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Avatar f tn I would suggest an ultrasound abdomen to confirm the diagnosis.Other possibilities are irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis(inflammation of the liver), kidney stones, pneumonia, musculoskeletal pain,lower rib fracture and malignancy.Irritation of the nerves supplying this area can also cause pain.Irritation can be due to nerve compression or pinching due to any spine related pathology.
Avatar n tn I had mine inserted this past Feb. I just started having the exact same symptoms. I am going to take a hpt. Let me know if you find out whats causing your problems.
Avatar n tn Fatigue Muscle weakness Palpitations Bone pain Joint pain Difficulty concentrating Difficulty sleeping Memory problems Feeling depressed Feeling anxious Abdominal pain Nausea or vomiting Heartburn Constipation Frequent urination Nighttime urination Kidney stones Fractures Thinning hair Headaches"
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
Avatar f tn Let's see have some medical things to deal with, the one I can share is I have two kidney stones in left kidney. Have to have them blasted, but I have to be put out. This year, Momma passed, Dad is getting more feeble. Husband was in serious accident in last of January. My memory is becoming spacey. All family is cohesive, yeah. I miss talking to friends in here. Again, thanks paranoid for writing.
Avatar f tn He has had PT for right arm ulnar nerve damage in the last year. He has also had Kidney Stones and Pancreatitis in the last year. He excercises daily and finds he is tired on occassion afterwards whereas he usually feels good. A CPK test resulted extremely high An EKG resulted in signs of nerve inflammation. The neurologist gave him a Vitamen regimen to follow and told him to come back in 6 months. We are concerned because the symptoms continue and we felt the weren't taken seriously.
Avatar f tn I explained some of my symptoms and history (kidney stones, cervical cancer) and he referred me to a Urologist. When I saw her I was having what felt like Kidney Stone pain, but not as consistent. To be blunt, after I relieve myself it feels as if a knife is going inside me (which is what all my stones have felt like) but I do take a low dose painkiller for my back, so I honestly don't know if the pain is there everyday or just the random days out of the week I feel it....
Avatar n tn kidney stones (I was mis-diagnosed as having kidney stones for the first 3 years of having the pain. I was perscribed LorTab and took it daily in order to go to school) and any type of digestive tract problem (I recently had a colonoscopy that revealed no abnormalities). I've had a CAT scan, an MRI, pelvic and abdominal ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests - all have come up normal. I've even been to a Chiropractor regularily. I've been tested for food allergies.
373367 tn?1246405635 i keep geting uti infections and this kidney stones . e mailed my reg dr. and tell her. i also have been able to pull them off by drinking lots of water. i ask her if i should have more tests or is this maybe....... ms she says my be ms. the wateing is so hard.... hopefull i will get treated is these symptoms!! do they ever going away?
Avatar m tn I have had kidney stones in the past, I was in his office 3 days after the event for pain in my lower back that I thought was a stone, he said it was muscular pain as I hurt my back 2 weeks prior. They ran a uranilaysis(sp) and did a smear test and gave me the going over, prostate exam and such, said I was good to go. Would anything suspicious show on either a urine test or the smear test?Thanks.
4801019 tn?1359349012 Hello, my name is Chris & I'm a healthy 29yr. old male dealing with what I believe is a Bladder Infection. So this all started off like four months ago. I was peeing a lot, burning when I peed, no discharge, lower back pain, lower abdomen pain & also a itch inside the penis. My family doctor did a urine sample on me & he said the sample came back with a bit of an infection, so he gave me a antibiotic but I can't remember the name, & said to take it for five days.
Avatar n tn not the liver biopsy, but first it was like this. no symptoms of hep c no symptons of kidney stones 1. donated blood 2. found hep c 3. liver scan? 4. liver scan shows kidney stones 5. reviewed history of uti--I got many--but did all the things I was suppose to do to NOT get uit 6. it was determined that the stones were assisting in uit due to some process of urine not 'all' coming out.. went through lots of hurt pain with that stuff. 7.
29837 tn?1414538248 Ingesting calcium without food can increase the risk of kidney stones in women and possibly men. Calcium can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, bloating, gas, and flatulence. Large doses of calcium carbonate (12 grams or more daily or 5 grams or more of elemental calcium daily) can cause milk-alkali syndrome, nephrocalcinosis, or renal insufficiency. Garlic Garlic has blood-thinning, anticlotting properties. Discontinue using garlic before any surgical procedure.
Avatar m tn I went to the hospital a couple of days ago for what I thought was kidney stones or a kidney infection, instead I found out a complex cyst on my fallopian tube has grown and is now also "intimately associated" with my ovary. They did a CT and a transvaginal ultrasound. The results are CT, 5.1 adnexal mass that has more than doubled in size over 20 months. The ultrasound shows no torsion or pregnancy.
