Knee pain after injury surgery

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Avatar m tn Hello Doctor! I am a 29 yrs old healthy man.. 170 lbs...5'8....about 6 months ago I had a car accident...thank god it was not that serious, just minor caught or bruises at the time of the accident... I only suffered minor pain on my body,,,mostly on lower back/shoulders/chest and left knee.. I go to gym on regular basis...mostly I run on treadmill and do basic excercices...2/3 months ago I baught a treadmill home and I use to run about 5-7 miles a day...
Avatar m tn When a joint like the knee is injured, the muscles around it start to weaken almost immediately. This is also true after the surgery, which can also be considered a further injury. Strong muscles in the pre-operative state allow the potential for easier post-operative therapy. It is important to strengthen the thigh muscles following knee surgery. Particular emphasis is placed on the quadriceps and hamstring muscles as well as the inner and outer thigh muscles.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar n tn When mine torn and it was the right also before the surgery my knee would snap back, wabbaly alittle swollen, but get a second opinion, if it is your acl you could have torn it or completey ripped it in half.
Avatar f tn These patients would usually report a deceleration injury or twisting the knee that led to immediate symptoms of swelling and pain. Further your symptoms of pain while kneeling down and release of symptom when you are standing or lying suggests that it might be Patello-femoral disorders. I think you should be doing X-rays, including AP, lateral, and sunrise views of your knee joint.
Avatar n tn Needless to say before leaving PT I could not use the crutches with the stiff brace so offered a walker and a smaller brace that went above the knee and below the knee with a cut out for the knee. I wore that and stayed off of it as much as possible. Constant pain, heavy Naproxen. 3 wks I went back...primary doctor ordered an xray/mri which I had to wait 2 wks before but did prescribe me Vicotone instead of Naproxen. In 2 wks I walked stiffly in with brace to the xray/mri and had that done.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with a swollen knee for three months after arthroscopic knee surgery a year prior. Even with an NSAID in me (Mobic) the pain was terrible, radiating into my hip and all the way down into my ankle too. My wife called a local chiropractor and he recomended that I put Castor oil on the knee, then wrap it with an old flannel cloth, then an ace bandage (taught) over the flannel. Well, I tell you, it was like a miracle happened.
4615153 tn?1357189785 It can also be a knee injury along with tendon injury. It is difficult to comment on the net. Please do not put any weight on the injured leg and see a doctor ASAP. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar m tn After consulting with him and getting MRI's and X-Rays it was determined that I had some how tore my meniscus so the Orthopedic scheduled corrective surgery to fix the problem. Well the pain in the knee is much worse now and after post op appointments the Dr.
Avatar n tn 0 cm, he also make some holds in to his femur bone to help develop cartilage, today is his 2nd day after the surgery and he is in so much pain he have a burning sensation.
Avatar n tn i still feel pain on my side of the knee,and when i stand long period of hours and it hurt ,have to ice knee and sometime i feel numbness on my rigth foot.and i walk with a limp.i just want to get better so i could back to work.i am a bus driver,and that the leg i used. thank you! alex estefan!
Avatar f tn He feels that eventually I will need both knees replaced, however, due to pain, unsteady gait and turns of the knee causing breath taking pain, he wants to do arthroscopic surgery to remove the loose pieces of the cartilage, scrape the joint due to the arthritis and do a lateral ligament release which will require an approximate one inch surgical opening. After that the plan is injection into the knee and physical therapy.
Avatar f tn Physical therapy would begin soon after surgery and may take 3-6 months. Pain could last between 1-4 weeks while discomfort may take 1-3 months. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn After 24 hours the pain is markedly reduced and after a couple of days, OTC drugs should manage the pain and you can go home.
Avatar n tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar n tn it' now been about seven days and I'm still in pain. The pain is on the inside of my knee. It is swollen, and my whole leg appears to be swollen. my knee is also red. Without my knee brace on, my knee feels weak and unstable. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks very much.
Avatar n tn Alternatively it can also be due to nerve injury during lower back surgery. Do you have any pain? Knee pain has many causes, including pathologic processes in the knee and disorders in distant locations with referral to the knee area. Can you tell me when this pain is more? Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee? When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms?
Avatar m tn Now I'm no expert, but wouldn't it make sense to figure out why I'm having the continued knee pain and avoid activity that might further a still existing injury? I really want to do the run, but not at the expense of a bigger problem.
Avatar f tn Needless to say I had manipulation done a week ago, and after going back to P.T. 2 days later, I am in extreme pain, knee is quite swollen and need to take my pain pills almost every 3- 4 hours. I am unable to sleep through the night without getting up to take a pain pill. I am back to work full time for the past two weeks and was doing fine until the manipulation. Now I can barely get through the day. Is this to be expected after the manipulation? I feel I am going backwards in my recovery.
Avatar m tn I just went back the other day for my follow up because my knee pain has gotten worse and he thinks i have damaged cartilage in my knee and if i do he said i need surgery. So if i do have to have surgery how long is the recovery and will i have to wear knee braces if i play these sports from now on?
Avatar f tn I had a knee scope back in april to clean out severe arthritis and a torn medial meniscus. I was told after a month i would be pain free. Since the surgery i have been in more pain than before the surgery to the point where i can barely walk. Also im diabetic and half my leg on the front is numb to the point where i can stick a lancet from my diabetes monitor into the area and it will bleed but i never felt the stick at all is this normal or was something done wrong.
Avatar n tn Do you have any hip or ankle pain (both hip and ankle pain can refer pain to the knee, and vice versa)? Keep me informed. Bye.