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Avatar n tn This however, does not make you a better candidate for laser vision correction. I would not recommend you get the laser correction after a vision altering corneal scar as multiple complications could arise. Please consult with a well known cornea specialist in your area for an exam and opinion in this regard.
Avatar n tn Can someone who has had laser cataract surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser please describe their experience and the long term results of that procedure. Thank you.
Avatar m tn ) Using laser to fix the thin area will form a scar in the retinal. How long will it takes to recover ? Will there any side effect to the vision after the treatment 2) How successful will this treatment to avoid to the thin area to form tears. 3) In general, do people do the laser treatment to fix thin area or rather wait until there are tear is formed. Will successful rate will be higher will the laser is done earlier.
Avatar f tn My cataract surgeon suggested I schedule for a YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy, which is quick and will clear up the distortion and glare, one eye at a time. I am not thrilled about having another surgery obviously, but feel confident in the doctors I am seeing for this, yet am concerned just the same! Any surgery has risks, obviously...! Further RD'S?
Avatar n tn Had surgery and a plate and screws were used. Now a 6 inch scar looks terrible. Will i be able to have laser treatment on scar and how soon came laser treatment be done so the scar is not so visible.
Avatar f tn I've looked into pigmentation correction creams, but there seem none that could help my case. How can I help the porblem? Many thanks in advance.
2032420 tn?1337663121 is in the same eye as the laste but on the oppossite side of the eye and in sighted retina it could be hyperawareness of the laser scar. Ask the ophthalmologist that treated it where it was. A laser burn on the bottom of the eye will project to the upper field of vision and vice versa and on the inside of the eye to the outside of the visual field and vice versa.
Avatar n tn Male, age 47. Slight Hyertension. (Take Alalide 150/12.5). Had Cataract surgery 18 months ago. Alcon monofocals implanted. Operation went great - surgeon got numbers right. Very Happy. Wear glasses 60% of the time. Use progressive lenses in the glasses. (Very slight correction for distance and progressive lens for reading / computer work). Seems to work fine - took some getting used to though. Lately, I have begun to use them more often for distance - especially at night.
Avatar n tn SUBJECT: 39 YEAR OLD MALE WITH LIFE LONG HISTORY OF MYOPIA BEFORE CORRECTION: (LEFT: -11.25/-4.25/065. RIGHT: -8/-2.25/120) EYE HISTORY: • Left eye: 1998 had a retinal detachment fixed with vitrectomy, a scleral buckle, and extensive laser. Two retinal tears 2000 and 2002. A crystalens was implanted in 2006 due to cataract. I’ve had 3 Avistan injections for bleeding on a scar/ pouch left behind from the detachment on my macula. Vision has stabilized at 20/60, with no central vision.
Avatar f tn I have an astigmatism as well and would like to have laser vision correction. Please advise- thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn The discomfort is no more or less than it has been since the surgery. I am just wondering if there is new technology out there like MRI on the socket or laser to remove scar tissue that my be causing me discomfort. I also do not want to go under the knife again because it took a year to correct the wandering eye issue. My eye also still appears much smaller than the non operated eye.....Any cosmetic correction for that?
Avatar n tn In May 2010 I had very successful cataract surgery/astigmatism correction on my left eye. Pupils equalized within a day and scar tissue was successfully lasered a few days later as well. About 6 weeks after surgery it was discovered that the bottom of the pupil had become pointed and distorted. This distortion is working its' way around the iris, so now it is narrower at the bottom and slightly on the bottom right.
Avatar m tn You may consider getting a second opinion from a surgeon at a Crystalens Centers of Excellence. Find one on their site. Good luck. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn My question is how much longer could this scar continue to thin or clear up? I will see my Dr again this week and and believe he will note improvement as I believe I see better today than I did 6 weeks ago. Is it time to look to KTP or other form of correction, or just let nature take her course?
Avatar n tn However, the reason for the cataract surgery was that I was no longer able to wear RGP lenses for any length of time. A laser surgeon said he can't remove the corneal scar. He cannot even see the problem clearly because the light is bent by the ERM, the corneal scar and now the toric lens. He recommends no further surgery, not even cataract surgery for the left eye which is -12.0, because of the risk of retinal detachment or breaking of the capsule of my only good eye.
