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280369 tn?1316705641 hi chantal21, i also looked into laser hair removal, mainly for my belly and bikini line. i do not have a lot of body hair, but those two places really bother me. i did not end up pursuing it after i learned that you have to receive regular treatments to ensure that the hair is removed, and even then there is no guarantee that the hair will not return. talk about frustrating! each visit can cost up to $200 depending on where and how much hair you need removed.
Avatar n tn Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I recently had laser removal around my bikini area and my sister has had it done on her lip. Its totaly worth it. The thicker the hair the more treatments you will need but 8 is the maxium. It saves your skin from being shaved and roughed up. I would go for it.
Avatar n tn dark headed, so I have heard that the laser hair removal works well on this type of person. hum...wonder how much a all over body hair removal would cost? :) My husband doesn't seem to be bothered with it don't know why. I've talked to my doctor and he said this was common...there is medication I could take but it only controls the hair does nothing for what is already there...
Avatar n tn That's why I did laser hair removal for my bikini area, I am so tired of the lumps after I shave. So far so good, and I don't have to shave very often anymore either.
Avatar n tn I want to look into Laser hair removal (At this point I can care less about the cost). Im kind of scared though because the thought of lasers on my breast seems dangerous or cancerous. Does anyone have info on Laser hair removal? P.S. I do feel a little better though now knowing others can relate....... so thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn The surgeon tried to do it thru the camera in my belly button but wasnt able to and had to cut me along my bikini line to remove them.
Avatar n tn Its a painful,embarrassing,disfiguring situation,and its not fair that this happens to women. I think the only cure for it is laser hair removal which can cost between $500.00 to $1000.00 .I plan to continue treatment as soon as I can afford it. I just want to feel comfortable being me.
485259 tn?1519050626 Is it better to shave the area, i'm not talking 'brazilian wax' here, i'm just talking about doing a very good 'bikini line' trim. Any input would be much appreciated especially from those that have had the surgery....both the Laparoscopic & Laparotomy, thanks in advance.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
Avatar f tn There are various methods like shaving,bleaching,depilatory creams,electrolysis or laser hair removal are available to remove the hair.Out of all these laser hair removal is the most long lasting.Nd YAG laser is very effective in long term reduction of hair.Risks include the chance of burning the skin or discoloring dark skin with the laser, hypopigmentation (white spots), and flare of acne. Pls consult a dermatologist/cosmetologist and discuss this with him/her. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn If you try to wipe it off even a little bit too hard, the skin gets all red and sore for DAYS. btw, how much does laser hair removal cost?
Avatar n tn I used laser hair removal for my bikini line. Loved it! Cost about $1500 Canadian plus topical cream but well worth it. I went for about 12 treatments. You need this many because hair grows at different stages. At first you go every 2 or 3 weeks then it changes to 5 or 6 weeks then to 2 months then to 4 months. YOu can not suntan that area at all for the entire time you are doing treatments. You can never wax or pluck again b/c that will stimulate new grow there.
479589 tn?1208142779 Porn stars get laser hair removal. I swear I heard it in a radio show interview. Really...seriously.....I swear!!!!!!!!!!!
363243 tn?1331037450 Hi coco727272, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am not African American, I am of Sicilian decent. I also have had problems with hursutism. I had something called laser hair removal on my face to remove upper lip hair, chin, neck and "sideburn" hair. It is really very effective and permanently removes hair as the laser kills the hair's root. You'll probably always have some hairs because you can grow new ones at any time in your life but it kills the hairs that are there.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have the same problem and it's awful! Anybody who says it has to do with your razor or shaving lotion, etc has no idea what you're going through. It's the hair growing back & having to push up through the skin so your best bet is to shave as infrequently as possible. Strangely, I only experience this on my legs but it is so incredibly bad. I can't even get by with scratching just using my finger nails.
Avatar n tn The same hormones are responsible for giving pubic and underarm hair their extra pigment, it's also why they are curly even if your other hair is not. Honestly, I don't think you should resort to bleach or whatever those creams are, the active ingredient causes cancer. It's not worth it, guys don't care/notice anyway. If they are naked with you and are busy staring at some slightly darker skin, they have bigger problems! Find a guy who isn't a waste of time, at least that's free.
