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Avatar n tn Should I have laser surgery to remove them? If so how much will the surgery cost? Please give me some suggestion. Thank you very muck for your time!
Avatar n tn I had a cleft surgery when I was a child, and now that I grown up I realized that the scar is getting more obvious and can really be seen..Can I undergo any scar removal surgery for my cleft scar?Is it safe,effective and can help me a lot? and if you can estimate it,by how much can it cost? thank you very much..
587306 tn?1218529734 com/ Home » Spine Procedures » Spinal Fusion Alternative Spinal Fusion Alternative Laser surgery medical procedures offer a gentle endoscopic alternative to spinal fusions to help alleviate pain to the lower back (lumbar), upper back (thoracic) and neck (cervical). Answer The endoscope and arthroscope are the exact same instrument. They are small tubes through which surgery is performed. When the tube is placed into a joint, it is referred to as an arthroscopic procedure (arthro meaning joint).
Avatar m tn The silicon scar gel sheets I used were provided to be by a plastic surgeon after surgery on my cheeks, and although they did reduce the scar by somewhere around 80%, I still got laser scar removal to completely erase the scar. As Grace pointed out, the genital skin is definitely much more thin, sensitive, and delicate, so products that should be used on it will be recommended to you by your dermatologist.
Avatar n tn The treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.Apply hydroquinone cream on this scar and it should go away in a few days to months.If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period.
Avatar f tn Hi, Scar marks due to Shingles are commonly seen. However, the intensity and spread of these marks may vary. The treatment options are therefore dependent on these factors. Topical applications and cosmetic treatments are available for this. They may also be available OTC for some users. However, professional advise may be needed in some cases depending on extent of lesions. Some of these include, appplications such as collagen, microdermabrasion etc..
Avatar n tn ( I'm afraid of dating for fear it will be confused with something else. Is there a way to remove the scar tissue? Is it expensive? Can you give me some general ballpark figures for cost? Is it in the 1000's ? Thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn Thanks for you advise- It saved me a dermatol. consultation fee . Laser surgery and the most cost efficient silicone gelpads would likely be an option. Yes, I was told this skin condition can get worst given exposure to the insects. I may have to make DEET as my routine skin care product. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn i need some information on scar removal and its expenses. where can i get help how much does it cost i just need an approximation and idea what it would be long and how long it will take.
Avatar f tn I am a 35 year old caucasian woman. I had laser hair removal done with the final session in May 2010. I avoided the sun last summer due to the fact that I was on a topical cream to treat a mild case of perioral dermatitis. I have had significant sun exposure this year, and have developed a clearly defined area of dark pigmentation on my upperlip. It basically looks like a hairless mustache. There is no other blotchiness on my face at all.
Avatar n tn I'm interested in the best treatment that will remove these scars as close to 100% as possible without leaving any additional scars or scar like areas in the place of the depressions. Can anyone tell me what procedures would most likely achieve the best results and suggest any top notch doctors around the US that could do this? I am willing to travel for treatment to see a top specialist if needed.
Avatar m tn Also, I have acne bumpy scars on my shouders and back and I was wondering if they can go away with laser skin treatment. I like to know how effective the treatment is and what the cost would be. Thanks!
Avatar f tn If I cannot receive this treatment on the NHS, how much could I expect it to cost privately? Furthermore, I have seen other treatments for this type of scar, which would be the most suitable due to the age of my scar?, I would really appreciate an answer, thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn I am speaking with my dermatologist about laser, the cost, and risks. Any advice? Recommendations? Tips? I just feel like I am missing out. I envy those with clear skin. I sacrificed sugar, snacks, gluten, and live a healthy life style. Still, it was antibiotics and a topical that rid acne for me. Looking to rid acne scar. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Hello, This looks like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment. Apply hydroquinone cream on this scar and it should go away in a few days to months. If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion.
Avatar n tn The procedure is going to be preformed abdominally and I am concerned about scarring. I do not have the resources for laser scar removal. I would like to a purchase a product that has been successful in minimzing a large scar after surgery. Although cost is a concern, it is not my priority. I want to the appearance and size of the scar reduced as much as possible. What would be my best option?
