Knee pain after knee replacement surgery

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Avatar m tn My mother had Knee Replacement Surgery in one knee a little over two years ago, due to osteoarthritis. However, she does still have considerable amount of pain. She "bandages" her knees up every morning. She did all of the required exercises after the surgery (perhaps too much). Her range of motion is OK, but less than it was before surgery. She was able to sit cross-legged before the surgery for a little while, but cannot now.
1092452 tn?1257354109 I can tell you from their experience that everyone heals at different rates. Pain should be less after surgery than it was before surgery once the initial surgical pain has ceased. Is your knee warm to touch or red or swollen? I don't know what your surgeon is telling you. If you haven't seen him recently I suggest that you return for an evaluation. If he ignores your complaints and concerns than I suggest that you see another ortho.
Avatar n tn Your friends doctor should be treating his pain. Pain after surgery can be painful. I would advise calling the doctor back and telling them he is coming in as he is in so much pain! This will allow the doctor to see himself the pain he is in. Did he have his PCP do the sugery or a surgeon? He can also go to the ER and get some help.
Avatar f tn I had surgery for knee replacement Dec 2007. I've had not stop pain since the surgery. I've been to my doctor a number of times, he told me that the problem is with scar tissue and that he can do another surgery to remove the scar tissue. He also said it could grow back again. So I opted not to have the surgery. But the pain has increased and more troubling my leg is beginning to bow. Most of the pain is not in the knee but in the bone below the knee.
Avatar f tn Hi, My name is Erika and I am search for a saver that can help my dad with his knees. He is in pain 20/7 even after his knee’s cortisone infusion. He is 71, very athletic and active. However, now he seems even getting depressed. It is hard for him to walk, stand, seat for longer than 30min. My dad is from Brazil and he lives with me. He has no insurance and we can’t afford out of pocket surgery. I am desperately searching for help.
Avatar n tn Am 10 weeks out from surgery total knee replacement, rt. leg and was doing so well until last week. Pain started around the knee and a week later after doing the icing, ibuprofen and tylenol with codeine, my pain has escalated to a 9 out of 10 as of last night. It does not appear to be an infection as per my doctor, he just told me to do the above and call if things worsened. I called this morning and nobody can see me until Monday...Just called in stronger pain med.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, The tibial pain may occur after knee replacement as a result of surgical trauma. The treatment for shin splints includes several weeks of rest.. you can take anti-inflammatory medications, or use cold packs and mild compression to feel better. Stretching exercises can also help. Be sure to warm up and stretch thoroughly before you exercise. Increase training slowly. If you start to feel the same pain, stop exercising immediately. Use a cold pack and rest for a day or two.
647391 tn?1275020233 I had implant at 60 and replaced due to pain 2/20/13 after 10 years. Was still functional but very limited. A full knee replacement can result in gaining a nearly fully active life free of pain. I am a golfer and know several others who go from no pain or discomfort to very little. I have had 3 operations on it and feel it's worth the temporary pain and slight possibility of complications.
Avatar n tn I had right knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. And after surgery, I have numbness in my right foot. I cannot flex my foot backward at all. My surgeon said it may take weeks or even months for the feeling return. The numbness caught me totally by surprize. I am so worried the feeling won't return. I walk with a walker, but have tripped several times due to my toes turning under when I put weight on my foot and take a step with my right foot.
Avatar f tn Chronic arthritis in the initial phase with weight reduction and proper care can delay your pain and reduce problems for the future. Once you have developed arthritis and severe pain and restricted movements only knee replacement with proper physiotherapy will relieve you of all the symptoms. Before going for any surgery it is important for the surgeon to explain you pros and cons, and i hope he might have expained it to you.
Avatar m tn ( fell down cellar steps 4 times in 5 weeks ) The knee also swells up very bad when on it for over an hour . Questions? Will the reconstruction surgery have any effect on the knee replacement surgey??? Almost forgot- my kneecap is right against the bone ( no gap on x-ray ) will the replacement fix this??? Lastly- I am actually feeling slight pain and pulling around the bone plug that I have not felt the previous 17 years--Doc says the ACL still seems tight.
655727 tn?1283299648 I have nerve damage after my 12/31/09 replacement it is so bad I am unable stand the pain of this position. So I guess it just depends on how well your knee works. Research and try to get a knee that does more than Depuy knee.
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn Total knee replacements take time to heal properly. Trust me, I have had both knees replaced and know many other with arthritis, bot osteo and rhematoid that have had knee replacement as well. Each of us heal in our own time frame but the general length of time for all to be really right again seems to be around 5 - 6 months. At three months, which was what I was told I should be doing well, I still had a lot of PT and work to do.
Avatar n tn You would have been advised about Physiotherapy..... There is no solution with surgery alone after a knee replacement. What about your routine Physiotherapy? You have to work out atleast 4 times a day with simple knee exercises for 3 months. 2 times after that for 6 months and exercise daily all your life finally. You surgical pain will remain till 4-5 weeks which would be intense than before.
Avatar n tn I have had pain above the knee replacement since surgery a year ago. X-rays show that the knee replacement was successful but I have swelling and pain on top of my thigh right above knee replacement. I was placed on Aleve and that has not helped.
Avatar n tn Check for present day scans and rule out any complications and also rule out infections after the knee replacement. Take a second opinion near another orthopedician. If your surgery was successful then you have to consider intense physiotherapy for your pain to decrease and get your knee to full functionality. After the knee replacement you also need to strengthen your thigh muscles. Follow up with your surgeon and physiotherapist. Take care!
1573930 tn?1295921240 While my right knee is greatly improved, the left knee is worse than pre-surgery. This pain has caused me to alter my lifestyle and to quite often avoid activities. (even a simple shopping trip can cause a lot of symptoms). The surgeon says that all x-rays and range of motion look good and there's nothing he can do. I am using a pain management doctor to help me manage the pain (with the primary option being narcotic pain meds). Is there a reason that the pain is this severe?