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Avatar m tn ) When taking the BMI into consideration, please keep in mind that if you are very muscular, if you have an elevated bone mass, age, race, (and other factors), your BMI result could be incorrect. One easy way I use to get a broad idea of my ideal weight is simply to look at myself in the mirror: do I look overweight? Do I have a big belly or large hips? This is obviously a subjective test, but it certainly offers a quick way to verify.
Avatar n tn I lost 10 pounds using the Weight Watchers program, but I still have the extra pounds 2 years later. I had heard about weight gain while using the shot, however this is the first time I've heard anyone say anything about gaining weight afterwards. I had suspected all those hormones effected me some how, but didn't think much about it. Now it really makes me wonder....
Avatar f tn they would be familiar with what herbs might help or not. Exercise, weight loss if not at ideal weight (which can lessen the stress on one's heart), and practicing deep breathing a number of times a day for several minutes may all help to reduce blood pressure.
Avatar f tn just curious. i am 25 and donot drink or smoke and I am a tad under weight due to stress 96lbs at 5'2" but I am gaining.
Avatar n tn Titanium Dioxide (20 - 30%), Nepheline Syenite (10 - 30 by weight) (potential carcinogen), Polymer Proprietary (10 - 30 by weight), 2-ethylhexyl benzoate (1 - 5 by weight), Hydrated aluminum-magnesium silicate (0.1 - 1 by weight) as well as formaldehyde (0.1 %) (potential carcinogen). The thing that concerns me is that some of these compounds are listed as carcinogens (or potential carcinogens) so why are they being used?
634590 tn?1293777693 For first 8 weeks i was on double dooz of riba accordingly to my weight (1200 mg per day my weight is 52), hence was anemic. hgb reduced from 14.2 to 12.7. This made me so sick. But after reducing riba my hgb is increasing day by day. Now that is at 13.6 which is very ideal on tx. Last week i went to doc. he gave me some anti depression and Mecobalamin which are helping for IBS dirrahea and numbness and mood swing.
Avatar m tn Avoid soy supplements. More cardiovascular and maybe reducing weight and do more repetitions for the weight loss like 3X12 or start with 2X12 before moving on to 3X12. I own Natural Factors products and I do think it's a trusted company but they have a wide variety of products and some are better than other. Try to find reviews and documentation about the whey.
603463 tn?1220630455 http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn along with better diet and excersise...30 yrs old, height 5 11'' Starting Weight- 240lbs Current weight- 224lbs Ideal weight- 200lbs No side effects, staying on for 1 more week, more weight loss in first 2 weeks than last 2... As far as blood pressure, mine has actually went down from around 150/90 to 130/80.
Avatar f tn Lets look at this as simply as we can. If you started eating cake at every meal and you gained weight. What should you do to stop gaining weight? The obvious answer is to stop the new action you took that gave you the result you were not happy with. That is stop eating. Using the same logic if you stopped taking a medicine and you were feeling great and now feel worse. Then restart taking the medicine! If you do anything and don't like the result. Undo what you just did.
Avatar m tn so my body can still make enough insulin to bring blood sugar down to 110 2-3 hrs after eating but when it gets into 100-110 range it stops making it for some reason?
393685 tn?1425816122 In the little time I have had lately to really dig deep on the diet changes (particularly gluten-free and zero sugar) I was thinking WE could try this as a forum community and track our personal results. Maybe both weight and thyroid results. This would be a long haul of diligent work - about a 6 mth commitment but offering ourselves in diet changing to see if weight loss and thyroid wellness could be achieved with this may be something we could try.
233616 tn?1312790796 // OK, so now we’ve covered the basics. Did you notice acetaminophen (Tylenol, Paracetamol) is now considered the most hepatoxic of all OTC drugs? That of course, remains a hot topic of debate with some, but I myself am entirely convinced Tylenol and later stage liver disease should be mutually exclusive items.
244899 tn?1313628239 the article below I believe states that even more than half weight would be ideal . Drink up folks.. Will
Avatar n tn Phentermine is a nervous system stimulator like the amphetamines, causing stimulation, elevation of blood pressure, and faster heart rates. Obesity is usually defined as being 20% over ideal weight with resultant increase in certain diseases including high cholesterol levels, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, type II diabetes mellitus, hardening of the arteries, and degenerative arthritis.
