Knee pain after injury surgery

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Avatar m tn I just went back the other day for my follow up because my knee pain has gotten worse and he thinks i have damaged cartilage in my knee and if i do he said i need surgery. So if i do have to have surgery how long is the recovery and will i have to wear knee braces if i play these sports from now on?
Avatar f tn I was sprinting and pivoted on my knee and heard and felt a pop. There was some swelling after the initial injury. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and was told it was either a possible tear in my acl, strain, or cartilage damage. The MRI came back negative. I decided to just play through the pain because it wasnt unbearable and the season was almost over. I went to lacrosse camp and it really started bothering me. I went back to the doctor and was told to start physical therapy.
358594 tn?1211255129 Question I had and knee injury during my soccer game I was in real pain right after the injury I had x rays and a altrasong because my knee was very sloween I had a brace for a while and took pain killers I felt good 2 days after lest pain also so I walked without the brace and cruches not well but ok then I knee just move and swell right back up almost a week after now I my knee feels ok can't bend or straighten so I walk funny if I do try to walk normal my knee falls back and it's sti
1306931 tn?1273540199 I had knee surgery about 10 years ago due to it was shattered when i fell playing racquetball. The damage was severe, but the surgery was very successful. I decided to participate in a trial clinical study for a new drug to help with osteoarthritus, as I already have osteoporis at 45 yrs old. After the third set of very painful neurology tests and also giving a biopsy sample from my lower leg (above the ankle) I have been experiencing a lot of pain, tingling and discomfort.
Avatar f tn My right knee was causing much pain on the outside area, and when I would walk it felt like my knee would try to slip out of joint. Like the outter area of my knee was pulling it out. I went and saw a specialist, they took an x-ray and didn't see any damage. He moved my leg around in every motion possible and said I more than likely tore my meniscus again on the outside and that is why it is giving out.
Avatar n tn When mine torn and it was the right also before the surgery my knee would snap back, wabbaly alittle swollen, but get a second opinion, if it is your acl you could have torn it or completey ripped it in half.
Avatar m tn any one out there w similar circumstance, and are you recovering.. did you recover completely from such a surgery/injury?
Avatar m tn On Behalf of a friend Barman with mystery pain in right knee mainly focused on the underneath the cap, no pain most of the time but after long shifts on feet, getting a stabbing and aching pain. Doesn't happen after sport when knee is most active. It tends to be when stood up and not moving. Any Ideas?
Avatar n tn m collecting information about recovery after surgery. exercise, physiotherapy, and etc. i will be happy if you help me about that. TNX Again!
Avatar f tn Years ago, my husband was given the runaround for his knee injury...2 years later, after a hellish nightmare with the doctors and insurance, he finally got approval for an MRI and they found out he needed arthroscopic surgery. He is 100% better today, thanks to that surgery (and his persistence).
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning and it was gone. Does this sound anything relate to MS? Or am I avoiding the inevitable with possible knee injury? Any thoughts welcome :) Hope all of you had a great summer!
Avatar n tn Pain in the knee when walking An ACL tear may be difficult to diagnose immediately after the injury because of associated pain and swelling. There may also be muscle spasm that contributes to making the knee difficult to examine. Therefore, it may not be possible to conclusively determine the presence of an ACL tear soon after the injury.
Avatar m tn The surgery was only about an hour long and I was back to playing tennis about a month or two afterwards. You should really look into it! The procedure I had is called a knee arthroscopy. The doctor made three incisions and used scopes to repair the tear. So the scarring isn't too bad along with the recovery. Many people are able to walk normally a couple days after the surgery.
Avatar n tn It does not always pop and never has until the injury this May. I never had difficulties with the knee after my surgery until that day. The popping, grinding, and pain in my knee has been been directly related to the injury on May 11.
Avatar f tn It was a bucket handle tear on the meniscus in my left knee and I have had keyhole surgery. Is there anything I can do to help my knee back to the way it was before my injury?
Avatar m tn Almost a year and a half ago my boyfriend started to experience chronic knee pain. In February of last year he had a knee surgery to remove a hematoma and clotted blood and dead tissue. Since that surgery his knee has only gotten worse. He has been to every specialist you can think of and has been on extremely high amounts of pain medication with no relief.
Avatar n tn I am 20year old male injury in proximal posterior horn of medial meniscal grade 2 injury.
Avatar m tn I would think so mainly because its been so long. & I had a meniscus tear in my knee that I let go on for 6 months from sports, thinking it was just tendonistus or something until my regular doc finally found the little sliver of the tear. It ended up getting really bad (the pain) & I had to have surgery. Bc there is such little blood flow alot of times it wont heal on its on. So I would for sure see a doc by now..hope this helps!
Avatar n tn The medial was much more damaged than the lateral. Surgery seemed to go well. No pain at all. After some weeks with therapy the knee still feels unstable laterally. Front to back movement was very good, Pain developed on medial side of knee and the patella tendon when walking. When I move the knee or walk I can feel it 'clicking" and 'shooting" pain from the patella tendon The Doctor says that there is still some swelling in the knee.
Avatar m tn you have to provide more detail info such as your age, when did pain start and which area of the knee? did you have prior injury to this knee? how long have you had this pain. does your knee lockup or buckle? when does this, occur?only when playing soccor or w/other times as well?
Avatar m tn my knee is not locked. I am able to walk but feel small popping in twist movement and pain start again for around 1 hour. what happen if I will not go to arthroscopic surgery. I am asking because after arthroscopy, early arthritis will come. my age is 34. I am scared.
Avatar f tn The surgeuon that my insurance had was on vacation but when he got back almost a week after my break, he called me and told me that i need emergency knee surgery. so on 4/20/07 i had open joint knee surgery to put the bone that is attatched to the acl and tib/fib plateau back into place. my acl didn't rip with the broken bones my surgeoun said. physical therapy was the worse experience of my life until they said that i couldn't do it anymore.