Knee pain after years of surgery

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Avatar f tn Could they have damaged the structure of her knee during surgery? Has she has any imaging on the knee to determine the cause of her pain? When my mom had a hip replacement they tore the meniscus in one of her knees. his occurred while they were repositioning the extremity. She required repair surgery. So please make sure that this is not structural. Until you know the source of her pain it is difficult to know what may help her. Please have her evaluated by her PCP or a surgeon.
Avatar n tn I was on 150 mcr of duragesic patches plus vicodine for for years for extream pain. After 8 years and 15 Dr's later. I have had Knee surgery on both knees 2 on the left knee and 3 on the right knee. With sort term pain relieve. Then I found This Dr which is the best I have ever been to. He treats you as if your his only patient. I had surgery on both knees with great results. If you would like his info please email me at ***@**** maybe he can help you as well.
Avatar m tn It helped me with my back pain, and my knee pain. It can help others too. best of luck mate. Nick.
Avatar n tn I just joined this discussion board, and I know the post I am responding to is kind of old. I am 28 and I had the fulkerson knee surgery which is similar to a TTT. My surgery was 7.5 weeks ago and my pain is manageable but I get really tired and need to sleep. I finally graduated off of the crutches a week ago and I am walking slowly and only for short distances. I am also concerned with the fact that I get exhausted and worn out.
Avatar n tn Hi My son is 16 years old he got injury in one of his Rugby practice, his Knee cap was broke en he loss 40% of it the Orthopedic Dr said that was the only choice for him to remove it the size was 2.5 by 2.0 cm, he also make some holds in to his femur bone to help develop cartilage, today is his 2nd day after the surgery and he is in so much pain he have a burning sensation.
Avatar f tn I had acl surgery on the 1st of May - After surgery come to fing I had two tears on my right knee the right side tear went right down to bone where a cyst was . Now still 2 months I am in horrible pain and so far every week fluid is drawn from the knee - and right after it is drawn it fills right back up - Not only that I have a lump right where the incision is and it looks like the cyst is back - I really dont get an answers from Dr.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry that you are encountering so much pain with your knee. May I ask which type of surgery you had done on your knee. Was it a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or was it one of the Arthroscopic Surgeries on your knee or was it something else? I have never had any knee surgery but have had 3 Total Hip Replacements (THR) on the same hip so I understand the pain and discomfort that you are going through.
Avatar m tn After consulting with him and getting MRI's and X-Rays it was determined that I had some how tore my meniscus so the Orthopedic scheduled corrective surgery to fix the problem. Well the pain in the knee is much worse now and after post op appointments the Dr.
Avatar m tn My mother had Knee Replacement Surgery in one knee a little over two years ago, due to osteoarthritis. However, she does still have considerable amount of pain. She "bandages" her knees up every morning. She did all of the required exercises after the surgery (perhaps too much). Her range of motion is OK, but less than it was before surgery. She was able to sit cross-legged before the surgery for a little while, but cannot now.
Avatar f tn Pain in the back of knee when walking up and down steps. Also buckling and giving in while walking at times. I am a competitive gymnasts. The pain is right where you bend your knee in the back What could this be?
Avatar f tn I hate to read you are suffering. A knee replacement is suppose to improve your function and it does not sound like that has been your experience. Have you talked to your doctor about your symptoms? Has he/she given you any feedback? I have not had a knee replaced but hope someone here who has will write to you. You might also post in the orthopedics forum as I know they talk about joint replacements there as well.
1092452 tn?1257354109 I have not had that type of surgery but my Father-In-Law has. He struggles with his knee for a year after the replacement. In that year, there were many days that he was in a great deal of pain. It has been about 5 year after the initial surgery and i would say that just in the last couple of years has he not complained about the knee. He is from the old days that when a man had pain back in the day, he kept quite about it. Men were considered strong and could take the pain.
Avatar f tn Patients with long-bone Enchondromas are followed with serial radiographs every 3 to 6 months for 1 to 2 years. I think the pain is due to surgery and its association. Once you have been started with physiotherapy and analgesic then there would be some pain relief. Keep me posted if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn Needless to say I had manipulation done a week ago, and after going back to P.T. 2 days later, I am in extreme pain, knee is quite swollen and need to take my pain pills almost every 3- 4 hours. I am unable to sleep through the night without getting up to take a pain pill. I am back to work full time for the past two weeks and was doing fine until the manipulation. Now I can barely get through the day. Is this to be expected after the manipulation? I feel I am going backwards in my recovery.
1563488 tn?1394258832 You have to reassess your knee joint as it is already 2 years since your total knee replacement surgery. You should have gone through strict physiotherapy after the total knee replacement as it will be difficult to comment on present date. You should recollect about the success of your surgery and discuss all with your orthopaedic surgeon. Consider ice packs, NSAIDs and steroid shots to relieve you of the pain. Take care!
Avatar m tn Is it possible to still have arthroscopic procedure/surgery to repair the knee/ligaments after so many years or do I need complete knee replacement or something else?
Avatar m tn I just went back the other day for my follow up because my knee pain has gotten worse and he thinks i have damaged cartilage in my knee and if i do he said i need surgery. So if i do have to have surgery how long is the recovery and will i have to wear knee braces if i play these sports from now on?
Avatar f tn My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees". Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees.
Avatar f tn Probably one of the most painful times of my life. After the surgery I have done well for 30 years with out pain in that knee.
Avatar f tn I would not have had the three cortesone injections they performed on me after I had meniscus repair arthroscopic surgery. With my case my post surgery pain was hanging on and the surgery that was supposed to fix the problem actually made it worse. Then came the cortesone shots and 3 months after they cleaned up the tear and did two injections I had no more cartidge left between the bones. I am curious about how old you are and why the spurs are there.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you feeling? When any patient complains ofknee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Your symptom of pain at the posterior part with swelling suggests that it might be due some collection like Baker's cyst. Otherwise it appears to be due some ligament or meniscus tear.
Avatar m tn After that 2 years (4 years after the accident) I started to feel strange pain in my knee, the pain felt like burning sensation and eventually I couldn’t put any weight on my knee due to the severe pains. After I replaced physician and he saw that conservative treatment didn’t succeed (steroids, lubricant fluid etc.