317787 tn?1473362051 i think pegintron is much more better than pegysis. beacause pegintron is weight base dose it is given according to body weight pegysis is fixed dose pegintron has 69 litre volume of distribution while pegysis has 7 to 14 litre pegintron has 28 percent viral activity while pegysis has only 7 percnt viral activity. pegintron has peg size 12 kd so detachment is easy while pegysis has 40 kd heavy peg .
Avatar f tn After a poor diet, hypothyroidism is the second most common reason for high cholesterol. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, hair loss to name a few reasons. A highly misdiagnosed condition unfortunately. Also, saturated fats raise the large subtype of LDL - this is a good thing. Having triglycerides of over 140 guarantees a large number of small LDL particle size so i read. I love my cheese.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Excerpt from :The Easiest Way to Prevent Colds and Flu - Vitamin D Wiki "The researchers took monthly measurements of the blood levels of vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) in 195 healthy adults. The measurements started the third week in September and continued for the next four to five months. At the same time, the study participants were asked to report any acute respiratory tract infections. The results were, well, decisive.
Avatar n tn of course ! unless you the 2 male things we have down there..stop it..HCG does not in anyway help with weight loss..need proof...just ask...
233488 tn?1310696703 Think about your body weight: your weight numbers will look very different whether it is recorded as pounds or kilograms since 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. A discussion of this subject and the formula for changing plus cylinder to minus cylinders or vice versa is available at 8. Correction of astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery is desirable. There are different ways to accomplish this; some are simple while others complex.
2033435 tn?1329947108 she was totally against me going to Mexico to do Weight Loss Surgery which my insurance did not cover, (cheaper abroad - 8K vs. 20k) and now she's happy I did it as I am in my ideal weight etc. she prescribed zoloft in my annual when I complained that I was still low and had difficulty getting up of bed. we did not have the results yet and did not know I was hypo. we found out a week later when labs came in.
Avatar n tn It may be tougher if you already have a lot of damage. My symptoms are too numerous to list and even include weight gain. For digestive problems you can also take a high quality digestive enzyme. But that went away with thyroid also. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Once you hit 10mg the weight and bloating, moon face, etc will all pretty much go away. You may see a slight fullness remain, and a couple of extra pounds, but it does get much better fairly quickly. My daughter spent 6 months last year on 60mg, and then we started tapering over 3-4 more months, getting her to 10mg. She has lost 20 pounds this year in the first 3 months of the year. She is very thin again, and all the steriod bloat is gone in her face.
646318 tn?1261185094 Yours is high, at 102, and that's what I'm running into, even on meds. (The current ideal is 115/75.) My problem is that the meds send my systolic plummeting to 100, making me feel faint, but so far are ineffective for my diastolic. Bummer. It's tricky for the doc to sort out. As you said, high blood pressure is serious when left untreated. It insidiously and slowly does damage that can have fatal consequences. Treating it, though, can be a pain in the arteries.
2644165 tn?1387247948 About a year and a half ago, I experienced something similar with a node on the right preocciptal side of neck. I began experiencing the fevers, sweats, weight loss, tinnitus, and floaters. I was in the ER three times and admitted twice with ZERO outcome of a diagnosis other than unknown. They ran a variety of various bloodwork for autoimmune and viral tests like Epstein-Barr, Julien-Barait, lupus, Lyme, Brucellosis, etc. all were negative.
3060903 tn?1398568723 // School uniforms- by country From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The decision as to whether to implement school uniform policy or not is a controversial one and also polarised in societies and countries. In countries such as the United Kingdom and a number of Asian nations, school children have to wear approved school uniforms that conform to the uniform policy of their respective school.
Avatar n tn im scheduled to return to my doctor who at first put me on mucle relaxers, meloxicam for inflammation and steroids..i too put on some weight as well, but not a whole lot, but i still feel the weight gain..and thats depressing!! im lookn forward to seeing my doctor again and letting him know what the new symptoms are and hopefully will get some much needed help!! thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and knowing that other people out there feel your pain as well..
180992 tn?1383377657 It was only in phase 2 with a total of 88 people and 29 of those had Riba, it did not have a 100% cure rate and there was serious adverse events in 4% of those people....... As for Riba being toxic? We have no ideal how toxic these will turn out to be...... And who is being forced to treat now???
233616 tn?1312790796 Mark Sulkowski and fellow investigators looked at the relationship between treatment outcomes, anemia, and use of ribavirin dose reduction and ESAs among participants in the IDEAL trial. As previously reported, IDEAL compared 180 mcg/week pegylated interferon afa-2a (Pegasys) plus 1000-1200 mg/day weight-adjusted ribavirin versus 1.0 or 1.