Avatar n tn My doctor has said that all of the material was not removed and that a laser can be used to make a hole in the capsule to allow the liquid to drain into the fluid the fills the eye. The left eye does not have the same refractive index as rhe rt one and I see an intermitant flashing as if there is a clear liquid floating/moving about 1)Can cells left in the capsule proliferate and affect vision. 2) what are the problems associated with this proceedure.?
Avatar m tn you would have no residual astigmatism as you had 1 diopter before surgery and the ICL has 1 D of correction. Did the optician tell you what your vision was with this correction in front of your eye (eg 20/20 or metric 6/6/?
Avatar n tn Several laser treatments in order to prevent the continued tearing before the following physical operations. A vitrectomy and laser treatment circling the retina inside the tear to prevent detachment. The eye was then treated with silicone to ensure attachment of the retina for approximately 8 weeks. Removal of the silicone and the resulting cataract by phacoemulsification followed by another vitrectomy to remove some oil not removed by the second operation. There was no sceleral buckling.
Avatar f tn Eye muscle surgery on cases like your son's are highly unpredictable and under correction, over correction and unexpected results are very common. The most I could suggest would be to get a second and third opinion from strabismus surgery ophthalmologists about your next step. Unfortunately there is no guarentee of success, more surgery could make it worse and you may have to just "live with it". Sorry I cannot be more encouraging. Do get the extra opinions. I hope I'm wrong.
Avatar n tn A doctor that I saw at the time I was born told my parents that I was only the second person in his 26 year medical career to ever have this scar. The scar has greatly effected my vision in my left eye, and without glasses I can barely see out of it. I'm just curious of what the scar is called; if there is even a condition for this type of scarring.
Avatar f tn Hi Thank you for responding to my posting, I could not find much information r/g winkles or striae on the macula, after sugery, Is the surgery really risky, Is there anyway new lens will fix or change the problem at all, To describe the vision change in more detail, the surgery eye sees things thinner with alittle waveness to the edges, but I think the vision his around 50 with correction but I am not sure, I am drinking lots of carrot juice and wheat grass and started special eye vitmanis, a
Avatar n tn I underwent 2 surgeries - the first was vitrectomy/laser/gas to reattach the retina. A complication resulted in the removal of my natural lens. Due to the formation of scar tissue less than a month later, a second surgery included a scleral buckle/laser/gas. It is 9 months later now and I am very grateful that the retina has remained attached. However, I am now about +2.
Avatar n tn My right eye was repaired with a full scleral buckle around it and my vision has been fully restored. My left eye's retinal tear was repaired through laser surgery. I really thought that was the end of it. Was going to my retinal specialist annually, but then I stopped and waited 4 years for my last checkup. They found two holes in my left eye. They did laser surgery two weeks ago.
Avatar n tn My corrected vision with contacts was 20/20 at one time in my left eye, but I have a lazy right eye, so it's correction was never as good. Prior to the surgery I could read the smallest print but it had to be almost up against my nose. When I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, I decided to go ahead with the ReSTOR lens after much research about different multi focal lenses.
Avatar f tn After 4 months I have double and triple vision in the operated eye with complex astigmatism of 3+ diopeters. There were 2 YAG laser procedures to remove interfering tissue to better seat the lens and one procedure to remove the cloudy residue. Still the vision is severely impaired by multiple images. The cornea has now been mapped for its irregular shape. However, the surgeon is now concerned that there may not be enough cornea to withstand lasic correction.
Avatar n tn I had lens replacement surgery for vision correction purposes. I was not in a position to fully understand the risks, but the doctor should have been.This particular doctor was in the business of promoting a flashy practice...mainly LASIK, but threw in lens replacement like it was just a simple thing to do. It wasn't. I've had lots of problems One of many problem from the surgery was a vitreous detachment that resulted in a big black blob that I could not see through.
Avatar n tn I used the Castle-Connolly listings for ophthalmologists, and I narrowed my choices to those who specialized in both cataract surgery and laser vision correction. (You could pay $20 to get this info online or get it free from the "Best Doctors in Chicago" book available at most public libraries.) My surgeon only used Alcon IOLs, as do many surgeons in the Chicago area.