the depths of the pit, to eliminate the scars - not a realistic process. Use of a skin punch can help to excise the scars if there are only a few.
Avatar m tn Hello, Fraxel laser treatment is one of the best solution for fractional aesthetic skin resurfacing and it delivers remarkable results with reduced downtime.So you can go ahead with this laser treatment. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts. Warm regards.
Avatar f tn i heard of tatooing the skin with my skin colour but i dont trust it... what about the fraxel laser? ive used it on my face and its taken my other scars on my face..will it work on my leg??My doc says it should have lightened up by now??? Please help..
Avatar m tn I thought about making an appointment at a skin and laser office. They offer this treatment called Fraxel, but I am not sure it will work on these kinds of scars, the yellowish brown marks that remain, but are not raised. Does anyone know if this Fraxel treatment would help? The consultaion appointment is 75 dollars so I dont really want to go if they cant do anything for me. The treatment is expensive, but honestly, i am willing to pay any amount to get rid of these scars at this point.
Avatar n tn Yes it will cost you and you usually have a problem finding someone who will perform it, ring around some Naturopaths to find out. Your options in treatment if it is indeed your hormones is using Bio-Identical Hormones, they come in a skin cream and highly effective, they are from plants but have the same chemical makeup as our own hormones so there is no side-effects from our body reacting to something foreign.