Avatar n tn - Laser hair removal (long pulse yag laser works good) - there was a clinical experiment being done but do not kown what was the outcome clinical trial but laser has helped me ALOT. I have my doctor perscribe this treatment for me, although my insurance does not cover it but I have had Flex Account cover it. - As mentioned by other people change sweaty clothes, keep dry and wear only cotton.
Avatar n tn Shaving does not help it at all and i have been told its better to usr hair removal cream but not to sure if it helps! Dont be embarassed to get them checked out you would be surprised at how common these lumps are! I used to be to scared to get them looked at but i am glad i get them sorted out now its a lot less pain to deal with and with treatment i dont get as many!
Avatar n tn The Affirm laser tightened and the peel did even more. It cost $450. for the laser and then $100. for the peel so it was not cheap but I feel much more comfortable showing my arms now. I was told that the tightening of the skin will continue over the next few months.
Avatar m tn i also found useful removing any light around the mirror so i can't see the pores. 2 - for my legs, i did the laser for permanent hair reduction. i am still doing the treatment so i still have some hair. however, because the treatment costs a few thousand dollars and if i pull my hair again it will make my hair growth back, i don't pull my legs' hair anymore. however, now i became obsessed with my split ends: i cut them with a scissor and i can't stop for hours. today i hide the scissor...
Avatar f tn others often make fun of me, they say i’m actually a man, that i’m not normal, that i’m disgusting, etc. and when i walk in a bikini or swimsuit in the beach or the swimming pool, i can feel people staring DOWN,once, there was even a group of girls and some boys actually giggling about it. its really uncomfortable. it looks really round, fat and it protrudes outwards. and i’m not overweight AT ALL, but that section is damn fat.i’m 18 and im not sexually active, im embarassed.
Avatar n tn If you buy a package of 6 treatments to one area it is 2400.00. 2 area's - 6 treatments - the cost is 4000.00. Insurance does not cover this. Interest free financing for 1 year or low interest -to finance over 2 years. There are diet drinks that you can purchase there, but I didn't do that part. I am sure there are other things they offer besides the diet drinks. They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back.
Avatar n tn Similarly I suffer from Trichotillomania and frequently attack my bikini line and body hair with tweezers. At about 18 (I'm now 26) I became obsessed with plucking bodily hair, tweezing out minor thin hairs only to have them replaced by thicker, dark ones. I am now so utterly ashamed of my body, my belly, abdomen and chin have dark stubbly hair which I continue to pluck and even shave. It literally ruins my life, I feel like a hairy freak!!
Avatar f tn I am undergoing surgery for the removal of axillary breast tissue under my right arm. The surgery is scheduled for 20 Aug 07. I was briefed throughly that the casuses could be hereditary, due to lactating, etc. I noticed mine shortly after nursing my youngest child (23 months) and it has been bothersome ever since. I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer.
Avatar n tn The odor will not go away until the fungus/yeast is killed. Wash twice per day with anti-bacterial soap. Tea Tree oil soap is good too. Dry skin with hair dryer on cool setting. When completely dry apply Zeasorb-AF. It is a powder for Athlete's foot and will work well for this problem. You may purchase it over the counter at any drug store. Continue washing, drying, applying until odor is gone. Throw away a bra if you have used it daily, as the fungus is in this bra too.
Avatar n tn Hi, you have a sabatious cyst....I've had about 3 at different times. As you have done ...sit in a hot bath...usually it will pop itself... however..if it happens again...go to the doctor and get it drained...cuz if it pops itself...sometimes it doesnt drain properly...!! and will reoccur!! Usually the stuff that comes out is reddish blood and puss...and can sometimes smell really bad... Its usually a day op only...and your able to go home in the afternoon...
Avatar n tn i can see why you hid that amount from your hubby.As long as you look and feel good thats all that counts i wish you health and happiness.
Avatar n tn When these organs are removed through the belly button, a biopsy is impossible because the organs have been chopped (well not the best word) up into small pieces for removal. With a vaginal delivery, a biopsy can be proformed because these cervix, uterus and even ovaries can be removed pretty much intack.. I asked the same question, "what happens to my eggs that my ovaries release each month" and I was told they will be released and disinegrate.
Avatar n tn My period is 10 days away and I just started itching again tonight. At first I thought it was because I used a hair-remover cream to remove hair around my pubic region, but the itching continued. I itch a lot before and during my period and it's painful once i scratch and have to go pee. I was scared but because I'm still a virgin, I knew there was no way it could be an STD... I'm wondering about the whole eczema thing though...