Avatar n tn This is something I would prefer to avoid because I don't want another kind of scar. 3. Would you recommend cortisone over laser? (assuming the cost isn't an important issue). Frankly, I'd rather not go through the same cycle of ineffective shots/dents etc. thanks.
Avatar n tn There are a few options to help lessen the appearance of it, but it will not just go away. Usually scar fading treatments would consist of laser treatments. Cleft lip/palates are not that uncommon and you can go to any board certified plastic surgeon to have corrective surgery. Though really, I don't think there is any reason for you to go through surgery again unless you're having problems.
Avatar n tn Can any1 tell me the medicine for hole removal and even treatment for that and also cost of that treatment. Im staying in hyderabad now.
Avatar n tn Wecome to MH and this forum annan , I am not certain what country you live in till you fill in your profile however here in the US we have Laser that works on scars very effectively, also other countries have laser treatment for scars , birthmarks and other blemishes. I have had a birthmark removed successfully by laser, the cost has come down considerably.No one has to live with scars anymore, put this into our Dermatology forum for further answers.
Avatar n tn I have been reading many posts about the best treatment for same, which is less painful and most importantly should not leave any mark or scar after treatment. Cost should not matter much. I also consulted one dermatologist and she suggested me to go for Electrocautery. Could some expert on warts please tell me which is best treatment? Is it Electrocautery or Cryotherapy?? Answer waited.
Avatar m tn I mean AHHHHHHHHHH!!! and plus I live in a new state so the cost may be higher. My insurance doesn't cover it because its entitled under cosmetic so I had to pay out of pocket. The cost wasnt the worry its should I find a ear nose and throat doctor or a dermatologist and get the injections.
Avatar n tn These start at or soon after birth, enlarge for a while, and most regress by age 9. When they go away, they may leave a scar. Laser treatment can help them go away faster, and is safe, though a bit painful. I would consult a dermatologist who works with the pulsed dye laser. Any teaching hospital with a dermatology department would be a good place to start for a consultation.
Avatar f tn kind of scar (i suspect this is because the mole is small). the scar is now more of my skin colour, but still a noticeable scar (i can't remember but i think it took either 1 or 2 years!). the thing is, i think this might have happened because i went swimming in my pool (chlorine based), had direct sun contact (it was in the summer) and did not leave a bandaid on the wound with polysporin, and i think i picked at my scab too (i only know these things now because i researched it!
Avatar m tn The surgeons did a wonderful job with my surgeries, however, as I got older the scar began to become more noticeable. It has become more raised and defined, and my lip has become more uneven. I was wondering, as an adult, what are my options in regards to improving the appearance of the scar? Obviously there is surgery, but if I do get surgery, what's the cost, how long does it take to heal, and what's the probability of having a negative outcome?
1123156 tn?1338866969 Never tried that. I was just at my laser hair removal appointment and they had a machine their for microdermabrasion. Is that one word? Anyway, she said they also use that machine to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I didn't ask how much it cost but that's an option anyway :) GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!
Avatar n tn 4) I still have some sort of raised legion where the laser treatment was. The bump is not on top of the skin but under the scar. If i roll the skin i can feel a bump that isn't the whole area of the scar so I think something is still there(might be the scar tissue and might not). It seems as though the bump under the scar is attached to a line and not just free floating. I have had problems with enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and waste in the past and this reminds me of this.
Avatar m tn He told me that he will only work on my face if necessary and he won't remove the mole because it will leave a scar, then told me to consider it a beauty mark. It's the size of a pencil eraser now and it's just ugly on top of irritating. Is there anything else I can do to have this removal covered by insurance? If not, how much would something like this cost out of pocket?
Avatar n tn After treatment (benzyl benzoate) and my subsequent recovery from the disease, i was left with a lot of small scar tissue and black spots on the spots where i had the open sores from the disease. I also had lesions on the glans of my penis. for years i lived with this embarassing condition because i didnt think there was anything that could be done. I started doing some research and came across ur website.
Avatar f tn On June 1st I had surgery to remove the loop recorder and my doctor hoping to lessen the scar cut around the old scar in the hopes that it would heal better this time. I had the bandages removed the 10th of June and my doctor was very happy with the way it looked, but then again last time when he removed the bandages he was happy as well.