719785 tn?1232905118 During that time I got great relief from Ultram during the day and usually 1 Vicodin at night. I raise horses and run my own repair/decorating business. I got to the point I could only lift about 5lbs. This really made life a PAIN. I was watching the Your Health show on TV and they were discussing fungus in your system and what all it can do. I felt they were talking about me. They suggested taking Nystatin 1 million units and Diflucan 200mg daily for 1 month.
Avatar f tn He has several other health issues, migraines, high blood pressure, removal and regrowth of acoustic neuroma, chronic kidney he isn't the healthiest person. On the other hand when he isn't feeling bad he is very active, or he takes something (vicodin/imitrex) and lays down until the headache gets better.
Avatar n tn I have had no symptoms that I know of.... just went in for my annual exam. Any hint on what they may be looking for would be GREATLY appreciated. I am thinking about just not having anymore tests done as I can't not afford to have anything done that is not absolutely necessary. Thanks for the input!
Avatar f tn FYI my anxiety kicked in with withdrawl from hydrocodone after taking them for about 4 1/2 months for kidney stones. No one told me to taper off and I had alot of withdrawl...anxiety being the biggest problem. I am hoping that this is the only reason I have developed this anxiety issue but I don't know. It has been 2 months since I went off the pain meds.
168348 tn?1379360675 They have all been before the Lyme dx (except the last round of Vantin and maybe Bactrim) which were for UTI's directly related to passing multiple kidney stones after a serious kidney infection in April. Hope that helps that those were most likely before the Lyme since the rash only appeared on Oct 15th but I've been on abx since March 4 to be exact with instances of between 3-10 days off before another UTI was dx'd.
Avatar m tn As I get occasional kidney well right sometimes left flank pain,it's most noticeable as coccyx pain rarely a pain happens when I sit making you feel you have to sit off angle to relieve it,but kidney stones could be a possibility and odd times inflames that area pointing me to think it's the tail bone but it's a effect of mild kidney stones,or as I am plastered in cysts a awkward turn moves a cyst against a nerve which gives an impression of the tail bone is the key problem like a plecebo effec
Avatar n tn I had my left kidney removed in 1997. I had sufferred from Kidney stones for years and often thought it was my kidney. As I got older and more familiar with my body i knew and the doctors knew it had nothing to do with my kidney. My Gallbladder has been checked and I have had numerous tests. At this point I just deal with it. Except today I decided to look once again on my own to see if i found anything new.
Avatar n tn I was (in error) taking alot of potassium with my vitamins in a concerted effort to try and use the vitamin regime the Uroologist suggested to prevent kidney stones from growing or new ones forming. It was ok to take the potassium (I took it in form of alot of juices which contain potassium) and the cramps kept coming.
Avatar n tn Mine was diagnosed as fibromyalgia, with s-1 thru l5 degenerative disc disease and also had 2 kidney stones. I am going to have lithotripsy done on the 15th. I also have titanium in my back now. still having the same pains though!! Mine r not stopping thru the day sometimes til early morning then stopping. Tests after test show nothing else! We need a qualified Dr. not someone to come in for 5 mins and give out candy meds to cover this!!
Avatar n tn You may also have kidney stones they can go from uncomfortable pain, to pain where you need to be sent strait to the er.
Avatar f tn Have lost 50 % function of kidney in 6 months. Been waking up with severe leg cramps (charlie horses) sometimes, my body will just cause me to jerk back and forth in bed uncontrollably. Severely anemic, and have been hospitilized 4 times since Thanksgiving of this year. Keep vomitting, severe stomach cramps (like labor pains) and urinating blood. dehydrated. Any suggestions ? Are there support groups, or where can I get more information.
Avatar n tn If you recently underwent a CCK- assessment of gall bladder contraction, then you had a test which is very sensitive for the diagnosis of gall bladder disease, even in the absence of gall stones. If the CCK test is normal but you still beleive that the problem is the gall bladder, then removal of the gall bladder would be needed. If the pain persisted , then a problem in the gall bladder was not the cause.
Avatar n tn I hesitate mentioning other sites, but there are some people on the WebMd IBS board (it's used for more than IBS) who have had problems following GB surgery with many of the same symptoms you're describing and have had to search for answers, too. You might want to take a look through the posts or possibly post yourself and see if someone might be able to at least reassure you that you're not alone.
Avatar f tn Reading my journals for the last six weeks-will provide some of the highlights when I can, but now I just can't. Hopefully, this will help somone else recognize the symptoms of kidney failure in their babies. I cannot express to all of you how much your comments mean to us right now. Not sure we could make it without you. It is so hard.
Avatar f tn Sine then I have had four kidney operations to remove stones that had been there forever. Each surgery was worse and worse and my recovery was harder and harder. Just had my last stent taken out this past Monday. I am excited. I have no strength and use a cane for a walker . Prefice this to say I wasa hand to had combat instructor before this and in great shape. I have a bunch of physician friends, several who cut on me. They all said they same thing.
Avatar f tn I also pass kidney stones frequently(not sure that is related). I could probably name 50 more if I could remember them all at once.LOL! I wish you the best in your journey to good mental and physical health.