Pregnant and bleeding

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1743921 tn?1313658504 we had intercourse today and i dont know yet if im pregnant ..
644974 tn?1312758070 i started bleeding today 15wks pregnant 23rd .3.
Avatar f tn Today when I did my cervical check my cervical mucous was thick and had some browning/red blood in it. not alot just a bit. could I still be pregnant?!?!?
Avatar f tn Hi im dynaline, i had my period may 29,2014 and ended june 13,2014 and we had intercorse with my husband june 12,13 and 15 2014 and after four days im spotting untill now im bleeding just like a period.. Am i pregnant?what could be the effect?
Avatar m tn I am only 4 weeks pregnant as of this past Friday. On Sunday I had some very light bleeding and no cramping. Monday afternoon I started bleeding more but not that heavy and had some cramping. Tuesday symptoms worsened cramping and bleeding. Today I have continued to have some bleeding but no cramping. There was no clotting. Could this still be implantation bleeding or is the a miscarriage. I had a blood test Monday and have to repeat it tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I started bleeding everyday when I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and now that I'm 11 weeks pregnant still the bleeding goes on though it is just light bleeding. My OB advice me to take isoxilan and progestin but still I'm bleeding everyday. It's my 3rd time to get pregnant, I never had this experienced before. Six months before I got pregnant I had minor polycystic ovary syndrome.That is why I'm so worried. Is there anyone out there who could explain and help me about this?
Avatar f tn hi everyone i am 12 weeks pregnant and am bleeding.I had first spotting when i was 7 appointment for scan.but am so worried been bleeding for nearly 6 days.on and off anyone had the same problems and if so are you and baby doing o.
Avatar f tn Hi girls... I've been bleeding for 3weeks now thinking it was odd I went to the doctor only to find out I'm pregnant! I was told I'd never be able to have children due to issues.. But I'm 4 weeks pregnant I started off with some brown bleeding which has just recently turned to bright red... I've had blood tests done and my HCG level was low but not to bad I'm having some cramping today and heavy bleeding but no clots..
Avatar f tn About 3 short days of bleeding. Not as heavy as normal either. Pregnant or an early short period due to stopping breastfeeding last month?
1538784 tn?1298785074 Having some heavier bleeding then before and now not sure if I'm pregnant or not
Avatar f tn i started bleeding this morning really heavy and had big blood clots (tmi) .. i had to go to the hospital straight away because of me being pregnant.. well they did a blood test and pregnancy test to confirm ive had a miscarriage and that the baby had grown into my tube, lucky enough my body expelled it in time.. im so upset!
Avatar f tn I had a misscarriage 2 weeks ago , me and my partner had unprotected sex while I was stil bleeding, I'm stil bleeding abit could I be pregnant??
Avatar n tn woke up to some bleeding, implantation bleeding maybe? need to get into doctor to see if pregnant.
Avatar m tn Today I am bleeding and craping to. I went back to the ER yesterday morning and I was still pregnant. My levels were 951 which was not what the dr expected as great so there is still a chance I could have a miscarriage and i am so nervous. I don,t want to loose this child it means so much to the family but is so stressing me out. I want to stop bleeding and have a happy pregnancy.
1398560 tn?1281851178 wondering wats happening to me? cud i be pregnant?
165701 tn?1342627584 I just started bleeding and it isnt brown. Im paranoid that it may be due to that attempt at intercourse last night. I only pray it stops and taht cramping doesnt soon follow.
1201929 tn?1293708072 ve been having these awful gut feelings that this is not a miscarriage at all and that it is just bleeding. So much so that I just took a Clear Blue 50hcg test only to find that it says PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. I'm beyond upset and so concerned. I took a test the day I started miscarring with an ULTRA EARLY test of 15 hcg.. and THAT came up VERY faint like there wasnt enough hcg SO HOW THE F*CK could I be registering on a test of 50 hcg's! if I'm MISCARRING!!!
1271927 tn?1310580362 Went to ER and found out I am pregnant, but dr's think it's not working due to pain and bleeding.
Avatar f tn Just the other day, I started bleeding and its nothing like my regular cycle. I have taken home pregnancy tests, they all said I weren't. Should I see a doctor bcs my boyfriend has really been worried?
1419717 tn?1419339982 Still bleeding! How can you be pregnant for all of 3 days and have to bleed this freaking much?
136689 tn?1419580447 well i'm 8dop after i had my trigger shot monday week ago, so now i'm bleeding lightly so tomorrow having a blood test to make sure it's af and not "bleeding in pregnancy" and to get results tomorrow afternoon to what the next step is if we can go ahead and start the puregon injections or if i'm actually pregnant at all, i'm thinking that it's af casue it's brigt red and a flow so really devistated that there was no sticky baby this time around, but the othe
577150 tn?1223759130 my boyfriend had sex twice the 2nd time i started bleeding. i felt like somthign was wrong cuz i started feeling very lil pain that was unusual. but i didnt think nething of it so after he was done is when we saw a lot of blood on his sheets :/ could he have just been going to hard or what cuz thiz has NEVER happened before! & me & my boyfriend have been together 5 months & have had sex for a while now just just this time. what could be going on?
Avatar n tn i had taken a pregnancy test that came out possitive when i was about three days late for my period. a week later, i began bleeding and cramping like a period, so i thought and still do maybe think it was a miscarage. i went to the dr. a few days later and he told me to wait seven to ten days after i stopped bleeding to take another test. urine test that is. i did last night 7 days later, and the test still came out possitive.
Avatar f tn No more bleeding from my miscarriage so me and my husband and starting to try again. Hopeing to get pregnant again soon.
1116022 tn?1305685993 Can I be pregnant? Pretty please?!?!
1417531 tn?1365597725 Okay so I'm bleeding again. I called the clinic a few hours ago and asked the nurse about it- she says its common. I'm trying NOT to stress but I really don't think this much bleeding is okay... getting a bit more concerned but she says the numbers are good so wait and see until Friday. Todays bleeding has become more like a cycle day 1 bleed. More red, still thin watery blood, but not pink and spotty like yesterday and earlier today. Concerned...any thoughts?
1120498 tn?1326023935 I freaked out, called the MD office and left work early around 2pm to get home and get my feet up. By the time I got home, the flow was down to a minimum and turned more of a brownish red. Today was also my 1st beta blood. I'm 14 days out from a 6 day transfer, IVF round #2. I just got the call saying that my HCG was 777 and my progesterone was 24.9. I couldn't be happier! Plus they said the bleeding could be from all 3 embies implanting and now I may be losing 1.
1693461 tn?1374511829 I am so tired of bleeding. I have been bleeding ever since I got my IUD on the 17th. I dont see any sign of it stopping anytime soon. Somedays it would be spotty like its going to start then it goes to light. Im thinking of calling my OB to tell her that for nearly 2 weeks I have been bleeding. Or should I wait till I go to my follow up appointment? That is next week I believe. I can't remember. I've been keeping track in my period journal but I dont think its a period.
Avatar f tn Today I had very painful cramps and medium bleeding! I thought I was pregnant, my period was late and I had most of the symptoms, but today... I think my period started, and it was only late because of stress or something... Feeling strange and dissapointed...