Knee pain below the kneecap

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Avatar n tn When I run my knee swells alot and my cyst grows when swelling goes away i feel on and off pain in the marked areas, above my kneecap where i flex it and generally all over the place, cant pinpoint much mri below https://postimg.
Avatar f tn Although, recently I have noticed that on the front of my leg below the kneecap and at the top of the shin there is a bump.
Avatar n tn Almost every night I have pain in my knee right above the kneecap. It's an intense tight, pinching feeling, very hard to ignore when I'm laying or sitting down, but when I'm moving/standing up it eases. I don't feel it throughout the day, only when I lay down at night some days. It doesn't make a difference keeping the leg straight or bent, and heating pads don't help much either.
Avatar n tn There are no bruises on my knee and it gives me no problem EXCEPT when I am on the floor on bended knees and the pain below my knee (between top of shin and knee) is excruciating. But no pain otherwise.. Any ideas???
Avatar f tn In my job, I am on my knees frequently. A few weeks ago I started to notice a pain in my right knee when kneeling. The pain is localized, kind of like a pin *****-- feels more like it is in the skin as opposed to being a bone or joint issue. The pain is not illicited by any manual pressure, only the kneeling, which I do often enough that this has become very frustrating. Your advice in this matter would be very well appreciated. Thanks!
1855569 tn?1319669473 now this is the strange part. its been over a year now and the pain right below the kneecap feels like a big bruise or knot is there and i have to crawl on my knees carefully ifi want to with just the top of my knee. i run a lot do squats im an amatuer bodybuilder if you will cuz i train a lot mainly for the military but here is the other strange thing. whenever i do these exercise there is no pain my knee feels perfectly fine. only whem i put pressure on it. no popping or anything or grinding.
Avatar f tn t know what patella tracking is, but is it possible they were talking about the patella tendon rather than the kneecap? That would hurt on the sides and below the knee. But if there's a lump that wasn't there before (you may be referring to a part of the knee that looks and feels like a lump but is just part of the side of the knees. Pain from pressing here can be from a Baker's cyst, patella tendonitis, or a problem with your meniscus.
Avatar m tn Now I am paying for it, my knee gives way and I have very bad pain every day my leg is half the size of my other and you can see the sutures move in my knee. I have to go for a Camera in my knee in 4 weeks have I damaged my self ? or can i repair this? pls give me some advice I know its my own fault.
Avatar f tn I have the same thing the burning sensation after TKR around the knee cap area and the under the knee. Did you find the solution for this?
Avatar f tn A dislocation often damages the underside of the kneecap and the end of the thighbone, which can lead to additional pain and arthritis. Arthroscopic surgery can correct this condition. If the kneecap is only partially dislocated, your doctor may recommend nonsurgical treatments, such as exercises and braces. Exercises will help strengthen the muscles in your thigh so that the kneecap stays aligned.
Avatar f tn The patella is the medical term for kneecap in layman's terms. Cartilage irregularity can be due to trauma, degenerative changes (wear and tear), and/or lack of movement. Please see your PCP +/- ortho consult.
Avatar f tn Until it pops, I have awful pain that is on the inside on my knee and underneath my kneecap and sometimes I have shooting pain go from under my kneecap all the way up the center/middle of my thigh to my hip. My right hip is in the same position as my knee where I have to force it to pop to make the pain go away.
Avatar f tn It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things. It hurts and stiffens up whilst going downstairs, walking down inclined ground or walking for a period of time. I don't know whether it is worth getting it checked out or not because the pain is only dull, just quite frustrating.
Avatar m tn Pain, swelling, popping sound in the knee could be due to arthritis, as it is the most common cause of pain in the knee after recurrent injuries to the knee. Burning, tingling and radiation of the pain to the hip and ankle relates to compression of nerve. I would suggest that you visit a orthopedician and get x-ray and MRI of the knee to confirm with the diagnosis. All the best.
Avatar f tn I had osgood-schlatter in my right knee. I have had it since I was in 6th grade. I played a lot of sports so I'm sure it was associated with that. I'm sure it is possible though even if you don't play sports. Right below the knee cap I have a knot that is about the size of a walnut. It has always caused some discomfort but I have never really felt anything in the shin area. I was even able to be in the Marine Corps.
Avatar f tn Electric shock under the knee cap definitely seems to be something a lot of people suffer! There are epic threads here on medhelp that I've read over the years with ideas about this. Here is one: Is this in both knee caps?
Avatar f tn I had a superficial laceration where I landed. Then a few weeks ago my knee began to hurt, localized tenderness, pain, Weakness in thigh/leg, numbness in certain areas of the kneecap and balance issues . Lesions appeared, I thought I somehow got glass in my knee but what I came across is a white bony Substance imbedded in my knee. What could that be?
Avatar m tn Yesterday, I went to sit on the couch like I usually sit and when I twisted my right leg to the right to sit, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my knee. I sat for a while and the pain went away but every time I bend my knee I feel the pain again and feel discomfort in my kneecap. I went to bed, hoping the pain would go away but it still hurts when I bend my knee. What could this be? I will probably be visiting the doctor soon but for now what do you suggest?
Avatar f tn t worried about it but did order xrsys on my left knee because it hurts and the kneecap is dented and kinda off center get xray results tomorrow. But my question is could I have messed up my R tkr knee with this fall? Its close clicking alot sometimes painful sometimes not. My Orthopedic surgeon is no longer in my network do cant ask him. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn The bursa sits in front on the patella (kneecap) and protects the patella tendon as it glides. If you kneel on it for prolonged amonts of time it becomwes chronically thickened and inflamed. You may have a hemorrhagic form, where you are bleeding itno the bursa.
Avatar f tn Both my knees click, you can feel grinding when touching the kneecap, and the pain is usually under the kneecap on the inside of the knee. The pain is worse while bending the knee joint. Keeping it straight helps, but does not stop the pain. I've had x-rays and ct scans, revealing that my cartilage is fine, and my tendons are fine. Next step is an MRI. So what could be causing this long term cronic pain? Inflammation is common, and the area gets hot. My hips also suffer.
Avatar m tn I have been having knee troubles since mid november of last year. The pain came up about two weeks after basketball had started and it hasn't gotten much better or worse to this day. The pain comes when I jump, squat, lunge, etc. which causes playing basketkball very difficult. The pain is worst directly on my kneecap.
Avatar m tn While crossing a road, I missed the curb and my knee bent awkwardly and my entire body weight came down on my left knee. Had numbing pain and noticed that my kneecap was pushed up to my thigh. Luckily I was in Delhi and was near a very modern hospital. I was rushed to the emergency room. They took X-rays and MRI and immediately diagnosed the rupture. They immediately did the surgery the same day on June 27, 2012.