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Avatar f tn I have this clicking or may I say popping sound when ever I put weight of my left knee, or even if I am laying in bed when I straighten out my leg, it seems to make this sound. It really doesn't hurt, just a little uncomfortable. If I place my hand on my knee and swing my leg forward a bit, I can actually feel the bones rubbing and clicking against each other.
Avatar m tn My left knee always pops while my right knee never pops. Also, the left knee pops about 40 times a day when i am standing. So my questions are 1. Why does only one knee pop? 2. What does all this popping mean?
Avatar n tn I will just be walking around and it makes a cracking/popping sound. There is not pain- just noise. It is not the ankle and it is not the knee. It is a different sound than when a joint pops. It is louder than a joint popping. It almost sounds like when a piece of wood in the fireplace pops or cracks when you light a fire. (sorry that is the only way to describe it). There is no swelling, no redness, no bruising. Even when I palpitate the area there is no pain.
Avatar m tn However, My knees make a loud popping sound when I extend the leg (sitting on a chair and extending).The popping sound bothers me.When I put my hand over knee I can feel the "mechanics" of the knee. I suffer no discomfort other than when I am running. I am trying not to have the operation as I have heard some good and some about knee operations.
Avatar m tn ve noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. For a few days I could feel something move in the same knee when I would walk down stairs. It felt like it was located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. That went away. The right knee doesn't have any issues. There is no pain, tenderness, or swelling involved at all. Does this sound like it could be osteoarthritis?
Avatar f tn But I can continuously do the clicking sound by bending my knee almost fully. But there is no pain.
Avatar m tn hello sir, I am 27 male not married, my left knee is popping too when i bend the leg and left elbow also popping when i bend the hand, all body bones are popping to much,i used calcium tablets for 3 months but there is no improvement, please advise me what should be done to stop this sound...
Avatar m tn A piece of torn cartilage may get caught between moving parts of the knee joint and causes the sound. A clicking sound may be heard when moving the knee. The pain may be worse when squatting. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn My right knee was causing much pain on the outside area, and when I would walk it felt like my knee would try to slip out of joint. Like the outter area of my knee was pulling it out. I went and saw a specialist, they took an x-ray and didn't see any damage. He moved my leg around in every motion possible and said I more than likely tore my meniscus again on the outside and that is why it is giving out.
Avatar f tn My knee replacement is almost 16 years old. It is now making a loud popping/grinding sound. My surgeon moved out of state years ago. Do you think I'm going to need my knee prosthesis replaced? I do have swelling and pain after walking and when I sleep at night.
Avatar f tn I don't hear the popping sound but I feel them. Been feeling popping in my vaginal area but I think it's the baby pushing his way down & getting himself ready for delivery, since today marks my 38th week. :) I'm just anxious & counting the days until my body can somewhat go back to normal & I can hold my son in my arms.
Avatar m tn If flexing the knee and hip to the 90/90 position and rotating the hip internally produces pain and popping, this supports the diagnosis of torn labrum over hip flexor strain. Absence of pain with this maneuver tends to eliminate torn labrum. If wrapping the hip eliminates the pain, and you are satisfied with that, I would be inclined to continue with that. As far as the long term, I'm not sure anyone really knows the answer to that question presently.
Avatar m tn If it is just occasionally popping with no pain, it could be nothing and some exercise like knee bends could strengthen your knee. On the other hand, it is painful too especially with swelling you may want to see a doc. If your knee is making a grinding noise for example it could mean that the cartilage is wearing down. Especially if this continues to bother you check with your pcp or an orthopedic specialist before exercising or anything!
Avatar f tn Hi there, A complete clinical examination is essential for correct diagnosis. There can fluid within the knee joint itself, or in the surrounding soft tissue. Acute injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tear, meniscal tears, ligament sprains all can lead to fluid or blood accumulation around the knee joint. If there is no history of trauma any infection in the knee joint can lead to swelling.
Avatar f tn Hi Freddi, As long as you don't have pain, swelling, discoloration or other symptoms the knee cracking is probably harmless. If you have other symptoms that coincide with the cracking then you should be concerned. However I would not take any one's word as gospel as we are not physicians or experts. Please also consult a physician. Sometimes my knees would crack so loud they could be heard across a room...LOL A bit embarrassing for a female.
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
378497 tn?1232143585 Bio, Funny you wrote about this because I do have popping in my knee. It happens in particular with certain Tai Chi positions, but not all the time. I wrote about this in my journal about my first tai chi classes. It goes away, but tonight it was back again. My knee is not strained, dislocated or otherwsie injured but it makes this very loud "pop, pop, pop" sound much like the popcorn your described. AND everyone in class can hear my knee going off!
Avatar m tn From last one month i am suffering from popping knee and some swelling in my knee.
Avatar n tn Its kind of seaware problem i am not feeling pain but when i bend down move my wrist or what angle try to make all of my body joints produce a crackling kind of sound which is so loud make me feel ambaries or people sitting aside looks at me. Its specially from wrist, knee and ankle joints. Dont know why but may be i thinking that its because of my masturbation sometimes i do is there any method or medicine that ends this crackling sound please help me in this case.
Avatar f tn I had two screws placed about inch-2 inches below knee. I was told no weight baring etc. However, I have been walking on it. Today the pain is so intense stabbing burning pain and popping when I walk.....