Im pregnant and bleeding

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Avatar f tn hi i was 13 days late on tuesday and went to doctor to get a blood test done to see if i was pregnant since it didnt show on my urine, comes out to be that i am pregnant, took a urine test on thursday and it finally showed that im pregnant, i started bleeding yesterday like my period w lite cramps, like my period weird,i took a pregnancy test today still shows im pregnant, why could that be am i really pregnant, or having a miscarriage or is it normal, i have a 3 month old boy and 3 yr old daugh
1743921 tn?1313662104 we had intercourse today and i dont know yet if im pregnant ..
Avatar n tn we had sex again the next night and it happened again the next morning. i havent had sex in about five days and the pain and bleeding stopped however i feel dry down there. i felt around down there last night to see what the deal was and then this morning it hurt again and there was that same watered down blood on the tissue. i think i might have gotten torn during sex and thats why but i cant tell if i am or not. i cant go to the doctor so please help i need advice!! whats wrong??
Avatar f tn Hi im dynaline, i had my period may 29,2014 and ended june 13,2014 and we had intercorse with my husband june 12,13 and 15 2014 and after four days im spotting untill now im bleeding just like a period.. Am i pregnant?what could be the effect?
Avatar f tn Well i had a misscarriage july 12 and the i got pregnant right after and i have been bleeding for over two wks. Its not heavy and its no cloting like there before when i had a misscarriage. I have been taking a prego test every couple of days and it shows poss. Within like 2 seconds. I have a appointment the 13 th. And my husband tells me not to worry but its hard not to.
165701 tn?1342631184 I just started bleeding and it isnt brown. Im paranoid that it may be due to that attempt at intercourse last night. I only pray it stops and taht cramping doesnt soon follow.
1693461 tn?1374515429 Somedays it would be spotty like its going to start then it goes to light. Im thinking of calling my OB to tell her that for nearly 2 weeks I have been bleeding. Or should I wait till I go to my follow up appointment? That is next week I believe. I can't remember. I've been keeping track in my period journal but I dont think its a period.
Avatar f tn im 8 weeks going on 9 and im spotting light pink , im scared can anyone help me !
Avatar f tn So I finally found out im preggers and I just have a qestion is it normal to have pain in your ribs?
107860 tn?1302930340 I took a pregnancy test (clear blue) and it said im pregnant! I test four days sooner because I couldn't wait.. and it came out positve.. I had no implanting or nothing, and said i was pregnant, so does that mean i'm not going to implant? or its already planted?? Now I have to go to the doctors to get blood work done to conferm my pregnancy.. I'm alrady getting sick...:( hahaha now my husband has to change the liter box..
Avatar f tn Yes, sperm can live for 5 days, but it has to be during your fertile time to get pregnant. Are you sure that was a regular period and not implantation bleeding? Some people also have some bleeding when it's time for their period even though they are pregnant. If you go for a sonogram when you think you're 7-8 weeks, they can give you a fairly accurate date.
Avatar f tn ) And i dont want to get a miscarrige so what should i do? Rest alot? Drink milk? Take vitamans?
1481269 tn?1295607360 I found out yesterday that im pregnant and i must have put on about 12lbs so far. I was underweight a few weeks ago and im 18 years old. Im also getting sharp pains only about twice a day, not sore, just enough to notice them. Also had a slight cramp in my leg this morning. Is this normal???
519260 tn?1244648134 hi everyone im so sorry i just had to tell u all on a thread IM PREGNANT i days late and i took a test about an hour ago!! i couldnt be more happy this was our 2nd month of trying properly, the 1st month i used opk this month i didnt! and to be honest if i choose to have another i wouldnt use an opk! i would stick to just going with the flow! for some reason i think it works better trying to concieve i didnt use preeseed either this month! BUT MY POINT IS... IM PREGNANT!!! YAY!
Avatar f tn ok..i just found out that im 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i am rh negative and i didnt have a rhogam shot. i have been experiencing back pain and cramping with a milky discharge. should i be worried about another misscarriage?
Avatar f tn Im Excatly 9 Weeks Pregnant Today And Im Bleeding Slightly , I Dont Have Any Cramps Or Anything . What Does This Mean ?
1360237 tn?1351819781 And shortly after getting home I started experiencing cramping. And now im bleeding! I think im having a miscarriage. I am freaking out and I am just a big mess right now. Theres nothing I can do about it and I just want answers already. I knew this was to good to be true.
Avatar n tn Im 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant. 2 days ago, i started bleeding, only enough to use one panie liner a day. The on the third day i started having brownish pinkish discharge.Now the fourth day its just a little dark brown discharge. I took a test and it said - , is there a chance i could still be pregnant?
Avatar m tn I took two clearblue pregnancy test on wed. and found out I was pregnant. I don't have a dr. apt. until wed. This afternoon my husband and I had sex it was a little rough! After sex, I started bleeding slighty, i havent stopped bleeding since & i am now having cramps. I'm 21 years young and had a misscarriage in 2008 Could this be another misscarriage? Please help!
1451875 tn?1285022464 Im 10 weeks pregnant and been bleeding but what really conserns me is that ive had 5 ultrasounds and no doctor can see my baby??? they just tell me that its not a normal can i know if im having an etopic pregnacy???